Liz Smith: Heather and Demi — Love, You Didn't Do Right By Them!

And more from our Liz: Meryl and Glenn — it’s down to the wire … Robert Ludlum’s new bestseller, The Jason Command

“LOVE STINKS!” goes the old J. Geils Band song, and it has never smelled worse to beautiful, unhappy actresses such as Demi Moore and Heather Locklear.

Miss Locklear, once a TV favorite on “J.R. Hooker,” “Melrose Place,” “Dynasty” and dozens of TV movies, has suffered a tumultuous on and off relationship with fellow TV star player, Jack Wagner. Locklear is still a great-looking woman, but at 49, Hollywood’s not knocking as it once did. Recently, she was admitted to an L.A. hospital suffering from a reaction to drugs and alcohol — and not her first such adventure. Her family wishes to place her in a secure facility, not a glamorous star spa. Heather has declined.

Perhaps even more shocking is Demi Moore’s confession — after her own emergency room rush — that she will be seeking help from her battle with “exhaustion.” Demi’s shocking recent weight loss was put down to her grief over divorcing her young husband of seven years, Ashton Kutcher.

* * *

I MET Miss Locklear years ago when she was married to Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora. She was a doll. And so was he, for that matter. Demi I knew slightly from her years married to Bruce Willis, and she was always forthright and down to earth, but apprehensive with the press. I’ll never forget the three-way conversation I had with myself, and Mr. and Mrs. Willis. They called from their Colorado home to jointly deny the always-rabid rumors they were about to divorce. They didn’t then, and for quite a few years after.

Bruce remained a favorite of mine and I ran into Demi shortly after she began her relationship with Ashton. She was beautiful and blissful, and at the time, he seemed mature for his age, and besotted.

There’s a lot of ugliness on the Internet over these two women who are suffering. I wish them both the best.

* * *

HOLLYWOOD INSIDERS are insisting the Oscar race for best actress is down to two women in chariots, hurtling through the Hippodrome. Those ladies are Meryl Streep for “The Iron Lady” and Glenn Close for “Albert Nobbs.” Both ladies are “owed” honors by the Academy. Streep, nominated a record 16 times, has only won twice. Her last stand at the podium was in 1982.

Miss Close, a five-time nominee has never won. And Glenn’s cross-dressing character is considered by many the most intriguing interpretation of the year. Viola Davis in “The Help” still has a chance, with less voltage for “Dragon Tattoo” girl Rooney Mara (too unknown) and even less for Michelle Williams, impersonating Marilyn Monroe in “My Week With Marilyn.” The latter actress has been heavily promoted by the newly re-crowned mogul, Harvey Weinstein. So the incredible irony of a Williams win — MM herself was never even nominated for an Oscar — cannot be discounted. Hollywood loves to “give back” to its stars. Even the dead ones.

* * *

“Jessica Kincaid” is a new character in the Robert Ludlum series of books, which kicks off right about now from Grand Central Publishing.

Jessica stars in the new one The Janson Command, written in Ludlum style by Paul Garrison. Our “hero” — Jessica — is judo-technical, tall, good-looking and a sniper specialist with a knack for foreign languages. (She reminds me a bit of the ass-kicking brunette heroine of the current movie “Haywire,” played by actress Gina Carano. Frankly, I thought this Steven Soderbergh movie didn’t make much sense, but I see that young men especially adore this film and love that the hero is a heroine. The action is nonstop.)

It’s nonstop also in the new book above. In the first 25 pages, hundreds of people are dead on a West African coast. One believes the fatality count will continue to go up.

Incidentally, the great thriller writer Mr.Ludlum, who wrote 21 New York Times bestsellers and has 210 million books in print, died in March 2001. Paul Garrison, a New Yorker who lives in Connecticut, is filling in for this unfading star brilliantly.

If you like thrillers, start on this series.

* * *

IF YOU can, save a slice of cake from any celebrity birthday you might attend. It could come in handy, and do a good job in naughty world.

Just take the acclaimed author Jane Scovell. She attended Elizabeth Taylor’s 60th birthday party at Disneyland in 1991. Jane wasn’t hungry, so she saved her small individual cake in her freezer. As part of a birthday event celebrating Enterpreneur Space in Long Island City, Jane has unfrozen her souvenir and donated it to the cause — a party that happened last night

E-Space is a food and business incubator featuring a huge commercial kitchen, classrooms and workstations. About 170 clients use the space.

I feel that Elizabeth’s two decade-old delicacy is quite a stretch to be used in such a manner. But a good deed was always something that La Liz could get behind.

I’d been interested, however, to hear from whomever bought or sampled the cake. Major freezer burn, I’d assume.

* * *

ON SATURDAY, February 11th at the Beverly Hilton, Clive Davis will host his annual Pre-Grammy Gala. This is one of the parties of the year, and often outshines the Grammy telecast itself. Clive, always super secret to the bitter end, only promises that “Yes, The Entertainment Will Be Memorable!” All we know for sure is that Sir Richard Branson will be honored. RSVP to Stacy Carr 212-242-4391

7 Responses so far.

  1. avatar Judy S says:

    It would please me to see Glenn Close get the Oscar this year. I know it won’t happen, but…

  2. avatar O E says:

    The Oscar voters seem enamored of Meryl Streep, but I can’t quite figure why so much. Meryl Streep makes a caricature of the characters she plays. She also shows up to award events looking and acting like she just went out for a tour of the local supermarket. It’s all a sort of “oh… chucks…” act for her fans, so they think she’s one of them. Either that, or she is just naturally unkempt.

    On the other hand, Glenn Close quietly serves her characters with the utmost artistic ethic. She isn’t full of herself and shows up at award presentations well groomed and dressed, thus giving the occasion its due. I say she has earned the Oscar many times over and it’s time the Academy recognizes that.

    • avatar Judy S says:

      Dear OE,

      I don’t really agree with you regarding Streep’s talent. I think she’s a fine actress who, like any, sometimes hits and sometimes misses. As for her appearances at awards shows, I don’t know if her “aw shucks” attitude is real or fake. I imagine the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Her disheveled appearance and confused attitude at award-show podiums is probably partially designed to amuse, though it does often seem a bit, shall we say, forced. But I do believe some of her performances have been extraordinary. However, I would just like to see Close, an equally adept actress, take home the prize this year.

  3. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Seems to me there is no need to diss Meryl Streep in order to praise Glen Close. Both are wonderful actors who have rarely given less than their all. I don’t understand the build ’em up just to knock ’em down attitude. Both women are stellar and have given the public many, many hours of enjoyment.
    As far as appearance at awards shows is concerned; at least neither Meryl nor Glen will ever be accused of “almost” wearing a dress.
    I have not yet seen Albert Nobs but look forward to doing so. I liked Iron Lady.
    In my opinion, although off topic, the person who deserves an Oscar is the highly underrated actress and singer, Doris Day.

  4. avatar Wiley Canuck says:

    Imelda Staunton is an actor’s actor. Vera Drake anyone? Unforgettable. So caught up in the story I was almost in tears when she was on trial. I was at the point that I almost yelled out – I’ll help you. Now that’s acting.

  5. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    Although I despise Glenn Close as a human being, I must admit I do want to see her new movie. I’m hoping Meryl’s wins however.

  6. avatar sheezcrazy says:

    Meryl Streep: a fantastic actress with incredibly bad taste in red carpet apparel!