The Elephant in the Room

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Is there ever something you know that you can’t say out loud that ruins an evening or inhibits a friendship? Confess.

Tell us about the elephant in the room.

The Elephant in the Room

She hated celebratory parties, social events, and dinner with friends
As she always wanted to say
Something unspeakable out loud.
Some thought she was shy, a loner
But really she was

Did Marty know Mary was
Sleeping with his best friend
Did Alice (who just got into
Know she was not Alexandra’s
Did Bart know his wife Betty
Lied about her age
When she married him
And still didn’t tell the truth
Some five years later?

And so it would happen
That troublesome elephant in the room
Kept her absent mostly.

And when her last invitation
To dinner with Frieda and Frank
(To see slides of their 25th
Anniversary in New Delhi)
Arrived at the office by
Messenger, no less —
She simply RSVP’d
“Regrets. Sorry. I’m a party pooper.”
Because Frank was going to leave
Frieda for her very self the very next day.  Poor Frieda.
And she preferred not to
Break bread and engage in phoney laughter, or forced chatter
About the thrill of riding elephants for
She acknowledged
That she was not only an absent “party pooper”
But obviously

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