wOw Scenes: What We Keep In Our Purses

The contents of a woman’s handbag? Often the absolute necessities. Lesley Stahl, Liz Smith, Judith Martin, and Mary Wells open theirs below


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  1. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    First, Joni – I’d kill for an attractive WOW bag like yours.  . and it is fun to see what we women find indispensible when travelling.  At home, with bad weather threatening, I have a black bag just wide enough and deep enough to bury an umbrella and scarf at the bottom.  . and I am apt to take it along when traveling.  I don’t know about you . . . but around town, I am apt to just have a small purse so I don’t feel weighted down with purchases also.  I don’t particularly love “the pack horse” look!  This weekend away I have a non-fancy banquet — so think of me like Liz, except my husband has long accepted “storing” the three tiny things like Liz’ in his suit pocket so I can be unencumbered in the hugging-air-kissing-and-non-air-kissing pre-cocktail party.  I like to give it my all – a glass in one hand but a free hugging arm that seems to work wonders.  I try to think of everything 🙂

  2. avatar central coast cabin home says:

    I’m a backpack purse practible gal…arms free to shop or carry…something? Most important content is my phone book of numbers of my boys. I know, they are also in my smarty phone but I have their bank account numbers (left over from their college days and money transfers, THANK GOD that is over, SS#’s, and their in-law phone numbers. You never know! 2nd most important is my eyeliner, lip gloss, breath mints, that is one category. I never carry money, just ATM & plastic. I always hope my cheater glasses are there and some type of Kleenex for allergy outbursts. Used works! Swiss army knife is buried and it has passed all airport inspections, go figure. I have a wee flashlight that I have never used but it makes me feel smart to have it. Nail file, checkbook and panty liner, that is about it. Ta ta!

  3. avatar central coast cabin home says:

    P.S. I agree Joan, I would wash all the windows in my house for a WOW bag!