Intuitive Peggy Rometo on Life With the Gift of Reading the Future

Editor’s Note: Intuitive healer Peggy Rometo is more than just a psychic or a medium. Peggy is an extraordinary woman who specializes in receiving information through intuition.

LIZ: What and who is Peggy Rometo?

PEGGY: I consider myself to be a normal woman; a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend. In my professional life I call myself an Intuitive and have for a decade before that term became popular. I use the word Intuitive because it expresses many of the different modalities I am connected with: medium, psychic, Reiki master, healer, teacher, mentor and, of course, Star Signs contributor.

LIZ: How did you come into the orbit of wowOwow?

PEGGY: I met Joni Evans through my literary agent and now our mutual friend, Cynthia Cannell, which in itself is an entirely fascinating story too long to share. Suffice to say I had written some things and Cynthia showed them to Joni and Joni contacted me about a year ago or more. As Joni was putting wOw together, she knew I wasn’t an astrologer, but felt I was very accurate with time tables, details and so on and wanted something wonderful and unique, just like the site. She asked me if I could do a weekly horoscope. I said I had no idea, but I’d “check in” with my guides, who said I could. For months prior to wOw’s launch, I wrote a weekly Star Signs and Joni monitored it with friends, colleagues and strangers for accuracy. It’s the result of our conversation and her question!

LIZ: Without being too specific, give me a brief answer about where you live and how. Are you married? Do you have children?

PEGGY: This week I’ll be happily married for 19 years. About a year ago my husband, Bob, decided on his own to help out and started doing the cooking and the laundry. I’m probably the first woman in history whose husband takes up doing the laundry and cooking after 18 years of marriage! Now you know why I say “happily married.” We have three children: a son Marco, 16 years old, and a junior in high school; our son Renzo who is 13 years old and in seventh grade; and a daughter Risa, age nine and in third grade. All in three different schools. Along with two dogs – a rescued greyhound named Goldie and a Jack Russell, Maggie, who drags me around for a three-mile run several times a week so she doesn’t drive us all crazy.

We live in the Sarasota-Bradenton area of Florida, which has beautiful beaches. I do the car pooling and attend athletic and school events (Marco’s very good at tennis and track). Renzo is an aspiring model/actor and Risa’s interests are in acting and dance. I took them on their first shoot a few weeks ago. It was for a documentary. I had to laugh when the director told us we were invited to the premier and he’d let us know when it is going to be held. They were thrilled.

LIZ: How long have you felt that you could sometimes sense the truths about people, or read the future, or foresee events?

PEGGY: I would say initially back in my teens and more frequently in the 1980s during my 20s – especially around dating! Just ask my poor husband some time. In late 1998 I began to embrace it in an effort to learn how to tap into it and to control it. It wasn’t until 2000 that I developed a confidence or true belief that I could do this consistently — after years of “practicing.” Years later, on occasion I would step back and wonder quietly to myself, “Is this my path, should I really be doing this?” Then almost immediately some “random” amazing event would happen where a complete stranger or religious person would have a dream about me or be told in a mediation to call me or give me a message that was an emphatic “yes!” After two or three of those — you just stop asking!

LIZ: Give us a brief history of your journey in dealing with this gift.

PEGGY: As a child I had always felt spirits, especially when I was alone or at night, and it terrified me. I was raised Catholic and my mother gave me the rosary and told me if I said it that I would fall asleep and be OK. So for a decade that’s how I got to sleep. In my 20s I had glimpses of future events. The most significant came in a dream about an older brother being killed in a car accident and a few weeks later it happened. I really didn’t want to know any more after that experience! It wasn’t until the late ’90s, more than a decade later, when another older brother, again, died tragically that I came face to face with my gift. Only this time I couldn’t turn off the flow from the other side. I could either choose to freak out, go on meds or confront it. My husband and I were successful real estate investors living in the Midwest. My husband was a huge support in helping me to realize my gift. He had really been searching for his own spiritual connection and was reading books by authors such as Deepak Chopra and Neale Donald Walsch. So when this happened, he knew exactly what was going on and put me in touch with my cousin, who was a psychologist living in Seattle, who emphatically told me that I just needed an energy healer to ground me. It was like she was speaking another language. I had no clue what she was talking about. She put me in touch with a woman who was able to help me make sense of what was going on with me. I often joke that if I hadn’t had my husband to encourage me in this discovery, I’d be on meds or locked up!

