Liz Smith: Jessica Pare's Big "Mad Men" Hit — On Vinyl!

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And more from our Gossip Girl: good manners for men? … Spike Lee tweets dangerously … “Bully” is a must see … our Liz moves to Huffington Post!

“FUKU AMERICANUS” writes the brilliant Junot Diaz in his prizewinning novel about descendants of the Dominican Republic.

These people believe that America has made a bad bed in the Antilles and is forced to lie in it. Junot’s unusual book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, won everything in sight a few years ago.

It won the Pulitzer Prize, among lots of other honors. I don’t know how I escaped knowing more about it. But one of the things I’ve never been in life is superstitious.

After reading Diaz, I am! And I go around crossing my index fingers and saying the anti fuku chant — “Zafa” — to ward off evil spirits. It actually means “victory!” (According to writer Diaz, the U.S. hasn’t always done the right thing in Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic — and this is the one surefire counterspell that will keep you and your family safe from historical blunders.)

So, as one of the founders of, I want to wish you “Zafa” and hope you keep reading this creative site, along with the astonishing PureWow, our sister site. Hope you’ll also tune in to hear the wOw women on Sirius Radio, Wednesdays at 11: a.m.

I leave you with the gift of “Zafa” and hope it keeps you safe. The Liz Smith syndicated byline now segues to The Huffington Post, where I hope you’ll find me as of April 2, 2012 doing my thing: examining philosophies of show business, reporting news, writing about books and authors and celebrating gossip.

But of course, I remain in print, as well. HuffPo is my latest online outlet. I hope all of you whom I’ve met on wowOwow will follow me as I travel.

* * *

I WROTE last week about the return of AMC’s great series “Mad Men” — how the show was morphing to incorporate the impending Swinging Sixties.

One amazing and amusing aspect of the series’ premiere was Jessica Pare’s sexy little song, performed at her hubby Don Draper’s 40th birthday party. The song was called “Zou Bisou Bisou.” Jessica (Megan in the series) sang it in a little whisper, with the French accent. Well, now the song has hit number ten on iTunes and the producers of “Mad Men” have rushed it out to stores. Best part — they released it on vinyl! (Remember, 1966 was about twenty years before the CD took over, rendering the warm, rich sounds of vinyl obsolete.)

Gotta hand it to those “Mad Men” producers. They know how to push their product.

* * *

ARE GOOD manners and etiquette dead? Not quite, but life support is desperately needed.

Now comes something much needed for today’s man: Emily Post’s Essential Manners for Men. It was written by Peter Post, the great-grandson of the late doyenne of what to do, how to do it, and what to wear while you’re doing it.

The book offers much of what you might expect, including the old stuff like opening a door for a woman, helping her into her coat, and promptness. “These things remain appreciated,” says Mr. Post.

But in deference to our new world of cellphones and texting and iPads and all the other gadgets that are causing a generation of wretched posture, Mr. Post weighs in. “Make sure you are in control of your smartphone; don’t let it control you.”

* * *

SPEAKING OF control, or lack of it, director Spike Lee offered us yet another example of how dangerous and irresponsible tweeting can be. Spike “re-tweeted” an address where George Zimmerman — the Florida man who killed young Trayvon Martin — was supposedly staying.

Actually, the address was that of an elderly couple with no connection to Zimmerman. They had to flee their house, in actual fear for their lives.

Nice going, Spike. The director has apologized, but he’ll probably be on the losing end of a lawsuit. Good grief — even if it was George Zimmerman’s address, it’s no business of Spike Lee or any private citizen to involve themselves in a law enforcement matter. If the innocent couple, or Mr. Zimmerman himself, had been harmed or killed, Spike Lee would be facing far more than a lawsuit. Think — everybody! — before you tweet, text and post intimate photos of yourself online.

* * *

MY ADVICE to all parents this weekend: accompany your children to see the vitally important documentary “Bully,” which reveals the epidemic of adolescent bullying in the U.S. Harvey Weinstein released the movie as unrated, because the MPAA would not lower the R rating; children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. However, the AMC Theatre chain will accept a written note from a parent or guardian. Either way — try to go with your kids or give them a note. As has been remarked upon, the violent, disturbing and fictional “The Hunger Games” is rated PG-13.

Children are exposed to so much pointless garbage, on TV and on theater screens. Let them see “Bully.” Let them see themselves how actions and words can have tragic consequences.

CLICK HERE to read Liz Smith’s column for today on Huffington Post

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  1. avatar Barbara says:

    Liz – I will be looking for you over on HuffPost. My final tie to wowow is gone! (I don’t listen to much radio. Much more of a reading gal myself.)

    I think it’s great that Mad Men are taking the marketing of themselves so seriously and being creative in their approach…it is a show about advertising! Loved the scene with Megan singing Zou Bisou Bisou. I understand it was one of the most tweeted phrases the day after the show.

    And as a final thought, I also agree on the film Bully. How ironic that the rating system does not allow children to see what their peers do in real life. I do think it is a good idea for parents to go with their children, though. We all need to talk about bullying. It is a very scary reality. My only question is why films like this follow the bullied. We need to expose more of the bully kids themselves, along with their parents. What makes them behave this way? Why do their parents not intervene? Why do schools tolerate (and sometimes participate in) bullying? A serious topic that needs discussion between parents and their kids, no matter where they are on the bullying landscape.

  2. avatar Lisa Cornell says:

    I suspect I will be leaving wowowow as well. They have gotten rid of you as well as Mr wOw. Shame and for shame. I have no idea what form this site is going to take but I can’t believe they have gotten rid of either of you.

  3. avatar LandofLove says:

    Liz, thanks so much for all your great posts at wOw; they’ve been lots of fun to read. I will definitely follow you to Huff Post, although I doubt I’ll be commenting since the setup there doesn’t seem too user-friendly to me.

