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In wOw’s latest installment of its continuing series on Alzheimer’s disease, Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner, Liz Smith, Joni Evans join celebrated neurologist Dr. Rachel Schindler at AARP’s Life @ 50+ Conference

Come one, come all! On September 24th, legendary actress and comedienne Lily Tomlin, Emmy award-winning playwright Jane Wagner, and gossip queen Liz Smith will join Pfizer neurologist Dr. Rachel Schindler at AARP’s Life @ 50+ conference in sunny L.A. Their goal? To dissect and demystify Alzheimer’s, and discuss the importance of creating a plan to face the life-altering disease that afflicts a new person in the United States every 69 seconds. Publishing legend and wOw CEO Joni Evans will moderate. For further details, click here; to register, click here.

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  1. avatar Rho says:

    Wish I could, but it is impossible to do so at this time.

  2. avatar Chris Glass` says:

    I would love to attend this if it were held closer to where I am. As a caregiver I need more lead time to make plans for something like this. Too bad these seminars aren’t regional – more of us would have a chance to attend.

    • avatar Community Manager says:

      Rho, please use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page to discuss any technical issues you may be having with the site.

      Thank you.

  3. avatar Rho says:

    Again I’m asking why I can post in some places, but not others?

  4. avatar Community Manager says:

    Email us at Contact Us so I can answer you there. There are no obvious reasons that I can see where your comments have been stopped. None of your comments are in pending and none are showing in trash / being rejected. I would need to know which page / link you cannot post a comment on to further investigate.