Liz Smith: The Sad (And Brief) Legacy of Amy Winehouse



Doomed singer Amy Winehouse


And more from our Liz: Justin Timberlake is a movie star … America’s politicians are children … and Harry Benson’s unseen pictures of chess champ Bobby Fischer

“ALL I ever cared about was music. If my career should die right now, I would go to Vegas and be a lounge singer. I’d do that every single night for the rest of my life and I would be completely happy…

“I’m not a great singer. People are very throwaway with their words these days. If someone comes out and they’ve got hoop earrings and a big bum, it’s like ‘She’s a diva!’ You have to earn these things. Not from other people, from yourself. You have to earn your own respect.”

That’s Amy Winehouse, who actually was a great singer, dead at 27 after she had earned five Grammys. She had been briefly celebrated as a major musical star, on the cusp of a long and fruitful career. The legendary Tony Bennett admired her. She might have changed the face and sound of popular music had she lived long enough. As it is, she left one amazing album, “Back to Black” and a few recordings to be released as her “last album, sometime in the future.

Of all the self-destructive music stars who have left the stage at the age of 27 — Janis, Jimi, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain — Amy’s catalogue is the briefest. And that might be the greatest tragedy, as it seems the tragedy of her death simply could not have been avoided.

* * *

ALAS, Miss Winehouse’s death seemed much less significant — except to her grieving family and friends — in the wake of the horror in Norway, and the mind-blowing absurdity of Washington “politics.” To watch our elected officials pout and posture and point fingers like teenage girls in a high-school hallway, while the country is about to default is mind-boggling. The worst — and no surprise — was presidential aspirant Tim Pawlenty, who blasted President Obama for not having a “plan” and then dared him to come out of the White House and present one. “He’s a coward. He’s a chicken!” Pawlenty puffed. In Pawlenty’s case, the political mudslinging devolved from high school to 4th grade.

* * *

ON A happier weekend note, a tip of my hat (or fluff of my hair?) to Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis who are simply adorable in the new movie, “Friends With Benefits.” Although it has a slightly different vibe from most of the current “rom coms,” it hardly breaks new ground. But the chemistry between Kunis and Timberlake is sensational. They are two great young charmers.

I recently read an article that asked plaintively, “When Will Justin Sing Again?” As far as I’m concerned he can put his vocal chords away forever. He has made an amazing transition — boy band lead singer, hot adult solo artist, actor. It is the latter career he should nurture.

* * *

HAVE you had your Rupert Murdoch schadenfraude “fix’ for the day? Here’s a tidbit.

Wendi Deng Murdoch is now being called “Tiger Deng” for her effort of standing between her husband and a pie thrower. Her former teacher Jiang Limo in her hometown of Xuzhou, China says: “I taught her how to do that. It was the same action as a volleyball spike … I taught her how to spike the ball and taught her well, because it was a very forceful strike. I thought what she did was incredible. It was such a courageous thing. She’s brought a lot of pride to China.”

Teacher Limo recalls the Wendi of 23 years ago. He says she was the “thoughtful type, not aggressive as a teenager … well-behaved.”

Ms. Deng is now called “Tiger Wife” in China after the best-selling author Amy Chua’s book ”Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.” Wendi and the author are good friends.

* * *

Here’s a tip for these hot days of summer, if you’re in New York. Go to Swifty’s restaurant on Lexington between 72nd and 73rd streets. Sit down and order the curried chicken salad with its complement of sliced bananas, avocados, chutney and peanuts!  The greatest.

The other night what was left of “sass-iety” was in Swifty’s backroom for dinner. There was the jewelry designer par excellence Kenny J. Lane with the tall, handsome widow Alexandra Schlesinger. Also nearby the famous photographer Harry Benson with his delightful Texas wife Gigi, plus hostess with the mostess Alice Mason and Aileen Mehle, the last of the great international society columnists left to us.

Incidentally, lensman Benson was handing out big handsome copies of his latest book on chess expert Bobby Fischer, circa 1972. Photos never seen, never collected before. The book was signed by both Fischer and Benson and has a “first day” cover that will make it extra valuable in the future.