    Good luck and enjoy! 


  4. avatar Liz Smith says:

    Dear wOw readers:

    Perhaps I didn’t make it clear in my column yesterday, so let me do so now: wowOwow did not “get rid” of me. Or vice versa. The site was changing and we all thought it would be more advantageous for the Liz Smith column to move on.

    I have the greatest respect for Joni Evans — whom I have know since the days of our dark roots, before we became “natural blondes”— and for the great editors who helped this column for the past three years. But we are in a business with no certainties. I will miss the intimate reactions of wOw readers and responders.

    And as I said, I hope you will continue to read me — and tune in to our new show on Sirius XM, debuting April 4th.

    I am still a proud member of the wOw community.


    Liz Smith

  5. avatar Rho says:

    Liz, I will also look for you on Huffington Post.  I am so sad, I used to love this place.  I do not have a Sirius Radio, and do not intend to get one.

  6. avatar maytaguide says:

    I am glad for you that you have landed on Huffpo and will always be happy to read your columns.

    I must say that I find the Huffpo website complicated and difficult to surf. Very hard to find the headlines I am actually interested in on their site. I click on one, which is actually three titles together, then a longer list comes up and I cannot find the one article I was interested in reading among them.

    I am on the web quite a lot every day and Huffpo is the hardest to read.

    Hope your column will have a click all its own!

  7. avatar Janet says:

    Liz, you have a tremendous amount of class, and I’ll see you over at HuffPo. Unlike others, I found Mr.Wow tedious and offputting, but you–you were increasingly the reason I was here. (And I must say too that, logging on and being confronted with a horoscope made the whole site seem ridiculous.) Thanks for all you did for wowowow, and I wish you much happiness and satisfaction at HuffPo. See you there!

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Dear Janet…

      Well, I wish you’d said something!   I’m always open to criticism.  Not that I’ll mend my tedious, off-putting ways, but it’s always fun to have a discussion. 
      Yours in tedium,
      Mr. W.

  8. avatar Lila says:

    Everyone: click my name or avatar. There are links to our favorites there: Liz’s new home, Mr. Wow’s new home, and back here to read Margo. Let’s all keep in touch and if anyone has any topics they want to write about or to see discussed, let’s set it up!! Also if you have a blog and want me to link to it, send me a note. You can contact me through that site.

  9. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Well I followed you here so I guess I will follow you there. But it won’t be the same.  We sort of became like a lunch group.  Lunching and then munching.  Sometimes on each other! 

  10. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    And thank you for calling out Spike Lee in what is becoming a horrible reflection on us as a society and for realizing the real problem with his “tweeting the address” was tweeting it to begin with and reduced him to the level of Zimmerman. This “vigilante” mentality is something we don’t need. He “settled” with that couple already but honestly apparently doesn’t realize it was wrong to have done what he did whether they lived there or Zimmerman did. 

  11. avatar JCF4612 says:

    Yes, Spike Lee has offered a prime example of the old adage “if your mother says she loves you, check it out.” He failed to verify, and caused this couple all kinds of angst. Apparently he’s apologized and is picking up expenses for their forced move to a hotel, etc.

    Yet as Liz says, what was the point of publishing this or any address, erroneous or otherwise? Most of us would like to see gunman George Zimmerman arrested, charged, jailed and facing a jury for the teenage life he took. Tack on a few more years for all the lying his family has put out on his behalf, since George himself has been too chicken-livered to come forward publicly with hs own statement. The mills grind slowly, but he’ll eventually get his due.     

  12. avatar lovesthebeach says:

    Gosh, first Mr. WOW and now you. I’ve been enjoying this website a lot, but I guess I’ll just have to un-bookmark it for daily reading. A side note, I was not able to get on here all weekend, since last Friday, I kept getting the following message;
    *Forbidden – Users from your country are not permitted to browse this site.

    Sad state of affairs when a woman centered site like this is censored, even by mistake.

    I guess I’ll go see you over at the Huffington Post now.

    • avatar Lila says:

      lovesthebeach, click on my name or avatar. Some of us are getting together in a new hangout, and links to Liz, Margo and Mr. Wow are there as well. It’s not much yet, but check it out!

      PS, wOw Tweeted last night that they are aware of the issue with users getting the “Forbidden” message, and are working on it.

  13. avatar omasan says:

    Don’t mind her, Mr. Wow! Love your postings and already have your blog site bookmarked on my computer. Keep up the good work! Am sad about how WOW seems to have fallen apart at the seams …

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Dear Omasan…

      I don’t mind.  How egotistical could I be to believe everybody agrees with me.  I meant what I said–I like  a good back and forth.  I learn a lot.  Most of the people who reply to me are 100% smarter, better informed and more articulate. 

      I’lll be posting tonight on my spanking new blog.  Just something I’ve been holding off on for a while. 

      But–and forgive me, because I’m still part of the team–I don’t think WoW has “fallen apart.”  It’s changing, as everything must. 

      Please give it a chance.   They gave me me a chance. 


  14. avatar mary burdt says:

    Thanks for the good times. I will miss the back and forth communication this site provided. Of course, I will follow Mr. Wow and Liz at their new locations. Lila, I would love to be part of your new ssite but I can’t find it. Help!!
    Best of luck to all of you.

    • avatar Lila says:

      Mary Burdt, just click my name or avatar, or Google “formingthethread”.

      I’m rearranging the furniture in there tonight to make it a little more appealing, but everything should continue to work and I am keeping all the features, links and articles that are there so far. If the site appearance shifts a bit while you’re looking at it, it’s nothing to worry about… just me, pushing things around.