wOw Scenes: Our Gardens

What do we love about summer? Fresh air, green everywhere, flowers blooming, vegetables growing. Marlo Thomas, Liz Smith, Mary Wells, Joni Evans and more of wOw’s women offer a bird’s-eye look at their outdoor spaces


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  1. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    Truly, it is growing things and the feeling of all the aspects of nature that bring the sense of wonder to our world.  The beauty, the silence, the gorgeous shades of the rainbow that plants and flowers, birds and wildlife – and yes, Liz, fruits and vegetables in your own “back yard” in the city – make us pause, reflect, and – speaking for myself – feel like a renewal has taken place within me.

    The combination of greenery and the subtle movements of water together somehow make us feel that we have come upon a quiet haven just our own.  It easily touches the heart, makes us smile and breathe free as we get away from our very busy lives. 

    I too have a home with a birch forest behind.  My neighbors have small lakes, hidden by forests also — or greenery where cranes and egrets stand in “forever poses” and geese parade their young with no fear.  . and yet we live just a few miles from the city center — and still a world apart.  I call it “my little bit of heaven”, my own sanctuary filled with beautiful things of nature that never fail to fill my heart.  “Home” — there is nothing like it!!!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  2. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Liz’s garden is my favorite – those who live in cities with the vendors around the corner or down the block don’t know how lucky they are. One of the things I miss most looking back are the various vegetable and “cutting” gardens through the years. Nothing like truly fresh tomatoes along with just-cut flowers. One landlord threatened to evict me when he saw the “little garden” which in fact was the entire back yard. I gave him a box of tomatoes, squash, okra, lettuce, cucumbers, some honeydew melons, some bell peppers, some jalapeno peppers, some mint and basil and thyme, and a bunch of roses for Mrs. Landlord. And of course he dropped by more often to see if I needed anything. Nothing like a garden to teach you the meaning of “fruits of your labors.”  And vegetables and flowers too!

  3. avatar Maizie James says:

    Loved the slide show!

    Thank you ladies of wOw for sharing the lovely views of your gardens. This was a refreshing departure from other topics.