Who Would You Love to be in the Dark With for Earth Hour?

Who would you love to be in the dark with for Earth Hour?

Such a good idea should not go unloved. The entire world is going to celebrate Earth Hour at 8pm on March 29. All the info is at: www.earthhour.org. So much good will happen to our world because we turn off our lights for just one hour. And think of all the other things that will happen. Imagine it. It’s black. There are no lights except star lights. And candlelight. And firelight. Maybe angel-light. Who would you like to share the stars with, to touch, to feel, to abandon yourself to, to remember with, to lie to, to tickle, to giggle with, to make up stories  for, to sing to, to nuzzle, to tell poems to, to wonder about the universe with, to have a new idea with, to plan making things greener with, to smell the grass with, to feel the wonder of it all with, to be deeply moved with, to be happy to be alive with?

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