Peggy Rometo's Star Signs, Week of March 19

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Continue to expect positive results from your hard work and effort. You may be the recipient of a practical joke or misinformation this week; take any peculiar communication in stride, as it may be untrue. Financially, you hit the jackpot on something you have already been backing. You needed this home run, as you may have recently had a string of bad luck. You may have recently found yourself in the middle of someone else’s health crisis; others look to you for answers and information. Things will continue to remain murky for a few more weeks. Romantically, coupled Pisces should let their partner pick up the slack this week as you regroup energetically and emotionally from the previous week’s challenges. The added TLC helps to restore your sense of well being. Single Pisces surprise themselves when they let their guard down and say yes. This out of character move may create temporary instability towards the end of the week, causing you to renege on a promise. Celebrate following your intuitive instincts!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
You get confirmation this week regarding unsolicited information that turns out to be legitimate. Don’t back down from getting to the bottom of these charades or manipulative tactics. Others may have warned you regarding this individual’s behavior; seeing is believing. You may find a loophole that works on your behalf regarding a court case or sensitive financial matter. A stigma goes away on its own without your help. Financially, you are able to make a change regarding homeowners insurance that saves you big bucks; common sense and threatening to take your business elsewhere get things reversed in your favor. Romantically, coupled Aries are sensitive to their partner’s needs and get more in return than they bargained for. Single Aries move from feeling criticized by a jealous competitor to letting go and celebrating life as it comes. Celebrate knowing your worth!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You get a leg up on the competition this week, giving you the confidence you have recently been lacking. Your health improves when you discover a new product that leaves you glowing from the inside out.  Financially, you may feel pressure to produce extraordinary results; this week’s payoff comes from patience and fortitude. An educational opportunity falls in your lap regarding something of interest. An emotional and painful event from your past may reappear this week. You’ll have the support you need to get you through it; all in all, it’s a positive thing. Romantically, coupled Taurus feels connected and on the same page. Single Taurus doesn’t have to think twice before saying yes to a golden opportunity with a friend. Celebrate being loved!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
You may be conflicted about whether or not a rumor is true. A devoted individual looks for ways to impress you. You may get a chance this week to clear up an embarrassing situation that started as a misunderstanding; clear communication may be difficult, so keep it short and sweet. Financially, you may be a big winner when you find money or win a lottery or friendly card game. Don’t go looking for it; if it doesn’t cross your path, it’s not worth chasing down. Pay attention to leaky water pipes, bathroom sinks or kitchen drains, as you may have a real plumbing problem or outrageous water bill on your hands. Romantically, coupled Gemini may feel slightly detached from their partner, but as the weekend arrives you have a renewed interest in meeting their needs. Single Gemini is less anxious about their future and more intrigued by an interested party that continues to show promise. Taking things slowly proves to be the right move. Celebrate taking a risk and winning!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
You may be asked to commit more time and energy to a project you thought was completed. The extra effort pays off and brings positive rewards. Financially, others see you as golden and want to partner with you; a prestigious offer may come your way, providing renewed hope and pleasure. Pay attention to your automobile or other vehicles this week for loose wiring or small details that could create an unnecessary headache when left unattended. It maybe appropriate to have a tuneup or oil change to be certain things are running properly. Romantically, coupled Cancer may have misunderstood their partner, causing hurt feelings. This gets cleared up quickly when you realize your mistake making the weekend a blowout celebration. Single Cancer can have the time of their life with their gal pals later in the week if they are prepared to remain footloose and fancy free. Celebrate being a star!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Misunderstandings run rampant this week if you aren’t paying attention to what comes out of your mouth. Now is not the time to be casual with your words, phrases or intentions; others are taking you literally, and it may create problems. On the upside, you are the zodiac’s charmer this week and can put a positive spin on anything you choose; just make sure it is what you want. A creative joint venture goes well and is indicative of a good working partnership; this could lead to additional work, fun or adventure down the road. A renewed interest in social challenges or views may inspire you to join a cause or try to make a difference. You may find yourself taking educational hours, learning a new trade or skill this week. Romantically, coupled Leo is satisfied and personifies the “perfect couple” this week. Single Leo has multiple opportunities to have their fantasies met; be sure it’s something you will feel good about in the morning. Celebrate being on top of the world!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
