Peggy Rometo’s Star Signs, Week of January 10

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
You’ll hit your stride this week and begin to feel stronger than ever. Small challenges seem to work themselves out effortlessly. Your creativity, confidence and ability to persuade others to do what you want all flow beautifully. A tactful friend lets you know what he or she is really thinking. Be sure that the pen that you are using is in tack or you could end up with an ink mess on your hands or purse. Light bulbs may need to be changed, so pick up a few while you are at the store to have on hand. It’s not uncommon to have night sweats to help you eliminate the excess toxins from holiday over-indulgence – it’ll pass. Financially, Caps have huge potential this year, and now is the time to plant as many seeds possible for what you want to achieve for yourself. Think big! Romantically, coupled Caps are excited and may be planning a getaway with their partner. Single Caps may be feeling a little lonely or bruised after the long holiday. Things definitely pick up in January – your job is to stop mourning and move on. It’s your time to shine! Celebrate being wanted and loved for who you are and what you have to offer.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
The new moon in Aquarius last week puts you in the driver seat this month. You’ll get and gain the recognition you desire. This week, you’ll have plenty of projects to keep you busy and excited. You’re starting to dream again, and will actually see things taking shape that you have desired for a long time. You may be moving your office or simply taking a sabbatical to a warmer climate. Dance and movement is very important to you, and you may find yourself taking it to the next level or learning a new type of practice. You can pretty much name your game this month, and others will strongly consider what you have to offer. This is the perfect time to put it out there and watch it happen. Don’t be surprised if you get immediate and instant feedback. Reading, writing, speaking and singing also play a prominent role in your self-expression this week. Financially, you may have been teetering in the past, but are moving towards a more solid foundation. Romantically, Aquarians maybe getting a little nervous about having all of their dreams come true. It’s ok to let life be good for a change. Celebrate your good fortune!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Expectations have been set in place that you were not comfortable with. It’s now your turn to speak up and to correct matters to your liking. A lost item that you have been looking for may turn up this week. Animals may unexpectedly cross your path- you may find one and return it into its owner or someone may ask you if you are interested in adopting or house-sitting their pet. Muscle strains or issues with neck and shoulders may flare up. Stretching, massage and yoga are all viable ways to make you feel better. Financially, you’re in the swing of things, with more positive cash flow showing up this week. Contracts and negotiations go your way. Romantically, coupled Pisces may have some making up to do. Sometimes your cool nature gets the best of you. Single Pisces are finding themselves drawn to someone special. Enjoy this getting-to-know-you period. Celebrate new beginnings and eye-opening experiences!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
You’ve been on pins and needles for weeks, and you are finally going to get to see the bill of goods that’s been sold to you. Don’t get frustrated that all is not what was originally intended; instead, go to work on getting it to resemble the initial offer or conversation. There is plenty of room for compromise and negotiations; this is where the real fun begins! All planets are moving in forward motion in January, giving you the best opportunity ever to put something concrete and solid into play. The Universe wants you to succeed and will give you every opportunity to make good things happen for you and those you care about. You may need to replace batteries in your clock or watch this week. You’ll want to be sure to do that because financially, you may be on the cusp of creating a long-term legacy or sealing the deal of a lifetime that you won’t want to be late for. Romantically you are hitting on all cylinders and your partner can finally breathe easy knowing that you’re back. Single Aries are ready to make a play of their own, and will create fire and drama to ensure they get noticed. You’ve got what it takes to have others eating out of the palm of your hand. Celebrate your powers of persuasion!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You’re shrewd when it comes to competition or figuring your way out of a problem or challenge. Others may come to you for advice on a sensitive issue this week. You’ll have the fortitude and ability to help them play hardball and get what they want. You may be struggling with breathing or have recently had a bout with bronchitis. Your lungs may need some support, or may simply be sensitive to the environment or weather. Digestion also seems to be an occasional concern for you; however, you have the antidote in hand. Financially, Taurus start this year concerned about decisions that are out of their control. Do your best to gather information about who to trust with your money. Romantically, coupled Taurus may be asked to nurture their partner or may have possibly just helped them through an illness. Single Taurus is loyal and caring, and may meet someone who needs your help by accident. Keep it in balance so that you don’t get dumped on. Celebrate your ability to know the score and how to gain the lead!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
From your vantage point, you can see what’s not working in your life, and even catch problems before they arise. Not only can you do this for yourself, but for others too. Make sure that you before giving your input or you may create unnecessary hard feelings. You may be ready for a weight management program or choose to eat more nutritious meals. You have the support of the universe to get in tip-top shape this month. You may receive an unexpected gift this week from someone special. Financially, Geminis are more stable than they have been in a while, with great opportunities for advancement about to unfold. Be sure you know what you want so that you can ask specifically. Romantically, coupled Geminis will take time this week to ensure that their partner has everything they need. When you’re feeling on top of the world, you like to shower your partner with attention. Single Geminis have plenty to smile about, and attract the eye of someone special; they are drawn to your light-hearted, easygoing energy. Keep it real to keep them interested. Celebrate your ability to get what you want!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
