Peggy Rometo’s Star Signs, Week of June 27

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
Your heroic efforts do not go unnoticed by others. Continue to give it your all as it will inspire others to do the same. Financially, you may have to sell an asset or use some of your savings to meet the demands placed on you. Some of these may be self-imposed pleasures. A friendly face may try to hustle you; keep moving, there is a better deal down the street. Work gives you great pleasure, and it may feel extra-hectic this week. It’s a good idea to use mosquito repellent and keep some anti-itch ointment around if you are unlucky enough to get bitten by a wasp, hornet or bee. You may be in the process of remodeling or have a home project going on that leaves things in a bit of a disarray. It’ll be worth it. Romantically, coupled Gemini is enjoying a closeness that others are noticing. Single Gemini is full of life and enjoys making others laugh. Midweek you may meet someone new, seemingly out of the blue. Celebrate your good fortune!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
You may be feeling pleased with yourself over recent accomplishments and simply need a pat on the back to keep you going. Now is not the time to take a break; instead, continue to take advantage of things going your way to create the progress you desire. Financially, you continue to attract additional and surprise income into your life. Keeping your expenses low is key to feeling good about this bounty. A surplus of products or items turns out to be a benefit for you. A familiar situation unfolds just as you predicted. You can influence others through your cooperative attitude without preaching. A reluctant individual finds it difficult to believe you, leaving you feeling frustrated and helpless. You can minimize your sensitivity by letting go and leaving the door open. Romantically, coupled Cancer feels connected and confident in one another. Single Cancer may be anxious about how someone new is feeling towards them. Let go and keep moving; having fun makes you look attractive. Celebrate your renewed drive!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Another hectic week filled with fun and adventure is in store for you, if you allow it. It’s up to you to show your positive face to the world or others will see you as a killjoy. An opportunity to impress important individuals comes your way. Stay clear of negative thinking or worrying about how others spend their time. Financially, you have the Midas touch and turn everything to gold without much effort. Enjoy this rally, as it isn’t always so easy. An individual who admires your style may try to mimic you, causing you irritation and frustration. A business matter may need to be renegotiated, finessed or massaged; no worries, participation with patience and resilience make it happen. Be careful of revealing your true feelings during a debate, or you may be seen as too radical and lose ground at this time. There’s a better time and place to make your true feelings known. Romantically, coupled Leo is confident and all about their partner, who is looking forward to creating more down time together. Single Leo is excited about events and opportunities that are unfolding around them, giving them an advantage that previously didn’t exist. Celebrate being right where you need to be!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
You may find yourself studying overtime for things that interest you. Education and information are at the top of your list this week. You may be approached by someone who wants to do something lavish for you with no strings attached; accept it and be appreciative, as it gives them joy. You may be visiting or vacationing at a place you have always wanted to go. Financially, you feel less anxious about money this week, and have a good handle on how much to spend. A nice check shows up unexpectedly from some one who owes you. The path of least resistance may help you get out of a bind. If traveling, be sure to take along detergent to wash out delicates. Romantically, coupled Virgo may feel unexpectedly slapped by their partner’s sharp remark, which was meant in jest. Don’t allow this overreaction to put friction between the two of you. Single Virgo may also be slightly more sensitive than usual; making yourself the butt of jokes is one way to take the sting out of others’ comments. Celebrate your ability to think quickly on your feet!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Your positive attitude and intelligence is a sign to others that you may be just what they are looking for in regard to a specific project or role. Don’t back down from your convictions of what you know to be true. Financially, you focus on new ideas and creativity to stimulate more money coming into your life. A few small moves create immediate flow to you. A legal matter continues to string you along, this time without the frustration or disappointment. A new and improved system falls into your lap that is formidable and helpful. Paying attention to details at this juncture will help eliminate headaches in the weeks to come. A private institution may require personal information in order to process an order or assist you with something you thought was already handled. Age-related stresses need to be taken seriously or you’ll find yourself living with regret and frustration. Romantically, coupled Libra may be sidetracked with a personal agenda, making it hard to connect with their partner. Slowing down and being present makes for a happier home life. Single Libra may find themselves jealous of others’ successes or opportunities. Let go and be present to all that you have and you’ll find yourself drawn to something that was right under your nose. Celebrate your intuitive nature!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
Taking a moment to catch your breath is appropriate, given your hectic schedule; even having fun can take its toll! Financially, you may be frustrated or angry at a perceived error or blatant rip-off being directed at you. That it’s not something you can remedy and are forced to pay the price doesn’t make you feel any better.  You may find yourself being pulled in many directions this week; take each situation on its own or you may find yourself missing small details and needing to repeat steps. On a positive note, you receive a random act of kindness or generosity from a stranger that makes you smile. You may need to deal with a hormonal situation that is triggering symptoms and adding to your stress. Something you ordered by mail is perfect and makes your day. Romantically, coupled Scorpio may need their partner just to listen; if you ask first, they’ll be up for it. Single Scorpio feels more connected when they are in a group and sharing with one another. You’ll have ample opportunity to get noticed this weekend when others ask you to join them. Celebrate your ability to turn on the charm!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
