Liz Smith: Gossip Mash-Up! Will Hillary Clinton Run Again?

And more from our Gossip Girl: Tony Bennett soars at 85 … Liza Minnelli tours in Europe … the decline of 3-D? … and the return of the (way) open shirt

“THE LAW and the stage, both are forms of exhibitionism,” said Orson Welles.

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WELL, WE have been mercifully spared the spectacle of Charlie Sheen and his former bosses at CBS going to trial — Sheen is suing CBS in the matter of firing him.

A judge decided the case will go to arbitration. We really didn’t need weeks of that dominating headlines and cable TV.

* * *

TONY BENNETT turns a vital 85 years young this year. To celebrate this milestone Tony performs at The Metropolitan Opera on September 18th.

And to further mark his birthday, Tony has a great new CD, “Duets 2,” coming out two days after his performance at the Met. On the disc he sings with the likes of Michael Buble, Lady Gaga, , Willie Nelson, Josh Groban, Mariah Carey and the one and only k.d. lang. Tony thinks k.d. is possibly the greatest female singer of all time, and they have often worked together. On “Duets” Bennett and lang sing the schmoozy old Bobby Vinton standard, “Blue Velvet.” They turn it into a divine work of art.

* * *

NEVER SLOWING down for a second, Miss Liza Minnelli is set to appear on Gayle King’s radio show today, talking about her acclaimed album, “Confessions” and her new world tour, which kicks off at London’s Royal Albert Hall on the June 29th (sold out already, natch.) Liza will hit Belgium, Paris, Italy, Switzerland and Monte Carlo. They will hit her back with bravas and bouquets.

* * *

COULDN’T HELP but chuckle over Jeffrey Katzenberg’s interview to The Hollywood Reporter about the “heartbreaking decline”of the 3-D movie. Audiences for recent films, such as the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise and “Kung Fu Panda 2,” are opting for good old 2-D movies.

Oh, come on, 3-D was a gimmick back in the 1950s and it is a gimmick in the 21st century. Just as Cinerama was a gimmick, and even Cinemascope. (Ever watch an old Cinemascope movie on a normal-sized TV set? Impossible. No impact. Even the close-ups are tiny.)

Why not simply make terrific movies in 2-D? CGI is so advanced now it can even create the illusion of 3-D. Katzenberg told The Hollywood Reporter that the industry was committed to delivering “the premium experience” to the moviegoer. Great. Then just churn out good movies that don’t require funny eyeglasses. That is the premium experience audiences expect and deserve at $10 a pop. (And tix prices have increased over the past two years, primarily because of … 3-D.)

* * *

FASHION NOTE: Nothing is ever really “out” in fashion. Some styles might fade, but invariably they come back —sometimes with tweaking, other times as an exact replica.

The latest trend from the past creating an impact on the present is the open-shirt look made popular back in the 1970’s by John Travolta and Richard Gere. A recent survey concluded that 75% of men wear the three top buttons of their shirts undone when they go out at night.  What I notice is that many men wear very deep v-neck tee-shirts. Often under a jacket. (I’ll never forget interviewing Jonanthan Rhys Meyers, in a tee open from clavicle to practically his navel!)  Some credit Simon Cowell for all this male cleavage. I don’t know. Simon’s expansive display was always considered something of a joke.

* * *

INTERESTING PHOTO in London’s Daily Telegraph. There is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a smart suit, her hair in a neat chignon, striding through an airport. She is trailed by her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, aka The Wife of Weiner. Mrs. Clinton is smiling, Mrs. Weiner — and can we blame her? — is not. Huma is strikingly attractive in her tight jeans, snug little jacket and her pointy-toed high-heels. Now that Huma is home, Mr. Weiner might have to hand over his cell phone. (Well, he will have to find other ways to keep busy, now that he has resigned.)

However, it is Mrs. Clinton who intrigues. Many still think this woman subliminally seeks the presidency sooner rather than later. With the economy stymied and the job situation desperate, Barack Obama is vulnerable. It’s nice that Osama Bin Laden is dead, but you can’t run for re-election on the body of a dead terrorist. (George W. Bush won a second term while declaring he “didn’t even think that much” about bin Laden anymore. Of course, he and Dick Cheney kept the terror alerts high.)

