Peggy Rometo’s Star Signs, Week of March 21

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
You may find yourself at a crossroads this week in which you may have to make some difficult choices. You have the ability to recreate your vision and to restructure an existing business or situation to your liking. New partnerships and alliances are made possible through introductions and follow-through. Financially, you are able to circumvent a black hole on Thursday. The good news is that you’re established and respected in an industry where others may be losing ground. Personally, you may finally feel as if the handcuffs are off and you are able to speak freely; others appreciate your frankness. A new necklace or piece of jewelry may find its way into your life. Romantically, coupled Aries may be concerned about their partner. Patience and good listening skills gives them the space to be open with you; the weekend is exhilarating. Single Aries are raring to go, but must have patience until the rest of the party shows up. You won’t be disappointed when someone special makes an unexpected appearance. Celebrate your good fortune!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
A vibrant and outspoken individual enters your life this week. You don’t have to accept them at face value; you’ll be inclined to check them out, along with their ideas. You may have a challenge with a knee, ankle or foot this week. Financially, Taurus is strong and has plenty to show for their hard work. Several individuals entice you with creative ideas or a possible partnership. Stick with your gut. Network marketing, newsletters, and other great communication ideas have merit; it may be the right time to let others in on your ideas. You may have a touch of spring fever and look for ways to get outdoors for some fresh air. Financial and emotional support is there for you if your due diligence is solid. Romantically, coupled Taurus is not afraid to step it up and prove to their partner they are solid and want another chance at proving themselves. Single Taurus may have recently washed their hands of someone they once cared for. However, never say never as you may find yourself making up with them this week. Welcome your ability to land on your feet!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
You aren’t duped this week when someone tries to pull a fast one on you, and decline to get involved. Fresh perspective shows up to give you the insight you didn’t even know you needed. An unexpected and welcome guest arrives, ushering in a celebratory mood. You may need to travel spur of the moment for an important meeting or to support someone you care about. You may look to create a new look with your hair or makeup this week. Financially, you’re feeling positive about the changes you are beginning to see. A big payoff comes your way, possibly in the form of a debt being paid to you. You may be in the process of training an animal or interested in acquiring one; patience and love are needed in this process for you to feel good about it. Romantically, coupled Gemini is in sync with their partner and no words are needed. Single Gemini may still be somewhat anxious about what a certain someone thinks of them. Let go and go be yourself — they are drawn to your confidence and unassuming ways.  Celebrate your good nature!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
This is the week you stop pretending that you don’t care about what others think of you. You may get a taste of your own medicine if you have recently been gossiping. Slow down, don’t take things personally and look for ways in which you can make it right. Financially, you may feel like you are lacking; however, you’re set up despite what your balance might say. A generous individual may look for ways to help you out or offer you a much-needed job or loan. Real estate and real estate-related endeavors provide a form of unexpected sustenance. Romantically, coupled Cancer may have to take it on their chin when their partner, rightly so, calls them out. Apologize quickly as the make-up sex is worth it. Single Cancer needs to let go of the righteous act in order to be effective with a romantic interest. They want to see the real you, not the drama. Celebrate your ability to be authentic and loved!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
You are singled out for fun and favor this week, and have plenty to smile about. It’s best not to gloat; instead, lay low to avoid hurting others’ feelings. Focus on giving back and making others feel good about themselves. Be extra careful with electronic items and small gadgets this week to avoid unnecessary mishaps. Financially, you may be offered a job, an increase in pay, or an opportunity to make some extra cash. You may have to play catch-up at work, or may feel burdened with paperwork and details. Do your best to not burn the candle at both ends; you’re still running low on energy. Romantically, coupled Leo is settled, but can be tight-lipped or unexpectedly reactionary this week. This stress related response can be minimized by airing your concerns. Single Leo blocks out insecurity by trying to be the life of the party. Slow down and be yourself; others will find it refreshing and enticing. Celebrate being at the right place at the right time!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
An irritation can pull you out of your normal, happy mode. Do your best to put it to rest as soon as possible so that you are able to be productive this week.  A new individual looks for ways to win you over; let go of suspicions and enjoy their enthusiasm. You may find yourself studying maps, world events or current affairs this week. You may experience hair loss or a challenge with your cut or style, prompting you to wear hats or wear it differently. Financially, you have more than enough and may look to assist others who are less fortunate. In addition, new and unexpected monies show up. Travel goes smoothly and as expected. Romantically, coupled Virgo is enticed to give their partner extra TLC and benefit of the doubt. Single Virgo is all about getting along and “teaching” others about how it should be. Get rid of the “know it all” attitude if you want to make a great impression on someone important.  Celebrate being brave and unafraid to show others who you really are!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
