Peggy Rometo's Star Signs, Week of March 12

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
You’re on track to win over the opposition by letting go and no longer pushing to the extremes. If you choose to surrender and accept situations as they exist, others will rethink their positions, possibly giving you the advantage. Financially, you may need a pep talk about forging ahead to secure what is yours. A change of direction is needed to capitalize on your worth. A favorable play is made for your time and attention, giving you something to think about. An odd rash or skin eruption can be treated quickly without negative side effects. Romantically, coupled Pisces finds pleasure in planning day trips or impromptu romantic excursions; the weekend is brimming with possibility. Single Pisces may find themselves waiting for someone special from their past; as mercury turns retrograde, don’t be surprised if old lovers reemerge. Keep in mind it’s only a phase. Celebrate having dreams come true with ease!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Momentum builds as you swing from one project to another. You have the time to replay conversations that normally you wouldn’t bat an eye over. Disconnect from this unnecessary analysis and chalk it up to having too much time on your hands.  A friend may be experiencing relationship difficulties that could have you at odds with your partner. If you choose to share her pain, do your best to keep your emotions in check or you may end up having a ridiculous fight with the one you love. A symbolic gesture from someone close to you goes a long way to making you feel loved and appreciated. You may be worried about thinning hair or breaking nails. Take action by amping up your proteins, vitamin D and Biotin may give you the boost you need. Romantically, coupled Aries feels safe sharing all types of information with each other; the weekend brings a renewed lightness for you as a couple. Single Aries may feel a slight chill when someone intentionally leaves them out. Do your best to not react and treat this as a one-time occurrence; it’s their loss. Celebrate feeling valued!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You’re upfront and right on target with gut instincts concerning a colleague’s lack of follow through. The good news is you can head things off before any damage is done. A momentum shift leaves you feeling vulnerable and concerned regarding your personal affairs. You may have a disgruntled employee or someone close needing a break. With mercury going retrograde on the 12th you’ll have plenty of time to review previous plans and look for ways to create order and change around you. Financially, past problems arise to be revisited and tweaked in a good way. Romantically, coupled Taurus is fervent in their need to protect their spouse and ensure their well-being. There’s no time like the present to show them you care. Single Taurus may feel the need to rush in and support someone they love. The good news is that they’re in good shape and are happy to see you. Celebrate creating new opportunities to enjoy!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
Business as usual this week gets you out of bed and back on track. You may have had a hectic weekend or feel as if you are behind. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up, so relax and take it day by day. Mercury turns retrograde on March 12, giving you the opportunity to catch up with old friends or to tackle creative household projects. Financially, you’re moving and grooving with a renewed sense of confidence. Positive developments may take you by surprise — anything from unexpected checks in the mail to surprise bonuses. Now is the time to put your good intentions to work – for example, a diet or exercise program you’ve used successfully in the past. Romantically, coupled Gemini may be surprised to find themselves so closely aligned with their partners. The weekend gives you plenty of time to explore this new point of view. Single Gemini is ready to rock the world of anyone who shows promise, providing they meet their high standards. Prepare for good times ahead, as you’re likely to have multiple suitors. Celebrate having the energy to do it all!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
You may find yourself battling the flu bug or just feeling off-kilter; take the time you need to feel whole and others will give you the space to do so. A friend may be a buzz kill when they remind you of a situation that you need to handle. Mercury goes retrograde March 12, making communication more challenging. It’s not advisable to schedule a heartfelt communication at this time or it’s likely to fall on deaf ears. Financially, you may be offered a new opportunity out of the blue that has to do with your past, possibly related to an expertise of yours and involving a prestigious company or person. Put aside any fears of not being able to pull things off; say yes and make it happen. Romantically, coupled Cancer can’t get enough of each other and are surrounded by other happy campers. Single Cancer gets a chance to make up with someone from the past and apologize for previous actions. Sticking to the facts makes it easier to get to the heart of the matter. Celebrate feeling loved!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
You may feel as if you are being chewed up and spit out by life. Cheer up, as things take a turn for the better this week. Your vulnerability is at an all time high and it’s good if you let others see this side of you – no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel. A jealous individual may look to take you down. You can defuse the situation by apologizing, as opposed to trying to “explain it away. Financially, you may have recently suffered losses over a poor decision. This week, you’ll benefit by taking things slowly and not pursuing the fast track for a change. Be the tortoise and you’ll do just fine. Romantically, coupled Leo may not have been appreciating their partner recently, and will need to refocus this week to let them know how much you care. You may also experience unexpected break-ups or reversals, with mercury going retrograde on March 12. Keep in mind that if it’s a break-up it’s not likely to stick. Single Leo may find individuals would like to set you up. Now is not the best time to start new relationships, so revisit the idea mid-April. There’s plenty of happiness to be found with your soul sisters this week — and possibly some bargain shopping as well. Celebrate being at the right place at the right time!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