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  1. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Boehner pretty much summed up the insanity of the Republicans with his response which was no response at all but merely empty rhetoric of a man who along with others is so intent on getting rid of the African-American in the White House he will allow the economy to collapse in order to to do it.  Something very wrong with America. And Boehner is one of the things that is very wrong. He, not Obama, is the one who “changed his mind” at the last minute. Not everyone in this country is so stupid. Or so racist.  His disrespect for the office of the president, particularly his attempt to imply his office is far more important, is appalling. And speaks ill of him. And of the Republicans.  In the end, the people lose. Either way. Boehner does not serve the people he claims to. He serves Wall Street. Not Main Street.

    Whoever wins in 2012 will be forced to raise taxes.  So the race will be between taxing the rich as they should be or taxing the miiddle-class and turning it into a worker calss that supports the rich. With no one supporting the poor or the elderly. Who will be expected to just drop dead since they are no longer productive and cannot pay taxes.  And Boehner has made it clear who the Republicans will tax.  But I wouldn’t count on Obama taxing the rich. He had the opportunity to do so when Pelosi and Reid had control of Congress.  And didn’t do so. So his rhetoric is just as empty. Here’s to someone challenging Obama.  Just as long as it’s not Hillary Clinton.

  2. avatar Jeff Michaels says:

    Interestingly, the last refuge of liberals is racism.

  3. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    Alas Liz, Amy really was talented beyond words, but as you pointed out, her death, although sad was expected.  With people like her (those on a destructive path) its the ones that don’t kill themselves (directly or indirectly) that shock and surprise us.

    I don’t need to list them, we know their names. But the countless singers, movie and television stars that struggled for years with alcohol, drug and emotional issues that have died over the last decade or so, we knew it was only a matter of time. It’s the Charlie Sheen, Whitney Houston, Lindsay Lohan and hundreds of others that are still around than surprise us. And what really bugs me about Amy’s death and Michael Jackson and all the others that have died is the throng of supposed “close friends” that always come forth immediately in the press to proclaim their love for the celebrity and how they wish they could have seen the signs. Ugh! 

    Amy Winehouse did not have to die. If she had had people in her life that truly loved and cared for her, they would have stepped in and saved her from herself. That is a cold hard fact that many don’t like to think about because they don’t want the culpability of a death on their minds. But it is true. That old adage about you can’t help someone that doesn’t want the help is false.  Especially when you are talking about celebrities that have the money for treatment and help. You can and should force them to get the help they need.

    Here’s hoping Amy’s death will be a wake up call for the countless celebrities out there that are dealing with alcohol, drug and mental health issues. But then again we said the same thing after Michael Jackson died, Ryan Dunn, Jeff Conway, Singer Gerald Levert, Actress Brittany Murphy, Ike Turner, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…………..

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Dear Belinda…

      Just as we survive day by day not dwelling on the fact we’re all going to die–“that won’t really happen to me!” addicts survive by thinking, “that won’t happen to me!” 

      You think Lindsay Lohan got her wake-up call when news of Amy’s death broke?  Not likely.  Familes and friends can stage as many interventions as they want.  But if the addicted adult just says no, no, no.  Or continues to fall back into their self-destructive lifestyle, there is little to do but watch and pray. 

      In the case of Britney Spears, I think she has a genuine mental issue that has been properly diagnosed by her family, who now keep her pretty much safe from herself–it’s more than substance abuse.   But if you are simply a drunk or a drug addict and you are an adult….

      Don’t even get me started on the Jackson family.  Total leeches, except for Janet.   But…Michael did exactly as he pleased in every way.  He was certainly not open to good advice.  Then again, I wonder if he ever got any–from anybody? 

    • avatar Linda Myers says:

      Evidently, you have not had a family member commit suicide. Even with the forced interventions, treatment and doing everything possible by law to help.. when given the chance they finish playing your game, by choosing the end.

  4. avatar Mary says:

    Amy Winehouse had a brilliant career in music as did Janis, Jimi, Jim Morrison, and Kurt and who knows how much further Michael Jackson could have gone?? Many before them and most likely more after them will decide that the little pill, the injection, the bottle and combinations of all three will be stronger than they.  So very sad.  Though it has not been officially determined to be the cause of Amy’s death.