You’re right on target when it comes to getting things done and staying on top of your game. An unexpected situation gives you an opportunity to shine; step into it without any apology or fear. Financially, Libra may be feeling pressed to get it together. New ideas, plans and renewed motivation have you excited and ready to implement new and successful ideas. Nervous energy and fear may run rampant if you allow it to go unchecked. Taking short breaks, walks or deep breaths helps you to put things in perspective. Reading, writing, research and the public sector are part of the equation this week. You may find yourself entertaining while multitasking. Romantically, coupled Libra is content and pleased with their current standing. Single Libra is likely to blow others off if they don’t get a solid reply or strong indicator from a new love interest; make them earn it. Welcome your diversity!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
You’re bright and buoyant this week, helping to boost others’ morale. Your no-nonsense, yet optimistic attitude helps others to believe too. Financially, you may feel slightly edged out by the competition, but have nothing to apologize for. Your hard work and reputation has earned you respect and a significant position. You may be dealing with life and death issues with animals this week, possibly dogs. They may be breeding, giving birth or transitioning from one stage to another. You may be putting together a creative endeavor for someone else’s approval. This could be in a written or verbal form. Romantically, coupled Scorpio can be self-centered, but this week you are all about giving and contributing to others. Single Scorpio is trying to shake someone they no longer see as “the one”. A straight and gentle conversation easily lets you off the hook. Celebrate your ability to be tender and open!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
You may be nervous that recent events could pull you away from what you love. Let go of needing to figure things out at this time and continue to trust the unfolding process. A recent idea and investment pays off, giving you renewed hope in getting things done. Financially, Sag is beginning to see their worth and earning power; others acknowledge their strengths. Transportation may be an issue as you may have an unexpected breakdown or accident; paying attention while driving is important this week to ensure safety. Stretching your neck, shoulders, chest and arms is important for dealing with stress. Romantically, coupled Sag is quick to come to the defense of their partner and ensure they are not being taken advantage of; in turn, their partners find relief and appreciation. Single Sag is no longer interested in the status quo and wants something of substance to fill their heart. A surprise guest may just be the one who does it. Welcome your ability to protect and provide a loving environment for others!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
You know how to turn on the charm and get others to follow your lead. While your close friends know this is not an act, others may question your motives. Ignore the comments and pour on your authenticity; things work out in your favor. Financially, you may feel worried about an unexpected bill or medical situation. You’ll find alternative measures that are helpful. In addition, you may be dealing with a dental issue, as well as a household problem that requires outside help. Romantically, coupled Capricorn may find it difficult to communicate with their spouse this week or have differing opinions. Staying calm and open will help to minimize any confusion. Single Capricorn is excited about meeting new people and have ample opportunity this week. It may be in unexpected places such as the grocery store, gas station or health club. Celebrate your intuitive nature!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
A chance to be vocal and in an arena that is important to you opens up in a big way. You’ll surprise others with your wisdom and depth of passion. This may open new doors and income sources for you. A frustrated individual finds his way to you and leaves happily sedated and relieved. Parents and family challenges resurface to be dealt with; do your best to not lose your cool. Keeping meticulous receipts or records is important if money is involved. Surprisingly, others may be jealous of your level of influence with a parent. You may find an opportunity to squeeze in some down time or extra fun. Romantically, this week swings the pendulum from breezy to tense. If coupled Aquarians do their best to not jump on their partner for any insensitive or damning remarks, things will quickly swing back. Single Aquarians are able to get their needs met by being demure and allowing Prince Charming to do his thing. Allowing others to support you is not manipulative; it’s smart and necessary to finding authentic love.  Celebrate your ability to let go and let others in!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
You may find yourself in a tense situation this week dealing with another’s emotional distress. Suicide, depression and emotional instability play a role in another’s life challenge; thanks to your sensitive nature, you are able to help them to find a way out. Financially, Pisces are moving through old challenges, releasing debt and opening new doors to prosperity and abundance. Challenges arise when someone backs out of an arrangement; delays and frustrations may be part of the package. Staying true to your vision will eventually pay off. The weather and environment may create sinus problems for you. You may be planning a family vacation, homecoming or celebration that requires advance planning. Romantically, coupled Pisces feels more in rhythm with their partners, even though externally, things look the same. Single Pisces is fixated on pleasing and winning over others. Do your best not to overcompensate or be a pushover; find the balance. Celebrate your open heart and good wishes!

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