A touch of baby powder takes you back to feeling pampered and appreciated — a perfect way to start your week. Newfound friendships and new inroads to old conversations are created without a fuss. A worry from your past reappears midweek. You may find yourself needing to take more precautions around a loved one’s health or hiring someone to be an additional support system. Financially, you’re quickly moving up the ladder with new confidence and client support. You can expect positive reinforcement and new referrals. Romantically, coupled Virgo spends time caring for their partner and derives joy from the simple routines of life. Single Virgo may be compelled to slow down and draw the shades this week to get caught up on some much-needed sleep. Renewed interest in an old beau reappears in the form of electronic communication. Just make sure you aren’t the one initiating it or it’s not likely to go well. Celebrate enjoying life!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
A complicated situation begins to work itself out; having patience is key to creating new ways of being. You may lose a job this week or see changes around your creative work. This has no negative effects on your pay; in fact you may have more time and energy to devote to what does make you money. Financially, an uncomfortable situation is revisited for closure and understanding. You may have borrowed money from someone who needs to hear your plan for repayment. Romantically, coupled Libra may be concerned about being misunderstood or overanalyzed by their partner. Do your best to show them you love them, but know that now is not the best time for this conversation. Consider seeking a professional’s help in mid-April. Single Libra is tired of the BS when men from your past seek them out. Look to start over with new and fun loving people; keep holding out for what you want and it will find you. Welcome to getting what you want in the world!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
Rules and regulations feature prominently this week, making you question the way things are currently being done. Mercury goes retrograde on March 12, giving you plenty of time to think about your recent past. It’s up to you to forgive and forget and get beyond the hurt; hard as it is to admit, you have to make the first move if you want this to happen. Financially you have big things in the works — anything from a large loan approval to an estate or divorce situation going your way. This is a good time to follow up on small details started weeks or months ago. A celebrity of sorts looks to connect themselves with you out of appreciation and fondness. Romantically, coupled Scorpio gets their wish as others put them first. Single Scorpio may not be so lucky until they are willing to surrender to letting others take the lead. The weekend may involve surprise travel or time for playful getaway. Celebrate living a full life!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Mercury goes retrograde on March 12 and may bring up old family issues. Tensions could run high if you’re unwilling to hear people out. There’s value in surrendering and listening as an outsider – as if you are hearing the story for the very first time. You’ll be surprised at what you learn. You may have a desire to get rid of old photographs, clothing, or other items that take you back to an unhealthy time. This frees up energy for good vibes to be restored and draws positive and playful energy; work at your own pace or you’ll be working against yourself. Financially, you have a big payday coming, as long as you’re willing to be in the flow and not be “unreasonable.” Double check contracts and fine print in documents so you’re clear on what you’re working for. Romantically, coupled Sag’s partner pulls them into a positive gig with family or friends to show you off and have a great time. Single Sag is all about observing how much others do for them. Take a break this week and simply be in the moment; you’ll find great appreciation for what’s in front of you. Celebrate living joyfully in the moment!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
A complicated situation could go south if you don’t put in the time necessary to connect with others. You may feel undue pressure to meet the high expectations that have been set for you, based on last year’s climate. Now is the time to point out flaws and to redirect others to positive and yet realistic expectations. Being authentic is the key to swaying their point of view. Keep in mind mercury goes retrograde on March 12, which could hamper clear communication; keep things simple for best results. Financially, you may have recently hit pay dirt or received a bonus, only to discover the stakes have changed. Playing it cool now pays off in the months ahead. Romantically, coupled Cap is tired of being jealous and simply lets go. This action creates renewed sensitivity, settong you up for a tender weekend. Single Cap may be feeling numb from too much conversation and not enough action. This week, old relationships heat up and give you a run for your money under the sheets. Stay home if you’re afraid of engaging, as you may not be able to resist this temptation. Celebrate riding the waves of success!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Renewed confidence and faith in yourself has you feeling more empathetic and compassionate to those who normally rub you the wrong way. This extra dose of humility goes a long way in convincing others you are genuine. Overseas travel or interest in international affairs may have you surfing the web for great deals or subscribing to a foreign magazine or newspaper. Financially, you’re in an upward motion, putting pressure on you to make things happen; surrendering is a good idea when you think about pushing forward. Look to those who have supported you in recent years; they may be able to turn you on to a new career opportunity. Romantically, coupled Aquarians aren’t afraid to admit they are wrong when they are given the room to do so. Mercury goes retrograde on March 12, giving you room to gently clean up the past and restate your love. Be careful that you don’t go down the slippery slope of justifying or defending, or the entire evening may blow up in your face. Single Aquarians feel passionate and are in the mood to show it. Stepping out with friends is a great idea when you simply make it about the music. Celebrate the gifts within you!

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