Shoes to Die For….

I have been worried about the women who are buying the skyscraper high wedgies all over town, all over the country and the western world.

Today, I took my ritual Madison Avenue walk from 55th Street up to 80th Street and back down without a charge card or a dime. It is such a freeing feeling. I can’t like anything I see too much because I can’t buy it. But today, when I headed North on my walk up Madison Avenue, I saw a woman buying a pair of smokestack-high wedgie shoes that she had a lot of trouble with when she was trying them on. Later that day, when I was headed back down Madison, I saw her again — trying to walk in those same wedgies — hanging onto her husband, making the best of it, being cool, and then falling flat on the sidewalk.

These high wedgies are dangerous. Have you ever broken a foot over a shoe?

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