    The war going on in Washington is out of hand.  Last November we had a pretty big election replacing numerous seats left vacant by some who wanted out and some who retired etc. and some up for re-election who lost.  All of the incumbents swore they were going to get to work for the good of the people.  Somewhere between their state home and Washington they have lost their minds.  It has all become a game of re-election coming up and I believe that is the bottom line.  But, in the process of ousting Obama, ( which has been the agenda from the beginning and many of us believe it IS a racial issue) many have forgotten their pledge and it is like Liz says like a bunch of schoolgirls in action.  It will be interesting to see where the votes go in 2012.

    Boehner is from Ohio, we have Kasich who is beating this state down.  Neither speaks well for our state.  As far as I am concerned the incumbants have had a great opportunity to save their parties and both are failing. 

    Racism is not the last refuge for Liberals, it was the first refuge for racist the day Obama walked up to the podium on election night and won the election.  It was blatantly obvious.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      The racism of the Tea Party is quite blatant and quite scary given the number of otherwisee sane Republicans who have begun to pander to it believing a majority of Americans are also racist. I guess we will find out in 2012.  I do know in the past ten years I have heard “The Blacks have destroyed our country” quite often but it is something you hear from Republicans. Not Democrats.  The racism, along with the xenophobia, is merely  a means by which some have divided our country. We have been divided. And conquered. But a house divided, even when it’s conquered, always falls.

      The only Democrats and Republicans, the only liberals and conservatives, that exist in this country are the fools who believe there are Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, on the ballots. What we have are Republicrats who serve their masters. Pied Pipers like George Soros and the Koch brothers who believe only the little people should pay taxes and should simply drop dead when they can no longer pay their way.

      Maybe everyone will wake up in 2013 when they see huge tax increases on everyone but the Pied Pipers.  Assuming we haven’t completely collapsed before then. Boehner seems intent on ensuring we do. As do the Pied Pipers. Inflation and high-interest rates, after all, are good for their economy. And their economy is the only economy that matters in Washington.

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        And I will probably end up being banned from wowOwow but I might add that among the Pied Pipers is Pete Peterson aka Mr. Joan Ganz Cooney whose philanthropy seems directed at his own conservative organizations that supports oligarchy and vulture capitalism.

        • avatar LuckyLady n/a says:

          Has anybody but me seen the report that some kid in Arkansas is not going to be the valedictorian of his graduating class because he is black?  ABC was reporting it on their “crawl” this morning and I almost drowned myself with a pot of coffee.  I have heard no other reorting during the day.

          • avatar Lila says:

            It’s all over internet news sources. Just Google “arkansas valedictorian black” and the stories pop up. Seems she had to share the honor with a “co-valedictorian,” a white student with a lower GPA than hers.

            Some sources point out that not only is she black, but also a teen mom. Think about that — she made the highest grades even though she missed 3 weeks of her junior year, and instead of being rewarded for her efforts to not only stay in school, but to EXCEL, she is shoved off to the side? Way to go, Arkansas. Classy.

          • avatar Mr. Wow says:

            Dear Lila…

            And the really scary thing is to read many commennts on this story.  Racism dead? Hardly. 

            Nobody’s overcome anything, really. 

          • avatar Baby Snooks says:

            I guess we shouldn’t be surprised it happened in Arkansas. Mike Huckabee. And the Clintons. The Clintons. Who stood on a stage smiling as the governor of Pennsylvania announced that Pennsylvania would never vote for a black man. Which of course Pennsylvania did. That anyone who isn’t a racist continued to support her after that has always amazed. me. As has the fact that Obama decided to be “conciliatory” although I suppose that was a red flag waving in the wind. He seems to “conciliate” with all the wrong people.  Admitting, as he has, that he is willing to cut $650 billion from Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid while allowing the rich to still pay proportionately less taxes than the poor says all that needs to be said about him. 

            I am not racist. And don’t allow racists in my life. But I would never vote for him again. And regret having voted for him to begin with. At least with McCain there would have be no surprises.

          • avatar Briana Baran says:

            No, no surprises…including his own personal habit of vindictiveness and entitlement displayed extravagantly when his first choice for vice-presidential running mate was refused. He then selected everyone’s Darling, Sarah Palin. Everyone on the campaign committee tried to talk him out of that decision…but like the spoiled (or senile?) child he is, he had to have his sow’s ear.