The recent New Hampshire Republican nominees debate left only Mitt Romney and Michele Bachman standing. Yes, Bachman actually came across as a legitimate (and even reasonably articulate) nominee. Tim Pawlenty was a total loss. He should give up now. Bachman seemed much less a joke than previously viewed, and certainly less of a humorous figure than Sarah Palin. (Even though the release of Palin’s voluminous e-mails during her half term as Alaska’s governor revealed nothing scandalous or illegal, much to the chagrin of the Left.)

Mitt Romney looks presidential. He always has. Bachman is obviously dead serious and working hard at learning.

Still, Mrs. Clinton could eat them both up and spit them out without so much as appearing to chew.

Would she do the “unthinkable” and challenge her own party’s sitting president, the man who elevated her to the position of Secretary of State?

A story was floated the other day that Mrs. Clinton was resigning her Secretary of State post next year because she had “other things she wanted to do.” It was suggested she might want to run the World Bank? Her aides shot down the story as “bogus” and reiterated yet again that she would never seek another run at the White House.

So that’s that. Because politicians never change their minds, do they?

Yes, a Clinton run would be savage and terrifying. Hillary running for president again?! All that drama? I think everybody working on cable TV would have to demand defibrillators right under their desks.

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  1. avatar Bonnie O says:

    Liz –  I seem to recall a conversation/interview with both Defense Secretary Gates and Hillary Clinton (cannot remember who was doing the interview) but Hillary said something along the lines of when Gates leaves Defense she will leave State.  That might have been said tongue-in-cheek … probably was.  However, if Hillary is going to leave State this would be a good time inasmuch as the Middle East peace talks are going no where, the Libya situation will probably end with the death of Gaddafi ….an intervention she advocated…. and who knows what will happen then ….will the rebels turn out to be Al Qaeda in disguise?  Afghanistan is a no-win policy and whatever number of troops the President decides to withdraw in July,  the country will surely fall back into chaos when NATO and American continue the draw-down.

    Could Hillary take the nomination away from President Obama?  WOW ???  In my opinion, I believe she could if she is ruthless enough.  However, I believe Hillary when she opined that another woman would have the honor of being the first female USA President.

    As a postscript, I do not think that Hillary could beat a Romney/Bachmann ticket…. no matter how ruthless she was.  At this time, the country is ready for another change …. the policies of the Democratic Party have failed in their attempts for national recovery and have put the nation more in peril because of all the spending …. trillions in spending and very little to show for all the accumulated debt.

    • avatar Count Snarkula says:

      Even the idea that a Romney/Bachman ticket could win is quite simply terrifying.

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        It would be just another McCain/Palin ticket and the Republican Party already went there and found it didn’t motivate Republicans to go to the polls although some did and voted for Obama. A decidsion they and many others now regret.

        We are an oligarchy and a dynasty seems to call the shots and the dynasty loves Obama even though the dynasty preferred Hillary Clinton in 2008 and the only thing that will cause an upheaval is if another dark horse like Obama appears in the Republican Party who might, as Obama did with the Democrats, cause the Republicans to go to the polls and vote Obama out of office.  And that dark horse, of course, is Rick Perry.

        Hillary Clinton as president? Why not just elect another Bush? She is, after all, the adopted daughter-in-law.  Sooner or later the people will wake up to the reality.  Unfortunately I suspect it will be later. And will be too late.

      • avatar Mr. Wow says:

        Dear Count…

        Well, had it not been for the economic collapse  before the election, the Palin-McCain ticket might have squuezed in.  I’m used to that terror now. 

        We shall see. 

        I hope Obama and his staff don’t think he is a shoo-in.  He is not.

        • avatar Count Snarkula says:

          Indeed Mr. Wow, he is not.

        • avatar Baby Snooks says:

          No one is a shoo-in anymore as Hillar Clinton found out in 2008. Some of the people have woken up at least a little. And are not so prone to just stick with the “party favorites.”  The Tea Party apparently represents 20% of the Republican Party who are fed up with “business as usual” and I suspect they will find the Coffee Party which is finally “percolating” reprsents 20% of the Democratic Party. At least, again, some of the people have woken up at least a little.