A little bit of gratitude goes a long way this week when someone goes overboard to help you out of a jam. A misunderstanding could get out of control if you don’t address it quickly and calmly; everything is not as it seems. Financially, you’re on a roll and can see the positive effects of your hard work; new creative ideas continue to roll in and become profitable. Keep these ideas under wraps for a few more weeks – at least until mercury is no longer retrograde on April 4th. Your physical body is yearning for a break, and you may need to consider incorporating Pilates, yoga or stretching into your routine. Strength and flexibility are important to keep you looking and feeling your best. Romantically, coupled Virgo may be briefly tempted to stray. You’ll find it easy to resist; there’s great fun waiting for you with your partner later in the week. Single Virgo may have to push back someone who comes on too strong. Happily, there are several worthy contenders vying for your attention — if you’re willing to get out of the house and do something off the cuff. Celebrate letting life love you!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
A responsibility runs the risk of becoming boring and unattractive if you don’t change your thinking. You have a creative spark that can spice things up. You’re a contender who gets noticed for a past performance, bringing accolades or praise your way. A financial backer steps up to support you when you need it most — if you’re willing to speak up. You may find yourself on an unexpected winning streak when you trust your gut and move forward with something that has been in the planning stages for months. Romantically, coupled Libra is sensitive to their partner’s needs and may get an unexpected gift or present. Single Libra can go quiet or party till dawn, as you have the potential to go to the extremes this week; both bring a smile to your face. Celebrate being noticed by the right people at the right time!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
An unpredictable situation has you holding back and being the observer. You may need to intervene towards in the end of the week in a gentle and inquiring way; your strength is needed to redirect and affirm what’s possible. Financially, you remain balanced as things continue to unfold positively. Travel opportunities for the summer may arise that you feel is unnecessary; reconsider in the weeks ahead as more information surfaces. There’s merit to this trip. You may get recognized for hard work or receive a surprise gift of appreciation from someone you respect — possibly an institution or corporation. Romantically, coupled Scorpio is busy in their routines and needs to slow down and be present to their partner. Satisfaction and happiness are only part of the instant gratification you feel. Single Scorpio is on top of the world when something they have been waiting for finally arrives. Celebrate being fulfilled!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
You may feel like it’s your birthday with all the fireworks happening around you this week; plenty of compliments come your way. You’re on a creative streak that gives you plenty to smile about as you retool an outdated look. Others appreciate the work you do. Do your best not to be overly sensitive by focusing on the one thing that needs to be changed as opposed to the twenty that hit the mark. Financially, you have plenty to go around and possibly a little extra, with huge opportunities in the pipeline. Patience is needed to produce blue-sky results. Your hair may need an intervention; plenty of over-the-counter remedies will remedy dryness or frizziness. Romantically, coupled Sag may be feeling pestered by your partner to give an approval you’re not on board with; make sure to stick to your guns. Single Sag may be on their own this weekend, but find it easy to mix into a crowd. Celebrate being bold!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
You may feel frustrated about having to work alone on a project that could use others’ input. Push through the victim mentality and connect with the confidence and certainty that has you turning out stellar results. Financially, you’re on an upswing and have just won a battle. You’re on track to win the war, but need to call for help. Now is the time to ask for what you need from those who can provide it. You win when you don’t pin your hopes on one person. A delivery that you have been waiting for may be delayed. Surprise compliments from strangers give you the added boost to keep feeling good about your workout routine or diet. Romantically, coupled Cap may be planning a quick getaway to someplace romantic. Single Cap isn’t afraid to reveal their feelings to their crush. This may not be the best approach and doesn’t leave much room for the “chase” mentality. Move them out of your line of sight and focus on group activities that feel good. Celebrate feeling connected to positive people!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
You may find yourself in the middle of a dispute between two parties you have an interest in. You fare best by setting a positive tone for communication and getting out of the middle. You’re relieved when a time-sensitive project shapes up before the deadline. Physically, you may finally feel as if you are gaining renewed strength and vitality. Forcing yourself to retire early keeps you on track. Financially, Lady Luck smiles on you when an unexpected offer, contract or gift appears. It may even be in the form of a genuine invitation to join others on a lovely getaway. Wills, trusts and other family legal matters may come up for discussion. Stay out of the hot seat by suggesting getting a second opinion before moving forward. Romantically, coupled Aquarians’ smooth talking peaks their partner’s interest and provides playful energy. Single Aquarians can cut loose this from the pack and get noticed without much effort; no calculation is needed. Celebrate knowing your worth!

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