LIZ: Do you believe totally in your own, for lack of a better word, “visions”?

PEGGY: Wow. That’s a loaded question. I would say it depends on the situation. First, I know enough to know I don’t know it all and neither does anyone else! Any psychic, medium, etcetera who tells you they are 100 percent accurate, 100 percent of the time, I’d say walk away from. It can be very complex, yet very simple. Having said that, absolutely, I believe in what I do and what I receive when I’m in the moment with a client. I always ask for the client’s highest good and for me this ensures that they will receive information that will support them in their life. Rarely, if ever, do I get bad news such as accidents that are going to happen. I remember two in the last 20 years. One was my dream of my brother’s accident; another was for a client who called me later to tell me what a comfort it was that she had our session to hang on to. I also believe that we can receive information for our selves and I teach clients how to do that. The biggest challenge is taking our own advice!

LIZ: Do you resemble the character played by Patricia Arquette in TV’s show “Medium?”

PEGGY: I would say yes, in terms of our home life. When my kids were younger I had to “school them” in what mommy does and what to say as to not offend. In the show, Patricia’s character touches someone’s hand and then gets a flash; she also receives a lot of specific information in her dreams. In my early years I was more susceptible to that. Since then I’ve worked very hard to become grounded so that random things don’t come at me and if I want information, I just need to breathe, turn my head a bit and the information just flows into my mind and body in the form of words, feelings or pictures. Occasionally I may get what I call “slammed” by someone’s stuff, like the Medium does with the handshake. But it’s rare because of the way I’ve trained myself, and also now it takes a lot to jar me from my crazy, everyday life as a wife and mom. The same goes for a dream. If I’m too busy during the day, I’ll have a vivid dream and wake up in the middle of it and get the communication that way.

LIZ: How do you make a living? Do you charge for sessions, do you advertise, do you consider yourself to be in the “Medium” business?

PEGGY: Yes, I do consider myself a professional Intuitive. I charge for sessions and most of my advertising has been word of mouth or through my personal website, While I do Medium work, I don’t consider myself in the Medium business. This is because I have a lot of different modalities I can use when I’m with a client to support them.

LIZ: Do you have famous or important friends?

PEGGY: I do: Demi Moore, and, of course, her husband Ashton Kutcher; Aida Turturro, who played Janice on “The Sopranos” is also a good friend. There are a lot of other famous people who I consider friends that I don’t get a chance to connect with as often, but when we do – it’s like any other friendship – we just pick up where we left off.

LIZ: If you had your druthers, what would you hope for in this old world in the next few years?

PEGGY: Unification. First and foremost an end to all wars, not just for us in Iraq, but everywhere. But if I had to be selfish, I’d start with Iraq. I think I would love to see more tolerance in the world, where as human beings we would be more accepting of others’ ideas, beliefs, practices, a willingness to get along, starting with the global leaders. Then tackling together world problems, famine, disease, the orphans that wars and disease have left behind, rebuilding communities, the environment and so one, First through aid and then by providing and teaching sustainable living by working together.

LIZ: Do you feel your wishes can come true?

PEGGY: I truly believe that if enough of the “right people,” the leaders in any profession, at any level came together, then yes. I think we could begin to make a dramatic difference in our world. I think we have to start with the thought that “I” can make a difference and from there grow it to a real desire for change, and through our actions inspire others to do the same.

