The Smiths’ Dilemma

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What should a couple do with leftover laboratory-frozen fertilized eggs after the couple has completed their family?
The Smiths’ Dilemma

Meadow Smith had once been a
Frozen embryo
Her father’s aging sperm was unable
To make the perilous swim up her mother’s
Fallopian tubes
At 50+, having never been a good swimmer,
Mr. Smith had simply lost
His stroke.
This necessitated a conception with
Meadow’s mother’s eggs in a laboratory
Known for these modern
Scientific love affairs.

Mrs. Smith had turned the critical
45 years of age
So, this conception gamble was her last shot.

The Smiths’ zygotes
Or frozen embryos (eggs and sperm)
Were kept at freezing
Until Mrs. Smith returned from a
Successful buyer’s market
In Europe.

On her return
She rushed to her magic fertility doctor
According to this
Dr. Mephisto
There were six viable options for in-vitro.

He selected what was to be Meadow Smith
It-she-he was a fine zygote with
Energy and aplomb
So Mrs. Smith was syringed and
Pumped with estrogen and other fecund flavors
Readied for the in-vitro planting
Which was totally fruitful
Leaving five other hopefuls in deep freeze
Just in case this Mephisto medical-miracle

No surprise to Dr. M.
The conception went without a blip
The amnio showed a well-defined vagina
A girl to be.
After 8 1/2 months of pregnancy
Mrs. Smith delivered in homage to
A slightly premature Caesarian-section
Beautiful baby girl
To be named
Meadow Juniper Smith
Though the parents hardly used Meadow’s middle name
Mrs. Smith liked the way it
Mrs. Smith was sensitive to smell.

At 6 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 inches
Little Meadow Juniper was
Perfect up and down.

This defrosted Meadow Juniper grew to be an
Ideal child
Some found her a bit icy
But in truth she was reserved and polite really
Not given to heated outbursts as other children would.
Always fashionably dressed,
Meadow was a natural-born
Skier and skater
Some said the ice rink was her home
At only seven years of age she could do perfect figure 8s and
Many thought Meadow’s form
Had Winter Olympic possibilities.

Interrupting this
Happily Ever After
Was the remaining frozen embryos or
Zygotes as Dr. Mephisto called them
There were five left and ready to go
But where? Go Where?
The Smiths were tired of paying dearly for their fertilized eggs and their
Nonexistent existence.

So Mephisto asked them these questions:
Should they …
1. Give the embryos to science?
2. Destroy the embryos?
3. Make the embryos available to a wanting childless couple?
(This made Mrs. Smith feel eerie
Somewhere there would be a
Mr. and Mrs. Smith child
A genetic them.
Oddly discomforting.)

The Smiths would like very much for you to help them make this difficult decision. Please add your comments below and they’ll be forwarded to Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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