Peggy Rometo’s Star Signs, Week of April 4

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Continue to spring into action by being creative and planning what’s next. Now is not the time to implement new ideas or to take on new partnerships. Following up with previous ideas is fine, but just don’t sign documents or buy expensive electronics while Mercury is retrograde. Financially, you may find an error that brings bad news — possibly an overdue bill or something that costs more than you originally intended to spend. With communication hampered, there may be a mishap midweek around a dinner meeting – for example, you didn’t realize it was rescheduled or your guest will be later than expected. Double check the stones and diamonds in your rings and necklaces, as you may be on the verge of losing one. Romantically, coupled Aries is excited about opportunities that show up for each other; they’ve got a great, supportive partner and this week they really show it. Single Aries is less anxious about making things happen for themselves and are preoccupied with setting up a friend or making sure they get what they want. Celebrate your big heart!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You begin this week with new opportunities you didn’t see coming; take your time to explore before jumping ahead. They need you more than you need them. Financially, Taurus may find themselves bailing out of things that no longer make sense. In addition, you may put more time, money and energy into what is paying off. You may be in the process of choosing a vacation spot or organizing a family trip for the summer months. Asking others about their favorite vacations may spark something of interest for you. Redecorating and painting may also be on your agenda. A high-strung, emotionally charged friend may need you to give them some tough love, coupled with lots of encouragement. You have the patience to help and are one of a few people they’ll listen to. Romantically, coupled Taurus is happily independent, yet fully engaged in their relationship. It doesn’t matter if others don’t understand it. Single Taurus may be inclined to stay home this week and enjoy a slower pace — but a close friend may see things differently. Celebrate your independent spirit!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
Having patience for small details may be challenging this week; enlisting the help of those on the sidelines will help diminish the angst of forgetting something important. Financially, Gemini can see possibility where others don’t. Ideas will be flowing to bring in additional wealth; be sure to preserve them until the time is right. Weather may play a role in helping put you in a specific place to help someone in need. Marriage, pregnancy, and children in general are up for conversation, and may require you to voice your opinion. You may need to invest in a new wallet or purse when it breaks or rips. You may be asked to teach others in your profession, or to write a professional paper or give a speech. This position of honor is an acknowledgment of your gifts. Romantically, coupled Gemini is interested in what their partner thinks. You may find yourself rehashing old conversations or considering matters from your partner’s point of view. Single Gemini is also interested in hearing what others are thinking, and may make new friends quickly as a result. Celebrate your curiosity!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
You may be forced to have patience this week regarding an important decision or situation. Communication is likely to be frayed; you can bet that whatever is yes turns to no and vice-versa. Your job is to not panic and go with the flow. Financially, you’re feeling less anxious and may be surprised with positive news, such as an unexpected check in the mail. You may find yourself traveling during the first part of the week with business as usual, minus the communication glitches. Make sure to check out odd moles at your dermatologist, and to handle small issues that irritate you; this is a good time to look to the past for answers. Romantically, coupled Cancer may be conflicted over their partner’s actions or behaviors. Step back and give them the space they need to go through the motions. Single Cancer may be feeling ultra-sensitive; don’t over-reaction, or read too much into what other people are suggesting or saying. Celebrate your ability to stick to your instincts!