LIZ: Do you have feelings about the apocalyptic date of 2012 when the Mayan calendar predicted the world would end and many others have also said it will be a rocky time?

PEGGY: Yes, in most cases it takes a crisis for people to change, to pull together, to become a better person and I think that, in the years leading up to 2012, we will be getting those opportunities to change how we’re doing things. For years now I’ve felt there may be a war here in the United States, but it’s not the terrorists I’m concerned about; it’s an economic war. Starting with the dollar, overnight a collapse of our monetary and economic system could be seen. Imagine, if tomorrow you woke up and the hundred dollar bill you had was worthless. Imagine the panic, the fear, the hopelessness, the lawlessness that occurs with that. Much worse than the Depression in the ’30s. In addition, having to endure dramatic climate changes causing fierce storms, flooding and earthquakes from our abuse of the environment. Then still there’s the potential for nuclear war …

LIZ: Since we cannot control everything – weather, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteors, gamma rays and perhaps not even nuclear weapons or environmental catastrophes — what is your advice to people in coping with this not so brave new world?

PEGGY: Thirteen months before 9/11 happened, I was awoken in the middle of the night with horrible visions and information about the destruction in New York that day, spreading to the fields of Pennsylvania and affecting Washington, D.C. I shared this information with a dear friend, healer and mentor David Cunningham from London. He had a spiritual group that he was speaking to in my community and wanted me to pass the information along to the group and to discuss it and the validity of it. That very question was asked of me and the response I feel still holds true today: to pray for peace, to live in the moment, to love one another and to trust that you are right where you need to be at every given moment and that, through your belief, actions and prayer, you can shift these monumental affairs from happening to you and potentially at all. If you’re not meant to be there, something will keep you from attending the event, getting on the plane … There were so many stories about people who had near misses with tragedies because of some “random” incident: a sick child, a flat tire, traffic. Many of the people I spoke with at the meeting had loved ones who work and live in New York City. This helped to give them the peace they needed to trust that their families would be protected and, as far as I know, they were. I think that, for 2012, this thinking is helpful, but the planning and actions you take now are also a necessary part to protect your family.

LIZ: Can mediums and psychics also be actively religious?

PEGGY: Yes. Nancy Reagan’s famous astrologer and psychic, Jeane Dixon, was Catholic and attended mass weekly. I know this because a few years ago during a visit to my hometown, a very well respected priest, Monsignor Petty, asked to meet with me. He had been my religion teacher in high school and we shared a special bond. He had recently returned to the parish and heard about what I was doing professionally. When I met with him he told me that he had his residency in D.C. and saw Jeane Dixon frequently on the street and at mass. Since he had also studied in Rome, he believed that I truly had a gift. In Europe, healers are widely accepted and participate in the churches; therefore, it was easy for him have this point of view. He knew as a Catholic priest that this was rare and he wanted to make sure that I found a congregation in Florida that would support me, which is key if you are going to go down the path of religion.

LIZ: Are you? Perhaps I mean “spiritual” instead of “religious.”

PEGGY: It’s hard to define what I am these days! I would classify myself more spiritual than religious. I pray and meditate daily, but not in a church. My husband and I were both raised Catholic and occasionally attend Catholic services, especially when I’m in Iowa. While my children have all been baptized and two even made their first communion last year, I do not practice it fully. So I would technically be considered a very bad example of a Catholic. For the last year my husband and I have been studying kabbalah, which is not a religion but spiritual wisdom and technology. I learned back in my teenage years that our connection with God is very personal. I believe there are many ways to experience this connection and at different times in our life we may be led to different paths. I also believe that one path isn’t better than another as long as the path you’re on is making you a better person.

LIZ: If someone wanted to hire you for private consultation, how would you go about having them do that?

PEGGY: I do sessions on the phone or in person. They can find me on wowOwow. Click on Star Signs and then click on Peggy Rometo biography. At the bottom of the page is a link to my website, or they can go to it directly. Then click on “book an appointment” for all the details.


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