The Next Wave of Summer Hair

Take a gander at this summer’s hottest hair products, sourced from our in-the-know, ahead-of-the-curve friends at

Hair-care makers are more sophisticated than ever and have made strides far beyond the simple, humble styling spray. Easy to use, efficient and often bringing bonus vitamins and antioxidants, the products below will give you beach-y waves, crisp curls, in-between-shampoo pick-ups – and can even protect your locks from the sun’s damaging effects. During the easy, laid-back days of summer, we can all use a little help getting that just-back-from-the-beach, carefree look.


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  1. avatar mary burdt says:

    T his post left me feeling crazy. No one could possibly keep up with the info under the pictures. I read fast but I couldn’t keep up.Can you slow this down. I was interested in buying one of these products but didn’t get information I needed.