It’s time to minimize the brain chatter and get down to business. You’ve had plenty of relaxation, and now it’s time to achieve your goals. You have what it takes to get what you want, and the Universe will support you with the discipline necessary to achieve it. You may find yourself letting go of things that no longer serve you and replacing them with your new agenda. Others may be alarmed at your choices or concerned about the direction in which you are headed. Be sure to have a solid plan to counteract their reactions. Stick to your gut instincts; if you’re wavering or uncertain, gather more information before moving forward. Financially, you may feel as if you are struggling to keep your head above water. You have the energy to get there, more financial support is coming. Romantically, coupled Cancers are into their own agenda, and may not be as emotionally available as in the past. Single Cancers are likewise spending time internalizing their current situation, and may not be as attentive to those who are showing interest. Step away from worry and focus on the positive, and you’ll see the answer in front of your eyes. Celebrate taking committed steps towards your future!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Your topsy-turvy world is finally settling down. You may have recently been worried about a friend’s state of mind and felt helpless to do anything about it. Being there with your kind and open heart is sometimes enough. You may find that you are shifting out of an old way of being and into something softer and more introspective. This is a good time to be quiet and to make changes for the better. An influential individual inspires you to do something fun and adventurous. You may decide to change your look by changing your hair color, cut or style. You may even get adventurous an add a piercing or tattoo. Financially, Leos may be offered an opportunity to make some unexpected money this week. Romantically, coupled Leos are present and emotionally involved with their partner. Single Leos may be fighting off loneliness – gather some friends and do something for someone else. It’ll take the focus off of yourself and you’ll be spreading good vibes. Celebrate your ability to open your heart and let others in!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
You may still be feeling a bit out of sorts or disorganized from the holidays or time off. You could have had some surprise challenges over the last several weeks – anything from surgeries to moving to getting married or pregnant. While the majority of these are positive events, it can still take an emotional toll on you. Take your time at getting organized, and don’t be too hard on yourself if the task of the moment is not done just yet. You have a lot of people pulling on you from different directions for different reasons; don’t overdo it. You may be asked to take on a new project or be moved from your present job to another one unexpectedly. People look to you for answers and reassurance. Surprise announcements, gifts and acknowledgements may come your way. Romantically, recently coupled Virgos have received additional love and care from their partner; this week could be back to business as usual. Single Virgos know how to be coy and draw in their prey, and this week you’ll have a good time toying with your latest love interest. Be careful, they may be more than you bargained for and could actually be here to stay. Celebrate your ability to think on your feet!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Your schedule seems to be getting tighter every day, with more obligations and pressure. Make sure that you don’t over-promise and under-deliver. Stay tuned to what you are saying so that you can continue to manage the quality of the output. Surprise opportunities or guest appearances could be in the cards; staying flexible gives you the best odds to capitalize on getting you out there. Real estate and your home also figures prominently. You could suddenly choose to redecorate, feng shui or clear the clutter from your current home, giving it a whole new look. Financially, a bonus or offer for future work is made to you. Romantically, coupled Libras are on a bumpy ride, but in it for the long haul. Single Libras may be too busy and too anxious to trust someone they’ve just met. Take it slow and lean on your instincts for comfort. Celebrate your ability to get it done!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
You may be practicing the art of restriction this week by holding your tongue or jumping to conclusions. You’re more willing to step back and allow others to make their own choices or mistakes. Use your determination to help you stop smoking, change your eating habits or get on a steady exercise routine. You’ve got the Universe’s help to succeed, with all planets being in forward motion – something truly unique! Financially, you may be disappointed at a recent offer to join forces with someone; long-term, however, it’ll be a good bet, so make it palatable and move forward. You’ll have no regrets. Romantically, coupled Scorpios are all about teamwork and making it happen. You’re on a roll. Single Scorpios are determined to prove to others that they can give them what they want. Have fun being yourself without the pressure – they’ll either see it or they won’t. Celebrate your good nature!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
You’ve been under the gun by putting undue pressure on yourself these past few weeks. It’s time to let go of the shrill voice in your head by slowing down and getting pragmatic. While everything is not perfect, much is continuing to work in your favor. Stop alienating others by whining for attention; instead, stay tuned to the positive and they’ll come around. A surprise turn of events gives you the opening that you have been looking for. Legal documents, reading, writing and taxes may all play a prominent role this week. Stay flexible by visiting a chiropractor, acupuncturist or getting a massage to minimize stress. You may need a new pair of sneakers or shoes. With the whirlwind of activity, it’s important to hang onto valuables, as there is potential to lose something of importance. You may want to focus on getting your office or home office organized, so that you can capitalize on making the best of 2011. Financially, you’re able to see the holes in your current plan of action and begin by plugging them up to save money. Romantically, coupled Sags are feeling a bit tender to the touch, and may need some extra TLC. Single Sags may be too moody to get too close to anyone these days, other than close friends who know them at their core. To beat the blues, focus on letting go and giving others pleasure to beat the blues. Celebrate being in the know!

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