          As for Sarah Palin I guess everyone has gotten used to her. I actually sort of like “Biker Chick Barbie.” At least she’s honest at times. I don’t know too many politicians who would openly admit they like the smell of motorcycle exhaust fumes. And at least we know she doesn’t sniff glue which I am beginning to suspect  quite a few in Congress do.  I dobut she will run for president but she might become the othe half of the Rick Perry ticket. Who is at least “testing the waters” at the moment. 

          As for Obama, I will vote for anyone but Obama, Or Hillary Clinton.  I have had enough of the dynasty.

      • avatar Bonnie O says:

        Count –  not as terrifying as another term with President Obama.  I would hope that the President would be challenged for the nomination but the only candidate, in my opinion, who could  achieve that goal would be Hillary.  Will she attempt it?

        A Romney/Bachmann ticket would be fresh but politically savy.  He has the Romneycare baggage which I believe he has finally found voice to speak of to those in the GOP who hate Obamacare.  Bachmann talks the talk and walks the walk.  She is a caring human being, very smart and has a good perspective of the role of government in helping those in our country who are less fortunate especially through no fault of their own.  She has brought 23 foster children into her home ….. her compassionate credentials are impeccable.  She cannot be labeled as a non-caring right winger who wants to toss grandma out into the snow or off a cliff as depicted in a recent Democratic political ad regarding Congressman Paul Ryan.

        • avatar Count Snarkula says:

          No Bonnie, she is not actually compassionate. “In 2004, Bachmann gave a speech warning that gay marriage would lead to schoolchildren being indoctrinated into homosexuality. She wanted everyone to know, though, that she doesn’t hate gay people. “Any of you who have members of your family in the lifestyle, we have a member of our family that is,” she said. “This is not funny. It’s a very sad life. It’s part of Satan, I think, to say that this is gay.”

        • avatar crystalclear says:

          Bonnie, if one of the presidential candidates had Condi Rice on as VP now that would be a winning ticket.   She, as a former Secretary of State, has foreign policy experience.   Bachmann has none.   Interesting that Condi Rice has made a few personal appearances lately which is unusual for her.   Although I like Michelle Bachmann and agree with your comments about her I believe she’ll go for the gold and run for President and she would be smart to have Condi Rice as her VP.     Think about that one!  Wow!  Powerful!

          Okay, Mr. Wow, I’m at the ready waiting for your comments!

          • avatar Bonnie O says:

            Hi Crystal –  I have always been a fan of Condi Rice though there are some in the Conservative wing of the party who are less than thrilled with some of her activities as Secretary of State.  Yet, I do agree with you that her credentials as a presidential candidate are more impressive than those of Congresswoman Bachmann.

            I like Sarah Palin also but she does not have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning even if she should somehow snag the nominatin.  Sarah is best on the sidelines and with her phenomenal draw of folks, she can play the role of king maker or truth teller.   Mrs. Bachmann would serve as a VP very well and so would Condi, if she entered the race.  Sarah?  I don’t think so.  As for the GOP Presidential candidate, I think Mitt Romney will be the guy. 

          • avatar crystalclear says:

            BonnieO, one thing is for certain and that is Condi Rice is far more experienced than Joe Biden.  Condi has the class and the intellect.   We must always remember that the Secretary of State works for the President and in so doing has to carry out some orders they may not totally agree with.

            Agree that Sarah Palin is doing now what she does best and I liked your terminology applied as a “King Maker.”   When she went Hollywood she lost her power IMO and since then, well, not too impressive for presidential material.

            Ahh, Michelle Bachmann, an interesting woman.   She looks the part and she is smart and cannot be easily ruffled.   She is strong in her vision for America.

            I haven’t bought into Mitt Romney yet but I keep an open mind.   I still believe we’ll see several more presidential hopefuls throw their hats into the ring.

            This will prove to be an historic election in 2012.   President Obama has no one to blame but himself when he loses re-election.   He let the country down when he doubled down on our debt with nothing to show for it.   It will be the economy and jobs that will send him packing in January 2013.   Wonder where he’ll go?

