Liz Smith: Fans Weep, Hollywood Shudders — Ryan Gosling to Retire?!

Ryan Gosling

And more from our Gossip Girl: Emmy night tidbits … crazy classic movies on DVD

“THE PERILS of overwork are slight, compared with the dangers of inactivity,” said Thomas Alva Edison.

* * *

RYAN GOSLING, Hollywood’s hottest young actor, sent a chill though the industry early this week. The star of the current, critically acclaimed “Drive” told the London Times that he’s tired, at age 30. He is so weary that retirement is looking good.

Ryan said: “I’ve been acting since I was 12. I don’t want to act much longer. I can’t do one thing my whole life. I know there are only so many characters I’ll be able to play. It will be over whenever the inspiration dries up.” Women wept at the remarks, and Tinseltown producers fretted. (You could almost hear the discussions — “Maybe if we offer him two million more for his next one, and a really big trailer!”)

Ryan, who is Canadian, began life as a Mouseketeer on Disney’s re-tread of “The Mickey Mouse Club.” (Others who were launched from that venture include Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.) Ryan developed a reputation as a fine, intense actor, but it was with 2004’s “The Notebook” co-starring Rachel McAdams that he morphed from “promising actor” to one of the nation’s leading heartthrobs.

In the past 12 months alone, Ryan has scored in “All Good Things,” “Blue Valentine,” “Crazy, Stupid Love” “Drive” and the hotly anticipated “The Ides of March,” co-starring and directed by George Clooney. He also has “The Gangster Squad” and “The Place Beyond the Pines” upcoming.

Okay, fame, money, good looks and adulation aside, that’s a lot of work.. He probably needs a rest. And, at 30, he is no doubt thinking of a steady relationship and a family.

Maybe Ryan just needs a year on the road with his band, “Dead Man’s Bones.” Music is famously restorative. We’d hate to lose Mr. Gosling, now that he is peaking, and really getting interesting.

* * *

I KNOW we’ve all but forgotten about the Emmy Awards, but I do still have a few snippets from the HBO after-party that are reasonably amusing.

The two guys on the scene who were getting the biggest rush from the ladies were the newly single and dateless Michael C. Hall of “Dexter” and “True Blood’s” muscular werewolf, Joe Manganiello. However, each left the party alone.

Anna Paquin, the girl who can’t make up her mind on “True Blood,” and her co-star and real-life hubby Stephen Moyer were the “it” couple of the evening. But they got a run for their testosterone and sexiness with the presence of Jason Momoa, the massive “Game of Thrones” barbarian (and star of the recent remake “Conan the Barbarian”) and his date, former child actress Lisa Bonet.

I don’t know what Lisa has been up to, other than Jason, but she reportedly looked very content. Jason’s table was packed with men who very much resembled him in height, weight and general fitness. One woman passing the table remarked, “I think they should all get Emmys just for being so hot!”

HBO’s gala, which is considered the place to be on Emmy night, was once again designed by Billy Butchkavitz. This year the color scheme was all pink pomegranate and blood orange, with a 1960’s vibe going on.

Billy is a smooth and cool guy. He never loses his head, even when all around him are being packed into the tumbrel. At one point, a fire around one of the conversation pits, flared up alarmingly. The lovely coral dahlias were wilting. Nobody wants a wilted dahlia. Billy peered into the little conflagration and said, as if he was chiding a classroom of second graders, “Ok, now — who put this hairbrush in the water?” The grown-up children all shrugged in their designer duds, “Who me?”

Billy simply reached in and pulled out the smoldering hairbrush, all the while going “tch, tch, tch!”

Director Brett Ratner was also in attendance. He was in a fine mood, but don’t ask him anymore about his house, Hillhaven Lodge. It used to belong to Ingrid Bergman. It became much more famous as the playground of the late producer Allan Carr. Hillhaven was the scene of many a lavish party.

Ratner — who is a font of movie history — is producing the next Oscar telecast. As we all know, Carr produced the 1989 Oscar show, which included Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White. That calamitous event suddenly seemed to destroy Carr’s career, reputation and his health. Apparently, many people have been “warning” Ratner about producing an Oscar show while living in the old Carr mansion. One person sidled up to Brett and whispered, “I heard you were worried, having just moved into Allan Carr’s home; that it will jinx your own show.”

Brett rolled his eyes and said patiently, “I’ve been living there ten years. I think I’m safe.”

* * *

SPEAKING OF Hollywood history, Warner Bros. is releasing a new batch of classic films. Well, classic to those who love a little schlock, a little shock, and hell of a lot of camp.

I do mean films like “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” with Alison Hayes as a woman crazed with jealousy and big enough to do something about it …”Queen of Outer Space” which included Zsa Zsa Gabor’s greatest line of dialogue — “I hate her, I hate that qveen!”… “Night of the Lepus,” which featured the lovely Janet Leigh fighting off giant rabbits … and, but of course, Joan Crawford’s final screen appearance, “Trog.” In this one, Miss Crawford, manages to maintain her dignity, even as she plays a scientist trying to befriend a half-simian cave-boy. Her big moment, screaming “Trog, no!!!” is pretty impressive.

And on a slightly higher plane, we get Julie Christie and Fritz Weaver in “Demon Seed.” (An intelligent, aggressive computer is much attracted to Miss Christie. Well, who could blame it?)

What? Not everything is “Citizen Kane.” Sometimes movie fans just want to have fun.

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  1. avatar rick gould says:

    I’ve enjoyed Ryan Gosling, who seems to be playing the parts Edward Norton once played.
    So if Gosling goes, who will play all the thin, quirky young man roles? 😉

  2. avatar amw says:

    I doubt Ryan is going anywhere…it’s just a PR trick so he and his agent can split a bigger check! 🙂

    Hey, if it works…?

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Dear AMW….

      Awwww….so cynical.  Probably true.  Kinda.  I bet he is beat. 

      He could come and rest at my place in Hoboken.

      • avatar rick gould says:

        Mr. Wow-
        You humanitarian, you…
        I think you should get the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Oscar this year instead of Oprah!

        • avatar Baby Snooks says:

          I’m still not sure what it is the Academy feels Her Isness has done to warrant the honor except that she just “is” Oprah. They should have created a new award in her honor and just given her the first one. The Diva Award. And given the second one to Patti LaBelle whose “humanitarian” work includes having innocent young men who stand too close to her luggage on the curb as she waits in the limousine while it’s loaded beaten up.  The oung man got reinstated at West Point., Miss LaBelle’s son who acts as her bodyguard will be arrested if he decides to grace the curb so to speak in Houston again. Charged with assault he was. She should have been charged as well. She can take it elsewhere. As can Oprah. Both could take lessons from Diana Ross in how to be a diva without being one.