The Candidate I Dream of: The 1999 Bentley Azure No. 2

If Senators Clinton, Obama and McCain were cars — what would they be?

The 1999 Bentley Azure No. 2

Sen. Clinton is a Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid — considered the best pickup truck out there. Plenty of room for Bill’s friends in the crew cab and plenty of room for all the baggage the Clintons carry in the pickup bed. It is American, green with an electric-powered HVAC system. (Chelsea drives behind in a bright, yellow Nano. Cute.)

Sen. McCain is Chevrolet’s new limited edition Z06 427 Corvette that pays homage to those big stingrays of the mid 1960s and proves what a man you are! His Corvette is red. Of course.

Sen. Obama is the elegant new Audi R8 two seater with diesel that zooms to 200 mph but delivers 26 mpg. A green, high performance, intelligently designed, smooth looking and agile car. Highly admired. It will be available for you to buy next Fall.

The candidate I dream of is the 1999 Bentley Azure No. 2 — in my eyes the most beautiful car inside as well as out — ever.

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