            And do you think he would have gotten us out of Iraq, much less Afghanistan, any more expeditiously than President Obama has? Why, Baby, one of his most adamant campaign promises was to bulldoze those nasty Islamic terrorists who attacked us (especially those in Iraq, you see) into the ground, and to continue GWB’s war until no dirty Muslims…or American soldiers, come to that…were left standing.

            And do recall, this is the man who couldn’t remember just how many houses he had (there were nine very impressive manses as I remember…but I guess it is difficult to keep track of all of that filthy lucre), or cars. Whose darling plastic-fantastic wife wore different $300,000 outfits to each and every campaign stop. Do you think a man like that would approve any tax increases for the rich…or would he take it out of the hides of the middle-class and the indigent? Do you think he notices the working person, small-business owner, the truly disabled, the elderly on fixed income and Medicare?

            Right. John McCain would be the man for the job. I’ve heard you mention Old Governor Rick “Goodhair” Perry too. As The Solution. Sarah Palin’s (and by extension, Michelle’s and Mr. Bachman the “I can Cure Faggots with Jeebus!” man”s, and Christine O’Donnell’s (I was almost led into a Satanic Witch Cult!)) Tea Bagging friend, who has single-handedly destroyed Texas schools (yes, I live here, and I do so love the extreme budget cuts, and the failure of the Arts, Sciences, and Gifted & Talented programs in the schools. I have brilliant 14 8th grader, and he and his very intelligent and creative friends…not the Jocks and the Fundies, are going to suffer for those cuts and the Tea Bagger Fundy point of view).

            You have complained bitterly about your recent medical debacle. I am truly upset at the news of your diagnoses, and the problems you’ve had getting proper testing, because I like you, a lot. But Baby, I am on an excellent PPO BCBS Texas insurance plan through Rusty’s work…and I’ve had to scream for necessary tests and work…especially psychiatric…and you well know how important that is to my health. I don’t ask for anything that isn’t necessary…if I did, I’d be on disability now, riding that Purple Wage. And I know so many people who have been helped enormously by the health care initiatives, from helping to bring down the cost of Cobra care for those who have lost jobs all the way to providing enhanced medical benefits for those on Medicare and Medicaid. It isn’t just crackheads and welfare abusers, just people. Regular people in untenable binds. And Barack Obama has improved the tax situation for the middle class (that would be me, and my friends) and he wasn’t responsible for the blow-out in the Gulf, and he has improved the economy…and whether we like it or not, and no one I know does…economically, the bail-outs of all of those banks and institutions had to happen, or our economy would have been so much worse as the financial world scrambled with people’s credit and mortgages and investments, and ended up losing all of them because there was absolutely no one of sufficient financial power, size and strength to handle them anymore.

            You were the one who understood that President Obama was handed a decades-old blivet (what’s a blivet? Ten pounds of s**t in a five pound paper sack) to turn into a pie…in four years…with a giant slice for every American. It can’t be done. You’re far too intelligent to be saying let anyone depose Obama (except Hillary…and there are scenarios in which I would vote for the wretched woman…say if she was running against Gingritch/Bachman). He has made some mistakes, he has been far too center-of-the-fence (that’s got to be pinching those tender bits by now)…but his opposition has been ferocious, relentless, vicious, implacable and without any sense of the people…only of itself, and the ugly, misguided, dogmatically and reactionary boosted rhetoric it feeds on.

          • avatar Count Snarkula says:

            @ Briana @ Baby – Hmmmm. Three, highly opinionated Texans. This I like. As long as we use our inside voices. And remember to listen, not necessarily agree. Spirited political debate is a lost art. Unfortunately it has descended into rhetoric-spouting and name calling. Let’s bring back spirited political debate. With politeness thrown in just because it is good. The rest of the trolls, the ones who drove so many away from this wonderful site during the last election can spout and name call. Not the Texans. As my dear, charming Mere used to say: “Count, you are better than that”. Frequently.

          • avatar Briana Baran says:

            Count: I do understand, and I highly respect Baby Snooks. I suspect that’s why her current, very virulent stance against President Obama is so upsetting. I am truly upset by her ill health, and the failure of the system in her case.

