Peggy Rometo’s Star Signs, Week of June 20

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
You’re right on target as you move around obstacles as if they don’t exist. This sudden burst of energy comes from knowing that everything gets better when you exert a little effort. A mundane task becomes torturous if you allow it; learning to laugh at yourself is key to surviving this silly, but annoying challenge. Financially, you see where you need to be, and are able to make adjustments quickly to beat others to finish line. Expect positive results and financial success this week when you focus and trust your instincts. A friend who is on the rebound may need your support getting back in the saddle; your optimistic nature gives them the boost they were looking for. A minor accident, such as tripping or getting sprayed by a neighbor’s garden hose, keeps life interesting. Staying alert and present keeps you in the clear. Romantically, coupled Gemini is able to convince their partners to do things their way with a little bit of smooth talking. Single Gemini has similar luck in getting what they want, when they want it. Celebrate being in harmony with the universe!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Your head may be spinning over a recent change of events. Whether you have just lost your job or just started a new one, you’re in the midst of learning something new; you’ll gain certainty this week as things progress. Financially, your prospects are the best they’ve been in a long time. You can expect to receive extra money, a raise, bonus or new opportunity that brings additional cash. You may need to visit the dentist for general maintenance. Your feet could also use some pampering; if you ignore your instincts about choosing the proper footwear, you can expect repercussions. Mothers are extremely important to you this week, and you may find yourself spending more time appreciating them, thinking about them or longing for the good old days. Romantically, coupled Cancer may be exhausted from a new routine and need a little TLC from their partner. Single Cancer may feel equally drained, but know how to rally for a fun and productive weekend. Celebrate your savvy and sexy independence!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
You may find yourself being drawn to weightlifting or training in an effort to get or stay in shape. Others will look to join you in your efforts if you are sincere about working together; one of you may have flaked out in the past. A sincere apology comes your way after an individual receives more information and experiences a change of heart. An offer you can’t refuse comes your way and may have to do with your talent, intelligence or good looks. Financially, other people’s money continues to provide for you without much effort on your part. These unsolicited and genuine offers continue to roll in, no matter how small the token is. Be careful not to get distracted when driving this week if you are venturing into unfamiliar roads. Romantically, coupled Leo is smothered with their partner’s affection after a busy schedule has pulled you apart. Single Leo is having a good time exploring their options and exhibiting their talents to anyone who will watch. Welcome to your ability to only attract the best things in life!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
You are able to pinpoint challenges and their solutions with precision this week. A long-overdue problem is handled with your assistance. Financially, your needs continue to be met while you find ways to save for your future. You may find yourself looking at maps and familiarizing yourself with an area in order to fine-tune vacation plans. A friend or family member’s recent emergency or illness may have you taking time to help others. You may need to replace batteries in your watch or small clock. Romantically, coupled Virgo is stimulated by their partner’s intelligence and take on life. Single Virgo is disappointed in another’s behavior, but finds it easy to move on to someone more exciting and available. Celebrate your ability to get what you want!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
An open casting call gives you what you want without the long-term ramifications of doing something more risky for now. A friend continues to champion you and opens the door to future successes. Exciting developments give you time to handle the status quo, while preparing for an upcoming positive break.  Financially, Libra no longer feels cornered and sees plenty of potential. Monies continue to flow to you simply by asking. A mental strain may have you taking refuge temporarily; no worry, as it passes quickly and you’re back on your feet in no time. On a positive note, you are able to complete an important project, giving you some much-needed free time. Romantically, coupled Libra is excited to spend some quality time together. Single Libra has some quality alone time, bringing renewed energy for a festive weekend. Celebrate your growing popularity!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
You are decisive and focused this week as you find ways to implement new opportunities or steer important ideas to fulfillment. Others may battle for your attention or to get you on their team to support their cause. You may be concerned over a teenager or young adult’s emotional state of being. It’s natural for you to take action and to get involved. Financially, you may cash out of a non-performing asset and use the money to pay off remaining debt. You may find yourself gardening or planting fresh flowers to brighten your home. Small home improvement chores such as touch up paint or adding covers to light sockets may be part of your to do list. Romantically, coupled Scorpio may need to wait until the weekend to be tickled by their partner’s sense of humor and tenderness, due to tired energies during the week. Single Scorpio is motivated, inspired and are drawn to a new boy-toy. Celebrate having a good time!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