Leo (July 23 – August 22):
You experience renewed focus to correct the past, and will have ample opportunity to shine. You may find yourself approaching a past problem in a new way. If it’s regarding your health, you may find a new doctor or procedure that will benefit you. If it’s repairing relationships or your ability to focus at work, you’ll also get the help you need; others are more than willing to give you a second chance. Financially, you’re golden this week, and others look for ways to buy your services or pay you for your time. Be sure to watch how you treat your inner circle – even in humor. Your straight talk may be too much for someone you care about. Romantically, coupled Leo is fiercely protective and finds ways to be close to their partner. Single Leo is all about being in the moment, and may end up being present to those you haven’t spent much time with in the past. Celebrate your ability to show compassion and be lovable!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Your vibrancy and beauty captivates others, and may get you an audience with someone important. Be sure to use this time wisely, as you may only have a few minutes to make an impression. Travel and communication may be delayed or challenged, due to mercury in retrograde; you’ll have the grace to land on your feet. Worries or concerns over another’s health or state of mind may keep you up at night. There are plenty of experts and books available to help you find answers. The end of the week brings relief. Financially, you see momentum building and begin to believe that things may turn out for the better after all. A neighbor may need your help or ask for your assistance. A temptation to take a shortcut in your work will not work out for the best, and you ultimately do what is asked of you. Others are impressed with your business acumen and may try to hire you to run their business or be their publicist. It may be a blessing in disguise. Marriage, relationships and divorce are up for conversation, and may have you thinking twice about your standards. Coupled Virgo is unimpressed with their partner’s actions and may need to have a sit down. The end of the week brings relief and a renewed closeness. Single Virgo is in the right place at the right time to help someone in need; your straight talk is a blessing. Celebrate your gifts of wisdom!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
A jealous streak over another’s success may have you reprioritizing your life in an effort to get ahead. Having patience pays off as you look for ways to enhance your craft and get to the top of your field. Financially, you’ll be happy when someone offers you something you didn’t see coming. A trusted friend continues to work behind the scenes in getting you noticed. A familiar story line of always a bridesmaid, never a bride, finally gives way to new success. Opportunities, meetings and conversations may be presented. Be aware that anything that is introduced at this time will change form again after Mercury goes direct on April 23. Romantically, coupled Libra has their partner in their corner; just be sure that you’re in alignment with each other’s needs. Single Libra is excited, loving and happy for a friend’s new love and champions the relationship without feeling left out. The weekend gives you something to smile about. Celebrate your good nature and devotion to those you love.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
The new moon on April 3rd brings new opportunities for you to plant ideas with those you would like to work with or are impressed by. You may find meetings being scheduled and rescheduled. Don’t take it personally; Mercury in retrograde is playing havoc with all schedules and communication. You may have challenges with your watch or cell phone; it may be as simple as rebooting it to get it to work. Financially, Scorpio may be expecting a large sum of money owed to finally show up. It could be less than expected, but it’s a step in the right direction. It’s advisable to take what you can now, rather than waiting for the entire lump sum at a later date – that may not ever come to fruition. Watch the roads for unscheduled construction, which may cost you valuable time. Leaving early for important meetings pay off. Travel to a foreign location may be on your horizon. Romantically, coupled Scorpio remains tight while being fiercely independent — just the way you like it. Single Scorpio is likely to uncharacteristically back down when someone calls them out. This may be a jealous female who is looking for trouble. The good news is that a handsome Prince wants to defend you – and even though you could clean his clock, you still think it’s cute. Celebrate your wit and charm!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Look for ways to enrich your life without selling yourself short; lately you’ve had a tendency to not trust the Universe to meet your needs. This week, you’ll get a clear glimpse of the help that was promised. Financially, ideas are flowing that will help increase your income and get you over the hump. A million-dollar plan falls into your lap, giving you the opportunity for some easy money, for a change. Important travel may need to be firmed up. Financial decisions and documents previously delayed may finally be given the green light. You may find yourself at the dentist or scheduling time for some much needed work. Others look to you for sound advice. Trust your instincts, you may be impressed with how accurate you really are. Romantically, coupled Sag may feel a renewed closeness to their one and only by no longer keeping score. Single Sag wants to take the lead, and has several suitors willing to follow. Celebrate your creative abilities!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
Confusion may catch up with you this week, causing you to question yourself or your motives. Try not to spend too much time in this conversation, as it is only debilitating. Ask others for help or seek the counsel of a professional to bring the clarity you need. Jealousy over another’s position or opportunity may give you the impetus to do something special for yourself. Stay positive and continue to see projects in the best possible light. The weekend brings a strange twist of fate. Financially, Cap may feel that they should be farther along in life than they are. This feeling reverses itself midweek, when compliments begin to abound. Romantically, coupled Cap is secure and happy in the moment; worry only creeps in when you are away from your partner. The weekend brings family close and your relationship closer. Single Cap may be awestruck when someone they have had a crush on shows up out of the blue; play it cool and enjoy. Celebrate being yourself!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
A challenge from the past resurfaces; the good news is you have new information that helps to put it to rest. Financially, a benefactor comes to your aid or offers to pay you a generous amount for your services. You may find yourself doing some bargain shopping; just be sure to stay away from electronics until Mercury turns direct on April 23. You may discover a leak in your roof or bathroom that needs attention. It will be easy to lose a few extra pounds this week by simply focusing on your diet; you’ll find you will be getting plenty of exercise to make it happen. Romantically, coupled Aquarians may have to watch their tone of voice, as their partner may be extra-sensitive this week. The rewards are big if your heart is open. Single Aquarians may be sought after by several girlfriends looking to break you out of your slump. Go have a great time and leave your worries behind. Celebrate being part of something special!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
You can let go of any worries around meeting your basic necessities or having enough. Financially, things continue to look up and you may be able to see or take more profit this week. Gifts and financial bonuses may be part of your week. A stubborn streak reveals itself in an uncomfortable manner; no worries, you’ll be able to slow your reaction down so that others don’t notice it. Marriages, divorce and affairs may all be part of this week’s conversation. A judicial matter is brought to light in a new way, giving you a sense of relief; possibly being thrown out all together. You may find yourself devoting more time to prayer or meditation. Romantically, coupled Pisces is free to support each other and enjoy one another’s company. Single Pisces finds themselves in the middle of an unfolding drama; you may be asked to step in to referee, be careful that you don’t become the mark. An admirer is impressed with the way you handle yourself. Celebrate your confidence!

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