Peggy Rometo’s Star Signs, Week of August 1

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
New information has you get excited about your immediate future and its endless possibilities. You find yourself part of a new group dynamic that makes you feel important and included. Others are equally happy you are on board. Financially, you feel more confident and comfortable than you have in years. You may have received a grant, increase in income, loan or promissory note to help bridge a lack of funding for something important to you. Mercury moves retrograde on August 2nd and may give you an opportunity to go to the past and clean up an embarrassing or otherwise unflattering situation; others are now open to your overtures. Thanks to your intuitive and thoughtful nature, you ask the right questions at the right time; others see you as perceptive and intelligent. Romantically, coupled Leo is focused on renewing their commitment and looking for ways to shower their partner with appreciation for sticking with them. Single Leo is excited about meeting new individuals. Celebrate opening new doors and moving through old obstacles with grace and ease!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
You may feel exposed or vulnerable to another’s whims. You can protect yourself by getting things in writing for added clarity. A dry spell is replaced with an opportunity to have things go your way. You find yourself celebrating a win — not only for yourself, but others as well. This is a great time to play the lottery, go to Vegas or play bingo – your time has come to cash in. Your organizational skills may be needed to assist another planning a future event such as a wedding, baby shower or travel itinerary to a place you may have recently visited or know a lot about. Mercury goes retrograde on August 2, and may have you feeling nostalgic. You may also find yourself organizing pictures into photo albums or sending out overdue thank you cards or birthday wishes. Romantically, coupled Virgo likes to obsess about their partners. This week it may be health-related. Single Virgo is tentative when it comes to jumping back into the fire. There’s no hurry, and you don’t need to prove yourself. You may feel pushed by a new suitor to move things along faster than you are comfortable with. If they are sincere, they will be patient until your ready for the next step. Celebrate being in control and open for the next new adventure!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
You’re right on target as you focus and organize your week. You are in sync with important individuals who are used to getting their way. An unspoken rule may accidentally get broken due to a misunderstanding. Mercury goes retrograde August 2nd and may create challenges with clear communication. Be sure to double-check others’ reliability with both the written and spoken word. An anxiety over what to do gets replaced with clear understanding midweek, giving you something to look forward to. A remarkable situation unfolds before you – all you have to do is take the first step by accepting. You won’t be sorry. International travel may be postponed or derailed last minute; no worries, as your needs will be met as you venture into new and fulfilling territory. An alternative route opens up, giving you food for thought; others may insist that you accept it. Financially you’re golden and there’s nothing stopping you, but you continue to feel insecure. There’s no reason for that! Pull out the stops on existing projects and keep moving forward. Now is not the time to make new announcements, as Mercury is likely to wreak havoc with it. Romantically, coupled Libra may be trying to hold onto each other as a fast paced life pulls them apart. Let go of any need to wish for the past to return by appreciating all that you have in the moment, even if it does feel harried.  Single Libra knows how to be upfront when they need to be. No means no, even if your potential suitor is rich and powerful. They’ll get the message and fall into line. You’ll be relieved in the end that you trusted your instincts. Celebrate being on the right side of the equation!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
A recent broken heart gets replaced with a deep knowing that everything is as it should be. Trust your ability to see the positive within a difficult situation. There is truth in the saying that when one door closes another opens. You’ll find that open door being presented in the weeks ahead. An individual from your past comes forward and seeks you out for fun and pleasure. Mercury turns retrograde August 2nd and opens the door to completing the past and giving you the time you need to think. Reading, writing and creating are all pastimes that you love — and you’ll finally have the time this month to focus on these enjoyable projects. You may finally hear from someone that you contacted months ago, awaiting their opinion or acceptance. It will be a positive omen for a bright future. Romantically, coupled Scorpio may need some TLC from their partner. The good news is they slow down long enough to treat you; however, you could feel as if it’s too little too late. Save any criticim for later in the week, giving them time to prove themselves. Single Scorpio may find themselves hopping mad early in the week and aren’t afraid to let others see it. The storm passes as soon as it is waged. Celebrate having your needs met without feeling pressure to make it happen!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Others may be recording your every move and questioning your loyalty and commitment. Be sure to get a clear understanding early in the week about what is expected to clean up any wrong-doing or misunderstanding. Financially, you may feel as if you are in a catch-22 situation. The good news is things are finally moving, even if others have their hands out. You may need to repeat yourself more than once this week as mercury turns retrograde August 2nd creating confusion in communication. Follow up with written correspondence to ensure all are on the same page. Romantically, coupled Sag is in sync with the Universe. Your partner may be hesitant to bother you, so don’t be offended if you feel left out; they are merely giving you space to rejuvenate. Single Sag is open to being on the receiving end of another’s admiration or suggestive ideas. Have fun playing the field and remember that anyone introduced at this time may not be sticking around for the long haul. Trust you’ve got what it takes to make big things happen!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
You may feel more organized and thorough this week, despite being away or busier than usual. You’re able to call the shots in a way that others don’t feel pushed around or bullied. You may have to watch your tone or inflection as mercury turns retrograde August 2nd making communication muddled. Clear up any misunderstandings without judgment or taking it personally. You may find yourself visiting a doctor or inquiring on another’s behalf about their health. You may suggest a remedy that works beautifully for all involved. You may find yourself on a boat or suddenly being pulled in to an unusual travel situation. Romantically, coupled Cap is confident and ready to surrender, rather than fight for a change. Laughing it off will also lighten your load. Single Cap is all about being right, and may need to learn to compromise and not take things personally — something most Caps in a relationship have already learned. Celebrate manifesting patience and ingenuity!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
