Liz Smith: Kim Kardashian — Privacy, Please! (Honey, You’ve Got To Be Kidding!)

And more from our Liz: Kanye West occupies Wall Street … “Homeland” and Claire Danes are sensational … George Clooney is this year’s Oscar bait

“I AM not in favor of long engagements. They give people the opportunity of finding out each other’s character before marriage, which I think is never advisable,” said Oscar Wilde.

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I FELL to the floor laughing when in the wake of screaming magazine headlines about Kim Kardashian and her new husband Kris Humphries — “It’s Over Already!” — the pair gave an interview somewhere.

Miss Kardashian, famous for … nothing, admits that there are problems but really, she insisted, they mostly stem from “a lack of privacy.” It’s so hard to be a public person, you see.

Please! She — and the rest of her family — are stars in a reality TV show. Her dating and engagement to Mr. Humphries was publicized gleefully for the world to see. She sold her wedding for $17 million dollars.

I don’t think Kim can spell cat. But privacy? Somebody must have explained the word to her before she gave that interview.

* * *

MOST OF the time I flip through magazines like InTouch very quickly — it’s all so made-up and hilariously sensationalized. But I was amused by a small item about Kanye West visiting the hundreds of people who are the Occupy Wall Street protestors in New York.

To show his solidarity, Kanye wore a $500 Givenchy plaid shirt over a tee costing about $85. His jeans, fashionably crumpled around his shoes, were by Balmain — $890. Then there was the $5,000 Love bracelet and a $23,000 Rolex. He was also wearing a lot of bling around his neck.

So on this casual day, Kanye was wearing approximately half of the average American income. In less civilized times, such an appearance by Mr. West — in front a group of “poor people” — would have him carted off to the Bastille, or perhaps just straight to the guillotine.

* * *

SOME JOURNALISTS have resorted to extreme hyperbole in referring to Carla Bruni, the First Lady of France, as “the most celebrated Frenchwoman since Joan of Arc.” Maybe this is just happy-talk now that Mrs. Sarkozy is the proud mama of Giulia Bruni-Sarkozy.

For sure, the big subject in Europe is how many and what kind of gifts are being showered on the infant. One of the first big givers was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who offered a Steiff Schlaf-Gut-Bar. This is an eleven inch tall “Sleep Well Bear” who wears a fetching striped onesie. British Prime Minister David Cameron sent a pink woolen Witney blanket. The King of Morocco sent a massive bowl of orchids. France’s former first lady contributed a robe from Dior, and her hubby Jacques penned a handwritten note to tiny Giulia. Fabulous chocolates have also arrived. But I have a feeling these are really intended for Carla.

William and Kate haven’t sent anything yet. But you know they will.

* * *

SHOWTIME’S “Homeland” continues as the most gripping intense new series of the year. Claire Danes seems to go a notch higher each episode in her wild obsession to prove that a returned POW — played with an icy vulnerability by Damian Lewis — was “turned” during his captivity and is a danger to national security.

My one complaint was the cameo bit by Lawrence O’Donnell as a broadcaster interviewing the soldier and his family. Mr. O’Donnell was fine, but realistically the Army would never allow such an avowed liberal — an admitted “practical European socialist,” actually — anywhere near a soldier freshly returned from Iraq. That job would have been given to Mr. O’Reilly or Mr. Hannity or Miss Greta Van Susteren.

* * *

OSCAR BUZZ — and, as seems to be usual, George Clooney is in the midst of it. He is so well-liked in the industry that I wouldn’t be surprised if he nabbed four Academy Award nominations later this year. He could pick up nods for writing, directing and supporting actor in “Ides of March” and a Best Actor nomination for “Descendants,” which has yet to be released but has garnered much praise in previews and festivals. Clooney already has one little golden guy, a best supporting award for “Syriana.” But everybody wants bookends.

* * *

ENDQUOTE: “You can’t keep the bastards straight in “Anonymous,” a large-scale and preposterous fantasia about Queen Elizabeth I, the Earl of Oxford, and the nefarious plot to set up a faker — a conceited, barely literate, whoring actor named William Shakespeare — as a great playwright and poet.” That is the opening sentence of David Denby’s scathing review of “Anonymous.” I’ve written about this movie several times, but the more I think about it, the worse it seems.

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  1. avatar rick gould says:

    I’ve tried watching “Keeping up With the Kar-ca$h-ians,” but I get a brain freeze everytime.

    Why, why, why does any give a rip about the no-Klass family? I can’t imagine watching them every week or reading about them… We all have our guilty pleasures, but really?

  2. avatar Rain says:

    I am not the least bit interested in the K’s or their reality show.  PASS!

  3. avatar BC says:

    Most people who want privacy don’t take photographers along on their honeymoon!  She just wanted to be married before she turned 31, so she got some guy to agree to marry her.  The body language between those two would indicate that they’ve never even touched each other unless a photographer was around.

  4. avatar Karen Ferguson says:

    I’ve posted many times that I’ve loved Liz since her days at Live at 5 before I left New York for Paris, since I saw her crossing the Champs Elysees in the early 80s — but I think I adore her now thanks to one word in her Kardashian paragraph: famous for. . .”nothing.” I thank Liz for recommending Homeland, which I’m watching, and most of all I’m betting that she’s so good humored she’ll laugh, not wince, at one of the best errors that any copy editor ever made: changing Liz’s apostrophe to a comma. Hence France’s former first lady is now officially named –as Frances, former first lady.