            And my own vitriol is directed much more against the Right Wing extremists she has lately been advocating for than it is for her. I simply have no comprehension of how an intelligent person can suddenly reverse themselves in such a manner, and actually voice support for people like Rick Perry, or John McCain…people who actually represent the things that clearly disturb her so profoundly.

            I have never had rose-colored glasses. I don’t believe in miracles. And it bothers me, and hurts me, when intelligent people stop making sense. It means that the inmates are controlling the asylum, and their influence is contagious, and spreading.

            I apologize for employing the heavy artillery. I was born, and raised a little tank of a Chicago girl, and when I am upset, the big guns tend to come into play.

          • avatar Count Snarkula says:

            @Briana – I have been misunderstood. In no way was my post regarding spirited political debate meant to say that you were not doing just that. You were. As was Baby. Nobody called each other names or resorted to basically sticking their tongue (or using a particular finger) with words. I enjoy your posts. They are well thought out and very well written. I especially enjoy that you take the time to illustrate your points with situations that either have occurred are are currently occurring in your life. Baby does that too. It makes the posts so much more compelling. At least to me, and that is all I am allowed to speak for. Heavy artillery is allowed, even encouraged. Without passion, how in the world are we going to get past these incredibly tense and sad times? It is when we cease to care, cease to exercise our right to vote, cease to speak out that indeed, the inmates take over the asylum. Carry on.

          • avatar Baby Snooks says:

            The only people so far who have seen any benefit from Barack Obama have been the “haves and have-mores” and they benefitted most when Barack Obama and the Democrats decided that the Bush Tax Cuts were good for the economy. Whose economy?

            And whose economy do you believe he has improved? Certyainly not the growing number of people who conmtinue to lose everythign they have because there are no jobs that will cover what they could cover even a year ago. And he sings the praises of outsourcing and of increasing the number of HB-1 visas so engineers and other professionals can displace even more Americans. 

            As for his health care reform it is nothing more than a “stimulus” for the health care insurance industry. Just wait. If your
            premiums and deductibles haven’t gone up, they will.

            It’s all a dog and pony show with each side blaming the other when in fact in most cases both sides are quite happy with it all. The lobbyists on K Street are happy. So they’re happy. 

            GET RID OF ALL OF THEM!!! 

          • avatar Briana Baran says:

            Baby: Please…none of the people whom I know, or know of, who have benefited have insurance of any kind. And again, they aren’t benefiting because they are, well, “losers”. And insurance premiums have not gone up, though deductibles have been rising. Steadily. For years. Not just in the years since the Obama Administration took over. And all of my very middle class friends and neighbors have seen a decrease in taxes, either through deductions or new tax breaks.

            And the economy has improved, whether you like it or not. If it hasn’t improved to your satisfaction, I ask the same question that I have asked of you before…what precisely do you expect a president to do in three years with a decades’ long disaster not of his making? How many wishes do you want him to grant? And what miracles do you expect him to perform?

            You never answer. At all.

            I am a very cynical realist. Perhaps that’s why I never expect very much, and am very pleased with small, incremental positive change. It is there, Baby. And the people I know, and myself, are really neither haves, or have-nots, though some are much closer to the latter category. We are working people who live very modesty. Not because we are saving for some major extravagance (in fact, we worry about sending my son to college, and hope he will gain some assistance…but our dear Rick Perry has destroyed both the public schools and the college aid programs…especially for the intellectually gifted, in our state), but because we are not wealthy, and we don’t believe in many toys, and a living beyond one’s means. And we have benefited. I am truly sorry that you haven’t. I am sorry too, for the people who are struggling…because I was there during Reagan, and both Bush administrations, and the Clintons. Not people who I am fond of…particularly the latter Bush, the Billary, and Reagan on domestic policy (wait, what domestic policy?).

            But it is completely impossible to fix every single individual’s problems in three years. Impossible. I know I fought hard during the bad years. I almost lost my son, and myself because of a terrible doctor when I had to select based on what ob/gyn would take a patient with no insurance (I was told it was in the works…surprise!). I abandoned my home because of FEMA’s refusal to go the distance. I know what it is to feed my son ramen and cheap eggs because there isn’t anything in the bank at the end of the month.