You may be pressured this week to accomplish more than you are accustomed to, due to upcoming travel or meeting a self-imposed deadline. Moving may also be part of your immediate future. Going through closets, giving away items and deep cleaning will all help you bring in new energy and feel complete. Financially, a troubled individual looks for an advance or personal support from you. There’s no need to feel pressure or offended; you have all the room in the world to say no without repercussions. The ball is in your court. Romantically, coupled Aquarian’s jealous streak shows itself when an old flame reappears in your partner’s life, looking for friendship. Pull back the claws and have clarity before you jump to conclusions. While your partner may be flattered, this individual isn’t around to stay; giving it a month would be generous. Single Aquarians are tired of having to keep putting their best foot forward in an attempt to get noticed. This week, let it all go by throwing caution to the wind and changing up your routine. You’ll be surprised with the outcome and the vitality that comes from switching it up. Celebrate the gift of true friendship!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
An unusual situation unfolds just when you were expecting to have a normal week. Don’t get too involved in trying to figure it out; instead, practice being in the flow and the answers will readily come to you. Mercury turns retrograde August 2nd giving you an opportunity to catch your breath and get caught up with tasks long overdue. You may even find the time to squeeze in a last minute summer vacation. It may be time to visit an eye doctor or purchase new contacts or glasses. Financially, you’re overdue for a home run and can look to past associates, clients or ideas to get a running start. Surprise money is found in places such as jacket pockets, old briefcases, pursues, wallets or in a drawer. You’ll benefit by getting organized and doing some deep cleaning. Romantically, coupled Pisces may get caught talking out both sides of their mouth. Be clear about what you are saying and who you are saying it too or your partner may get confused or irritated. Single Pisces are also likely to have challenging communication — not only with friends, but higher-ups as well. You’ll benefit by lying low, keeping your head down and listening. Celebrate the ability to be observant and grateful to have things come your way!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Momentum shifts and congratulations leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and inspired. You’re coming off a high that gives you a sense of control and satisfaction that was very much needed. New contacts, friendships and inquiries give you more opportunities to expand your business and social networks. Pay attention to any nagging shoulder or neck issues by getting a massage or seeing a chiropractor. Financially, you may be pleased by a play you made weeks ago and continue to see the gratifying effects it has on your growing net worth. A popular, enthusiastic and well-connected individual seeks you out via a mutual friend or acquaintance. There’s no rush to fit them in or to make them “it”. Rather, take it in stride and allow things to unfold without attachment. Romantically, coupled Aries have the pleasure of bragging about their partner’s latest accomplishment, while adding a feather to their own cap. This power couple thing is really beginning to pay off for you. Single Aries no longer need to worry about not being noticed. You’ll have plenty of friends wanting to introduce you to the “hottest” person in the room. All eyes are on you. Enjoy the moment!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You may find yourself wanting to do something for someone you care about that is unexpected and welcomed. You’re known for your generosity and kind heart and may even do additional philanthropic work or get in touch with a past associate or friend in need. Mercury in retrograde may draw your attention to days gone by and those that you were fond of in the past. Reaching out would be a benevolent and thoughtful gesture, giving you a renewed sense of love and loyalty. In a fast-paced world, you take the long way around this week to get where you want to go in an attempt to slow down and enjoy life. You have a lot of responsibility and may feel internal pressure to get things done — so even if you do attempt to slow down, you’ll find yourself catching up on the details that need to be completed. You may need to complete dental work. Romantically, coupled Taurus may need to keep their partner on track. You’re accustomed to calming their nerves and enjoy seeing them happy. Single Taurus may find it difficult to go with the flow this week when others don’t want to play along with their ideas. Let it go, as they’re not likely to have a lasting effect on what you want or who you want to play with long-term. Celebrate creating a life you love!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
You may need to move up travel plans or to include another city on an existing itinerary. Surprise and important travel is indicated, giving you a feeling of joy and confidence not previously felt. Others are helping you unlock your gifts and become powerful in the world. Now is not the time to second-guess their choices or your ability; you’ll be inspired to pay it forward and help others find their greatness as well. Unforeseen money falls into your lap, giving you an opportunity to help someone out or pay off additional bills. Thanks to your creative and calculating nature, you find a way to improve your everyday life —  and achieve it on a budget. You’re becoming more frugal and more happy each day without being stingy. You may be asked to unexpectedly care for another’s pet, or you may be looking for someone to care for yours. Romantically, coupled Gemini is excited and happily engaged in building a life together. Any miscommunication is worked out quickly, and without a fuss. Single Gemini is putting their best foot forward effortlessly — and others are noticing. You’ve got what it takes, and are attracting others with your carefree smile and charming ways. Celebrate building a life worth living!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
You’re able to attack a problem that has been eluding you for months — anything from balancing your checkbook to starting a diet or exercise program to cleaning your home office or car. Mercury turns retrograde August 2nd giving you the time and much-needed focus to get the job done. Creative differences are set aside and others come back to the table to see if you are still interested in moving forward. Now’s the time to reopen negotiations and come to terms verbally; however, refrain from signing documents until the end of the month. Your confidence is brimming as you realize your mistakes and take solid steps in correcting them. Others notice the difference and are excited about moving ahead with you. Romantically, coupled Cancer is anxious, but willing to move forward despite fears. Together, you’re a force to be reckoned with. Single Cancer doesn’t let their fears stop them from laying it all on the line; however, there is no need to, as others are willing to compromise just to have you on-board. Celebrate your ability to play fair and win!

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