  5. avatar Lila says:

    I have been following “Homeland” so far. There are some problems with the realism, but what I like about it is the ambiguity. The writers were smart to give the Claire Danes character “issues” that cause the audience to question whether she is just an obsessed idiot – and meanwhile, the returned soldier seems to do something every episode that leaves us in doubt, too. My only thought on this is that this tension cannot be drawn out indefinitely; will the season end by resolving this particular question, and then move on to a new “case,” with new characters, for season 2?

    One good bit of realism was the association of the terrorist character with another Arab figure; initially our heroes know of it, but misread the significance. This is true in real intelligence work as well. Sometimes your information – if it is even true in the first place – is misleading, or may mean nothing at all. And in real life there are oceans of this information to sift through. A lot of noise, but which parts are the gold nuggets? It’s not obvious.

  6. avatar maytaguide says:

    I don’t know exactly who Kanye West is, a different demographic than mine, but it is the public, rich and poor, maybe more than a few of whom are protesting on Wall St., that has made him popular and able to afford to deck himself out in luxury. He is not an elected official or politician and has not stolen from the public, as far as I know. Perhaps if we had a culture that rewarded celebrity less and merit more…..

  7. avatar Jay Gentile says:

    Liz, for the love of all things decent, please stop giving publicity to those Kardashian public utilities.

    • avatar Effie Velardo says:

      Concerning the Kardashians. I watched a few times at the beginning, it was ridiculous always the same things over and over. I stopped watching, if everyone else would their popularity would drop considerably. We make these people popular. I saw a picture of her on TMZ the other day, she looked ridiculous. She had on a fur vest that dwarfed her it looked like a bear, a big Hat and a bigger purse it looked like a hat, vest and purse walking down the street and we are supposed to take fashion tips from her. She didn’t even tell her husband she had been married before, before their wedding. Good start!! The only thing I do like her for is giving the full figured girls some one to emulate instead of these starving bean poles that they used to. Other than that stop buying into it and it will disolve.

  8. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    George Clooney – I agree with you on this one Liz, I bet George will get the nod for his work as of late. I have to admit I was kind of concerned with his projects, they have been horrible. But he has definitely redeemed himself!

    Kim Kardashian – This is indeed laughable. I don’t know what is going on in her head. There are PLENTY of celebrities that from what I have seen, do a great job in shielding the world from their private lives for the most part. But someone like her, someone that makes her living and made her name on being in the midst of the “reality world” not having a personal life is what she signed on for.  It’s ridiculous for her to ask/beg for everyone to delve into her personal life via her countless reality show venues, and then from the other side of her mouth pull a Greta Garbo by saying “I want to be left alone” No Dear, it doesn’t work that way.

    Kanye West – I don’t doubt for one second that he is sincere in his support of the “99% ers” I really don’t doubt him. However…..perception means everything.

    There were those that mocked and criticized Michelle Obama when she showed up at a homeless shelter wearing expensive shoes. For the most part, most Americans now know she truly cares about underpriviledged people, but the perception was striking. So too is it for Kanye. Everyone knows he is a millionaire, so those at the rally, even if he had showed up in greatly toned down clothing and sans the jewelry, would know he is rich….but the perception would have come off better.    

  9. avatar snowwhite4577 says:

    Kardashian apparently forgot why she is famous. You made a sex tape. That is why you are famous. Excuse the language here, but when you spread your legs and film it and make money off of it….privacy kind of goes out the door.

    K. West….one of the most obnoxious individuals in the world.  And I bet you as he was “showing his solidarity” people were cheering him on, because he is Kanye.

  10. avatar JCF4612 says:

    Just be grateful that KIM K. didn’t marry Kanye W. Offspring would have subzero IQs.  

  11. avatar Erika Muller says:

    So much for the sanctity of marriage.

  12. avatar Katharine Gray says:

    Actually, I must admit to watching the Kardashian train wreck from time to time.  Kim’s husband does NOT appear to be the pushover Bruce Jenner is for Mama Boss and her Princess daughter.  Previews show him telling her…*in a few years, once you have a few kids, no one will probably care about your career*.  And, before the wedding, he remarked *Four years ago you were selling clothes in a boutique in the Valley and now you think you are a princess?*.  So…I give the marriage about 6 months more…particularly if the husband’s career takes him to someplace other than LA or New York to play basketball.  These are people who think that its a sign of a *good heart* when one gives another $100K worth of jewelry.  And, I couldn’t help notice that Kim didn’t say *Yes* until she inspected the size of the ring the guy bought her. 

  13. avatar Arie says:

    The picture was actually very revealing. Where was this picture taken at. Was it in some ones home. Well anyway, Kim is wonderfully beautiful. Sounds like she may not be able to say no to the strong intimidation of some men. Perhaps she may have mental health issues that she is trying to deal with. See I have mental health issues. I have not been able to perform sexually with a woman because of the strong effect of psyche meds on the body. But since I quit smoking 21 days ago I have been noticing more sensation in That area of my body. Furthermore, I have not had the honor to be able to sleep sexually with a woman in about 12.5 years. It is extremely frustrating to only be able to manually manipulate myself for sexual pleasure. I am trying my best to maintain my composure in the mental sense. I am actually loosing my mind. So as far as privacy goes, I wish her the best. If she wants privacy how about not making porn. I don’t know if this appropriate content but I would still like to be a part of this site.

  14. avatar Arie says:

    I did not realize that if someone wants to comment via e mail to my comments in private that I am supposed to check the box. That’s cool. Now I will check the box and see what happens, should anyone like to correspond with me for my 10/30/2011 @ 10:13 pm. reply.