She Said He’d Be Sorry

He said she was plumpish. And it was true. She was fattish. Wooed by the lure of a potato chip. The silky softness of ice cream – Rocky Road. The beauty of a buttered croissant. Hot, of course. Once she had been thin. Even skinny. “How come you’re so skinny and you eat so much?,” they all asked. “Metabolism,” she answered. “Just lucky.”

And then one day her luck ran out and her metabolism died in the middle of a hot fudge sundae. And, so, to get her young self back, and to show him, she decided to eat. Nothing. Sometimes a pea. Green. Or a bean. Lima. Or a tiny sip of water. And so days passed. She got smaller and smaller and smaller. Until one day when she disappeared completely. And she was finally happy with her new/old self. But he was unquestionably lonely without her. Yet it was too late.

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