Liz Smith: Can Spitzer Become The “Face” of Occupy Wall Street?

And more from our Liz: falling off trees again … Madonna and Lola cash in … the unintentional hilarity of the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray

“POLITICAL SOCIETY exists for the sake of noble actions, and not of mere companionship,” said Aristotle.

* * *

MEMO TO the anti-Wall Street 99%! Why not attract a real effective champion to your cause? Bring back Eliot Spitzer who, in his day as New York’s “Dragon Slayer of Wall Street,” visited pain and suffering on those who enjoyed deceptive trade practices, inside trading, and all other forms of financial malfeasance.

Although Spitzer betrayed his wife, the voters, and the governorship of New York State by patronizing prostitutes — well, that was his personal downfall. He was, and still is, all for the 99% and when he was the Attorney General; he sent to jail some people at the top who broke the law by cheating the public. Among them were some who recommended known rotten stocks about to fail from the biggest corporations in the land.

Now, New York’s new Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Delaware’s Beau Biden are poised to continue Spitzer’s attack on Wall Street flummery and greed, as it has led to the even worst Wall Street frauds that have led to today’s disasters.

These two men have an uphill battle, but they seem determined to pursue wrong-doers.

It’s a shame also not to put Eliot Spitzer back to work. What has he been doing since his failed TV talk show? His giant talents — as an early warning system to Wall Street’s sins — are going to waste.

We could use him right now, and just hope that private life-wise, he has learned his lesson.

You can check out Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on October 27th for the real story on all of this. It’s the kind of reporting that nobody else seems to be bothered with doing.

But “bringing back Eliott Spitzer” is my own idea, not Rachel’s. And I suppose, given his record, that’s not really possible.

* * *

NOTHING THAT Michael Lohan does interests me much, but it was amusing when a news outlet, covering his fall from a tree (while attempting to elude the police) also cited other celebrities who have suffered similar misadventures.

Keith Richards famously fell out of a coconut tree back in 2006 and underwent brain surgery. He recovered nicely, so far as anyone can tell.

Joan Baez fell from a wall-less tree house she had erected as part of a protest.

Jackie Chan was injured during a tree stunt. A limb broke. Chan colorfully described his injuries — “My skull cracked and shot up into my brain. Blood poured from my ears.”

Johnny Sheffield, the former “Boy” of the Tarzan movies — and later the star of his own “Bomba” films — actually died as a result of falling off a ladder last year, as he was attempting to prune a palm tree.

On a much lighter note, in 1942 Susan Hayward suffered a “big bump on her head” when she fell off a log, while working on a film. Even trees that are down can be a hazard.

P.S. Of course, the real news in celebrity accidents at the moment is Steven Tyler’s slip in the shower. The lead singer of Aerosmith emerged with a black eye and missing several teeth. But, the former hard-partying rocker assures fans that he was sober when this happened.

* * *

MUCH TO the surprise of many, the “Material Girl” clothing line, launched by Lola Leon and her mother, what’s-her-name, has been a great big success.

Teenage girls love clothes. Now, to promote the spring 2012 line, “Lucky Star,” a countywide search for models, led by a panel of celebrity judges — including the always fashion-forward Kelly Osbourne — will launch on Wednesday at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC. The campaign will travel to Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles.

The ten quivering finalists will be flown to New York, where they will meet face to face with Madonna and Lola. The winners will become the “faces” of Material Girl and also collect a $5,000 cash prize.

* * *

THE TRIAL of Dr. Conrad Murray, in the matter of Michael Jackson’s death, is no laughing matter. Certainly Dr. Murray isn’t laughing. In fact, he might try an occasional little smile. Or a more relaxed posture. He sits there looking as guilty as sin.

But the coverage of the trial, especially on CNN’s sister station HLN, does provide unintentional humor. Especially when Nancy Grace or Jane Velez Mitchell really get going. The other night, in one of her long tortured “explanations” of the trial, Ms. Mitchell had an IV pole rolled onto the set, while she speculated about Jackson’s drug use — the who, what, why when and where of the fatal dose of propofol that killed the pop icon.

Something about the reporter’s strenuously sincere attitude and the IV pole just standing there, made it seem more like a sketch on “Saturday Night Live.”

3 Responses so far.

  1. avatar French Heart says:

    Not to EXCUSE E.S. but I believe that was a political set-up. Since when do the Feds wire tape sitting Govs for prostitution–1/2 of Congress seemed to be busy with the WDC Madame. David Vitter getting diapered by prostitutes and is STILL in Congress!!

    When Spitzer was aggressively going after Citi, et al, I was tracking the daily doings in the WSJ wondering when he was going to have a ‘car accident’ for being way TOO effective & arrogant.

    YES he would be a terrific face on OWS.

  2. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell have their own version of Saturday Night Live which often is funnier than Saturday Night Live.  Unfortunately too many take them both seriously.
    Something wrong with “commentators” screeching “GUILTY” 24/7 particularly with unsequestered ejuries. I know, I know. The jurors never talk to their husbands or children or friends or turn on the television once they get home.  And Santa Claus lives at the North Pole and rides a sleigh and comes down chimneys, even when there are none, to leave presents for all the good boys and girls.  This matter of “trial by tabloid” and by “screeching banshees” should have been addressed during the public execution of “The Queen of Mean” who everyone knew, because they read it in the tabloids, slapped employees in the face with lettuce leaves and sniffed at employees that “only the little people pay taxes.”  Never mind the Helmsleys overpaid their taxes during the years they were accused of evading their taxes. A little detail the jury never knew about simply because the IRS didn’t know about it until it was too late. Despite the fact that no one supposedly can be charged with tax evasion and/or fraud unless the IRS has conducted an audit. Which the IRS did but only after the fact so to speak.   Welcome to the world of justice. And Rudy Guiliani.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      Reality is Rudy Guiliani wanted to make a name for himself. And made one. Leona Helmsely was an easy target. She was a bitch. And was convicted of being a bitch. Which as far as I know is not illegal. She was probably the biggest bitch I ever knew. She also had the biggest heart of anyone I ever knew. And is in heaven with Harry. Content with the knowledge that she will never see Rudy Guiliani again. Or quite a few others.