          • avatar Baby Snooks says:

            Condoleeza Rice couldn’t get elected dog catcher after her participation in the “Weapons of Mass Destruction”  lies to the world.  She’s got two talents. Lying and playing piano. She should stick with the piano. Although personally I wish she would take the piano and shove it as they say. 

            They all belong at Nuremberg. Including the Clintons and their “The lives of 500,000 innocent Iraqi children are worth it” Secretary of State.  And at this point including  Obama for not sending them all there.

            The Los Angeles Times is running a story about the disputed islands in the South China Sea. Vietnam was our first war for oil.  And the beginning of this truly evil “millions of lives for billions of barrels” policy of ours.

          • avatar crystalclear says:

            Baby Snooks, just because you say it is so doesn’t mean it is.   A Secretary of State works for the President and in such a position takes orders.  Condi Rice is a brilliant woman and has extensive experience in foreign affairs.  No one can take that away from her.  

          • avatar Baby Snooks says:

            So you believe that because the president ordered her to lie it’s alright for her to have lied? 

            They peddled this “plans for a nuclear weapon” propaganda based on “plans” that no one noticed had notations in Farsi. Indicating an Iranian connection. They speak Farsi in Iran. Not Iraq. That in itself alarming although no one seems to be alarmed by it.

            I don’t believe anyone ordered her to lie. She just lied. To be one of the boys. The bad boys I might add.

          • avatar Baby Snooks says:

            Of course some Shi’ites in Iraq do speak Farsi. But Saddam Hussein was not one of them. Ahmad Chalabi, however, is and he of course is who supplied the “plans” or should I say sold the plans. He was paid I think it was $3 million. He also was George W Bush’s “handpicked” successor to Saddam Hussein. 

            A friend of mine mentored Al Gonzales. She is still turning in her grave over his complicity in this “war on terror” that is simply a “war for oil” that is costing us all trillions of dollars that could be better spent building bridges instead of bombs.

            As for Saddam Hussein, well, we are killing the same people he was killing. So who will hang us?

          • avatar crystalclear says:

            Our intelligence determined that they did have WMD’s.   It was only much later than they determined that they were not there.   So, no, I don’t believe she lied for anyone.   I believe her to be an upstanding solid individual who acted on the information given to her.  President Obama relies on the info given to him and then determines what will be done based on the info.   All of them are only as good as the info they are fed through intelligence.

            Try as you may, Baby Snooks, you aren’t an authority on anything and neither are the rest of us as it relates to highly classified information.    Most of your comments are irritating because you believe if you say it is so….that it actually is.   That’s why you receive the negative comments you do here on wow.   People make mistakes in all walks of life.  Even you.  It was a mistake that our country went into Iraq based on what everyone thought to be correct information.   The Congress voted on it.  President Obama is now having the same issues with Libya and our next President will no doubt come up against the same erroneous information given by qualified people who sometimes don’t get it right.

          • avatar Hannah Smith says:

            Agree, Snooks. She lied, and she knew she was lying, as Bush did as well. Don’t even want to get in to the Valerie Plame incident, but how about completely obvious and bald-faced lies on everyone’s part, leading directly to the immoral, unethical, if not blatantly illegal outing of an (at least in this case) otherwise innocent agent. How sad, and how immoral on everyone’s part. Neither dems nor repubs gain any favor in this one. And Condi knew the whole time. They all did. Much of so-called “intelligence” was based entirely on forged documents, as they were informed PRIOR to the war. They knew it, and they did it anyway. C’est la vie.

          • avatar crystalclear says:

            Actually, Hannah and Baby Snooks, neither one of you know for c ertain.   You are speculating nothing more.   I judge people by their character and I believe Condi Rice believed as did Bush based on the information they were receiving that they had the WMD’s. 

            You can shout all you want “they lied!” but you really don’t know.  What we do know is the truth is the Saddam Hussein kept putting off inspections for years.   That we know for certain.   I guess it would be good to ask yourselves why would he do that?   I mean, he gased his own people, raped and mutilated them.   That’s not what I would call a “stand up guy” would you?  

            My point is clear.  None of us really know anything for sure regarding this topic.   We can only speculate.

