Smartphones: The New Health and Fitness Tool

Smartphones Rising in Fitness

Unless your television has been turned off, it’s been difficult to avoid Apple’s latest commercial with a retro marching tune and lyrics “Go, you chicken fat, go.”  The catchy tune was written to kick-off President Kennedy’s debut of the Presidential Fitness Program in 1961.

Fast forward to 2014 where fitness is still a challenge and smartphones have replaced tracking calories and weight by paper.  A look at the App Store shows thousands of apps in the Health & Fitness category.  From tracking your weight, counting calories, activity trackers, meditation, workout and exercise programs to brain and eye exercises – smartphone technology is looking to keep you healthy and connected.

Apple’s Retro ‘Chicken Fat’ Television Ad

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With the power of iPhone 5s, you’re more powerful than you think. This film is accompanied by a song called “Chicken Fat”, which was originally commissioned by John F. Kennedy when the Presidential Fitness Program made its debut.

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New Apple ad urges you to shed that ‘chicken fat’

Apple has released a new ad that shows off the iPhone 5s’ usefulness as a health tracker by following a group of iPhone users as they work out. The TV ad, titled “Strength,” shows its exercising actors using a combination of apps and wearable devices to track their daily steps, barbell reps, and overall fitness.

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Is Apple Inc. the New Weight Watchers?

Since the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference event last week the Apple news flow has been heavily focused on health care. In fact Apple just released a TV ad called ‘Strength’ showing athletic people doing athletic things using iPhones wearable accessories like the Misfit Shine, and apps like Nike’s Nike+ Running app.

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Fitness Freak? Here are the Best Smartphones You can Buy

While in the past fitness used to be defined as the condition of being healthy or fit, nowadays the same term refers to the physical activity that helps us stay this way. There are many ways to keep our bodies in shape – starting with dancing and running, but also biking, swimming and lifting weights.

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