The Good, the Bad and the Googled

As “The Gypsy”

My husband was my protector. When he died some time ago, a group of men I knew years ago, but was never ever close to, Googled me and became my stalkers via email.

I ignore them but they don’t give up. They have the sort of dreams women supposedly have. They make up romantic tales that never ever happened. Valentines Day stirs them into some creative frenzy and I have gotten to dread it. I read these fantasy emails that must be fun for them to imagine, but are beginning to make me wonder if I am crazy.

How could this group of men who do not know each other all be so creative about my past?

Are they crazy or am I? My good friends who go back a long way with me, assure me those guys are the crazy ones. But that is Google for you. Great, good and bad.

The man I do care a lot about doesn’t know there is a Valentines Day. Yesterday, a woman in a business that is big in Valentines said research suggests 100% of women know Valentines Day when it happens, but only 50% of men do.

The man I care about falls into that oblivious 50%. One of these days I am going to tell him that it is Valentines Day – maybe this is the day. I wonder, would you?

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