          • avatar Baby Snooks says:

            Our intelligence determined that they did have WMD’s.
            It is “crystal clear” that the intelligence itself was a lie. Some just refuse to believe it. 

            I mean, he gased his own people, raped and mutilated them.   That’s not what I would call a “stand up guy” would you?  

            Again, we are killing the very people he was killing. It’s alright for ust o kil them but it wasn’t alright for him to? I don’t belive it was right in either case.   

            He used the gas we provided to him to kill the Kurds. Such a bad boy. He was supposed to use the gas we provided to him to kill the Iranians.  Whic of course explains why he was hanged before he was tried for gassing the Kurds. We wouldn’t have looked too good.  Of course we don’t look too good anyway at this point – everone in the Arab world hates us. And with good reason.

            As for the rapes our Marines aren’t exactly “stand up guys” either considering a group of them, or a gang of them to be more exact, killed a 14 year old girl’s parents and her younger sister while she watched and then brutally raped her before killing her.

            We are, again, a shameful nation simply because we are so shameless in our own crimes against humanity.

          • avatar crystalclear says:

            Baby Snooks, I will not argue  from this point on but I do want to say that none of us have the intel info that our government agencies had before them.   Obviously it was enough info for the Congress to vote to go in to Iraq.   In hindsight was it wrong?  Perhaps.   Perhaps not.  

            What I do know is that situations in life are not always black or white.   There’s that gray area where decisions are made.   It is behind us now.   Time to move on, Baby Snooks, because neither one of us can claim to be an expert on this subject.  All we know comes from what we have read.

            More important issues at hand.

  2. avatar Jeff Michaels says:

    Michele Bachman made it on her own. She did not have to rely on the notoriety of her husband.

  3. avatar Richard Bassett says:

    Hillary running for president? At the heels of the Weiner scandal? Talk about opening a once sealed can of worms…you cannot aggravate the bubble bees easier than that. I am hoping for a change within the current administration, without having to elect another hopeful opponent making promises in 2012. Let us see how the next five years play out before we send in another magician. Romney does have the kissing baby charisma, but this comes natural to him…not a learned skill. That is my opinion. Obama will be well seasoned by 2012. His naivety had its good points in 2008 but now he is much more informed regarding his immediate priorities. Let’s face it…2012 is just next year.
    On a (finally) lighter note, men with unbuttoned shirts bring me back to 1980 disco…but, unlike women, we see their bare chests now all over creation. The beach? A fighter? Not being a woman, I am not an expert but a shirt buttoned down to the navel means he is in organized crime, a porn film president or had to get dressed in a real hurry. On those 3D ridiculous glasses, I believe that they were intended to be worn (now) to navigate through space, the planet or the ocean, on a mega Imax movie screen. Now that they are creeping into the conventional movies, who cares? They add nothing to the storyline and, not wearing glasses…I find them irritating.
    Just this moment there is an update on Weiner. Now, they say, his next priority is to repair his marriage. I believe that he is with his wife and going on a trip. You know, I’m the thinking guy…so I hope his goal is to realize that he has the ability to change the way he thinks and behaves. It is all within him. If he believes that he is in need of any professional assistance, then this is hitting the nail on the head. But another perfectly appropriate solution is to end the marriage, as well. Without fidelity, he is able to continue his vice and, though it is still a dubious way of living, it can be more of a family choice instead of an entire United States choice.



  4. avatar Maggie W says:

    As for seeking the Presidency again, a story comes to mind from the last election.  Just as she was set to leave on that long campaign, she was in her home with friends and also with a long face.  A friend asked,” Don’t you want the White House?”  Her answer, ” You forget. I’ve been there.”

    As for leaving her State job, Hillary has said that most of her sleeping is done on her plane and she usually dines alone.  She also has little time to see her married daughter.   Like her husband, she could pick and choose from a plethora of speaking venues.  She’s done a remarkable job, but it must be exhausting.  Which brings up another question.  Isn’t that the job Joe Biden has always wanted?

    • avatar crystalclear says:

      I agree with your comments, Maggie.  I believe Hillary is looking forward to a much slower pace and spending time with her family.   Hopefully she’ll have a grandchild soon she can enjoy and she can’t do that if she is flying all over the world every week.