You may feel home free this week after receiving positive news regarding a difficult situation. A new turn of events creates an opportunity to go into uncharted waters; it’s appropriate to be cautiously optimistic. Financially, negotiations and positioning are part of this week’s conversation. You’ll be pleased with the eventual outcome if you don’t push too hard up front. Take things slowly for long-term success. A misunderstanding between old friends may have you back-peddling or defending yourself. The situation quickly gets straightened out without any fallout. You may find yourself designing a new look for your office, business or website. The use of color is key in making a statement you can be proud of. A flamboyant individual looks for ways to entrench themselves in your life. You may have to set boundaries for peace of mind. Romantically, coupled Sag is confident and enjoys being pampered by the one they loved. Single Sag gets plenty of attention this week, and may even be caught off-guard by the unexpected flurry of activity. Celebrate your capacity to live large and enjoy life!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
You may find yourself heading into this week with a long to-do list of things that somehow didn’t get handled. You’ll catch up by prioritizing your needs. Financially, you may be pleased with how things are going and your confidence grows as things improve. Real estate matters, estate sales, property taxes may be part of your week. You may need to do general maintenance on your vehicles; at a minimum, double-check your tires. You may take an extra interest in your children this week, or moments in which you connect on a deeper level.  Landscaping or outside home projects may be on your mind. Romantically, coupled Cap may be surprised with extra attention and possibly a gift of appreciation from their partner. Single Cap needs to be patient and give others time to respond for optimal fun. In the interim, connecting with friends gives you plenty of party time. Celebrate things going your way!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
You may be trying to figure out how to keep up with work while squeezing in as much summer fun as you can. Your intuitive nature kicks in and finds a way to maximize your summer and your business. Expected good news trickles in to keep you interested. You may get frustrated that you can’t do it faster. Financially, you’re working on building a nest egg and saving for upcoming expenses. Stay present and excited about how far you have come and what you have amassed through your efforts. You may find a stray animal this week or help someone find their lost pet. Stomach or digestive issues may flare up if you aren’t strict with your diet this week. Romantically, coupled Aquarians are good listeners and get kudos from their partner for paying attention to them. Single Aquarians may have to step in between two friends to sort things out. A nice diversion comes in the form of an available attractive partner who wants to get your attention. Celebrate your ability to multi-task while enjoying life!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Your suspicious nature may alight this week when something doesn’t feel right to you about another’s behavior. Trust your instincts without going overboard. Financially, you continue to save and to feel good about your situation overall. A methodical approach continues to work for you. Coupons, discounts and research all help you to get what you want without breaking the bank. You may be shopping for anything from dinners out to vacations. Scrapbooking and reorganizing photographs or memorabilia may be on your to-do list. Doing a little at a time may help to ease the pressure you feel to finish the project. Weddings, funerals, births, birthdays and anniversaries may be packed into your schedule. Be wary of road work and pay attention to the signs to avoid an unnecessary ticket. Romantically, coupled Pisces are comfortable with the status quo and good to go. Single Pisces can be filled with self-doubt and plagued with insecurities. This week, you catch the eye of someone special and are reassured you’ve still got it. Celebrate being in the spotlight!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Others may turn to you for your straightforward advice on solving a situation that feels chaotic. This may be your partner or best friend; no need to hold back, as it’s valuable information that makes sense. A complicated family situation resolves itself in the simplest way. If you notice more hair loss and feeling tired, you may be iron deficient; nothing serious, but you may want to increase your intake for optimal health. You get the pleasure of good friends and laughter this week, reminding you how much you have to be grateful for. Financially, you continue to make sound choices and are pleased by your ability to rebound from past challenges. Romantically, coupled Aries are looking for ways to support their partner; in turn, they shower you with attention and appreciation. Single Aries are comforted by close friends and an extension of family. You may be introduced to someone new that is not available, but lots of fun nonetheless. Celebrate being in the know!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You’re able to adapt to the changes around you without feeling frustrated, worried or concerned. You are a calming force to others who aren’t so lucky. Old troubles surface to be dealt with, but have no power over how you feel.  Financially, a family member may ask for a loan or a raise if you have them on your payroll. Be clear with your response, as they may not want to hear the real answer. New adventures, journeys and experiences are coming your way. Be open to the shifts or changes that may occur with the scheduling of your leisure time. A model citizen may disappoint you with their choices, leaving you dumbfounded. Romantically, coupled Taurus may notice their partner is not as engaged this week. Giving them space and doing your own thing opens the door for a solid romantic weekend. Single Taurus is able to step in to take the lead when meeting someone new. Enjoy the process and use your undeniable curiosity to make them fall hopelessly in love with you. Celebrate your passion for life!

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