You get more than one opportunity this week to follow your dream and to stick with it. Letting go of the negative conversation is key to making things happen. You’ll also feel more buoyant and alive. Financially, a brainstorm may result in a good idea that produces almost immediate results. Forcing issues is not part of the path to success. Moderation is key this week, whether it’s communicating with someone who doesn’t want to listen or is trying to push you to do something new. If you let go of your agenda, you’ll be led effortlessly to the success. Be aware of where you’re driving this week or you may end up with a flat tire that can be avoided. A misunderstanding gets cleared up quickly, opening the door to a whole new beginning. Romantically, coupled Sag is restless, yet devoted and wishing for a quick getaway. Your partner is game; try a surprise overnight somewhere close. Single Sag may be whisked unexpectedly off their feet. It will be a fun and wild ride, just go with it. Welcome your ability to turn it on!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
You may feel tired or exhausted after an intense few weeks of burning the candle at both ends. You’ll regain quickly this week by pacing yourself and not expecting too much. It’s ok to occasionally take a day off from exercise or doing what’s expected; listen to your body for best results. A midweek rally is rejuvenating. You have a million-dollar idea that needs to be shared and may not even be for you. It could be connected with a charity or friend in need; simplify it and others will quickly see how to get on board. Financially, you’re always thinking about the long-term and how to get ahead, but this week your focus is on today. Let go of stress and accept that you have enough for the moment. Romantically, coupled Cap may be pleasantly surprised with their partner’s support. Single Cap is less resistant to others’ approach and unconventional style, opening the door to new experiences for themselves. Welcome the continuing adventure!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Determination, focus and creativity assist you in finalizing a deal that matters and is profitable. Continue to ride the waves of confidence as doors open with renewed interest. A stubborn situation gets removed from your focus so you no longer have to deal with it. Financially, Aquarians are paid for their talent this week; compensation comes in additional forms than money. Overseas travel may be on your mind or in the planning stages. Concern over a friend or relative’s health condition may have you going the extra mile to help out. Routines vary as you find yourself picking up the loose ends to assist others. Romantically, coupled Aquarians are secure in their relationship and may have concern for their partner this week. Single Aquarians are finding an inner peace that has recently been missing. Others notice, and are drawn to your tranquility and sense of humor. Celebrate your independence!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Momentum begins to pick up again after stalling out; your confidence and certainty assist in moving things forward. Taking a backseat to another’s ideas or emotional instability can be irritating at times. Let go of the fear of upsetting them; instead be yourself without apology, and don’t react to their outbursts. A small package may be delivered to you by mistake. It’s time to do routine chores, as cobwebs are beginning to show themselves. Financially, Pisces are blessed to be taken care of and have things in control. Romantically, coupled Pisces are moved to be patient and loving with their partner, who may seem out of sorts. They’ll come around when they feel it’s safe; patience and unconditional love are called for. Single Pisces may need some support from friends or family to avoid the blues. Shaking it off becomes easier as the weekend approaches with fun things in store. Celebrate your tenacity and tender heart!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Your unique ways of looking at things helps keep others on target and afloat. Keep the ideas coming to make things better and to streamline debt or minimize fear in those who aren’t as adaptable as you. A guilty pleasure may be becoming part of your daily life. You may want to watch your alcohol intake or sweet tooth to keep it from turning into a bad habit. A noticeable shift in another’s personality may have you concerned about what’s on their mind. Financially, you continue to pull the rabbit out of the hat to give yourself breathing room. Things continue to go your way under unusual circumstances. Romantically, coupled Aries are snuggled in with their partner in every sense of the word. You’re right on target with knowing what is on their mind.  Single Aries may be threatened, but only momentarily, by another’s obvious ways to gain attention. You end up outshining them with your straightforward personality, wit and charm without even trying. Celebrate being in the know!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You may find yourself on an exotic adventure or planning one. You have the motivation and time to create moments worth remembering. A farewell to someone important to you may be difficult this week. Medical training and emergency situations are unlikely, as you have taken necessary precautions to ensure things are in order. Financially, you may find yourself splurging and have earned the right to do so. Let go of fear around dipping too deeply into your reserves. A federal case, government situation or lawsuit lingers on to no avail. Nervous energy over a legal matter may deter you from peace of mind if you allow it. Let go of fear and focus on positive matters; in the end it gets handled without creating further stress. You may receive anticipated bad news this week regarding a loved one or friend’s situation. You’ll also find many moments of fun, peace and adventure in this topsy-turvy week of emotions. Romantically, coupled Taurus is side-by-side through life’s ups and downs and feels closer than ever. Single Taurus gets pulled into fun and frolicking by good-natured friends.  Celebrate the gifts life has afforded you by being present and appreciative!

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