            And I never just expected the government to fix everything for me. Or purely damned the sitting president to hell because I wasn’t satisfied. Even if I had voted for him. As I said, I’m a highly cynical human being. I never expected Barack Obama to ride in on a pegasus, flatulating rainbows, waving a scintillating wand that shoots rainbows, moonbeams and gold, and making all of the bad men and sad times magically disappear.

          • avatar Baby Snooks says:

            And Briana at no time have I ever advocated for the “Right Wing” nor would I.  Neither has John McCain. But like many “Old Wing,” in his case very old, Republicans he made the mistake of pandering to them believing they represented a significant voter base. In some states, perhaps, but not all. As he found out. And as Rick Perry will find out.

            My point is, and has been, that at least there would have been no surprises with John McCain. Or with Sarah Palin. But there have been quite a few surprises with Barack Obama. Particularly with regard to his “”conciiliation” which of late also appears to be pandering with regard to the Right Wing which has “reappeared” via the Tea Party.  They will lose the battle. We will lose the war. But I suspect there will be a silver lining. Those who voted for these lunatics will not vote for them again.

            As for Obamacare, if it were that bad, the Republicans would have launched a more convincing battle to repeal it. They have not. They talk about it. A lot. But they don’t walk their talk. In reality it is the “reform” they would have written, or K Street would have wirten for them, if they had dared to. The real advantage is they can blame the Democrats for the disaster. While some of them profit quite well off it. Health insurance company stock is what you call a “sure thing” these days. You and others with insurance will find out for yourselves in a couple of years. When your premiums and deductibles go up. Way up.

      • avatar Lila says:

        I’ve been registered Independent all my voting life, because it was a matter of principle to vote for the best candidate, not just a party line. Sadly – many an election, I feel like I am choosing the lesser of two bad choices. But I say now: I. will. NEVER. vote. Republican.

        • avatar Baby Snooks says:

          I was born a Republican. And will die a Republican. But after the comments by Glenn Beck comparing the youth camp in Norway to a Hitler Youth camp I will never vote for a Republican again either. I simply will not vote if need be. I’ve said it before and will say it again. The word Republican has become a synonym for evil.  And the Tea Baggers and their hateful rhetoric are the most evil of all.  Spawns from hell.

          We need more Independents in this country. Until then, as long as these people we have in Congress, Democrats as well as Republicans, things will only get worse.

          And I realize Liz Smith probably misses the paycheck but the Murdochs, all of them, love the Republicans. And their hateful rhetoric. They in fact fuel it. And watch the Republicans come to their defense if the Justice Department starts taking their total disregard for law in our country seriously.  As for Wendi she is more Dragon Lady than Tiger Lady. 

        • avatar Briana Baran says:

          I am registered as an Independent as well. But I wouldn’t vote Republican now, and I won’t for a long time to come. Not until they take out ALL of the trash.

          • avatar Baby Snooks says:

            The Democrats need to do the same.  The height of hypocrisy has been watching Obama, Pelosi, and Reid talk about the need for the rich to pay their fair share. And yet they supported extending the Bush Tax Cuts. Says all that needs to be said.

            And talk is cheap. People need to finally put their money where their mouth is. After Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table, I took San Francisco off the map when the voters returned her to Congress. I won’t even buy Rice-a-Roni.  And I stopped buying Starkist when she attempted to have Starkist exempted from the minimum wage law and then blamed the representative from American Samoa who could not have written or added  the exemption since his is a “honary” representation. He has no vote in Congress.  But some people bought it.  I didn’t. And no longer bought Starkist.  As I said, the height of hypocrisy.

          • avatar Count Snarkula says:

            @Baby Snooks. Reading your post and sort of had an epiphany. Though I may be a bit slow. It occurs to me that “talk” is truly the ONLY thing cheap these days.

    • avatar David Bolton says:

      Re: Interoffice Memo regarding racism in Company Handbook

      Effective immediately, racism will no longer be tolerated because it is dead. Please remove all pages in the Company Handbook, sections 16 through 19 (aka “RACISM”) and replace with updated chapter materials included in attached manila envelope—”Chapter 16 — TACTICAL FEAR,” “Chapter 17 — THE HOMOSEXUAL MENACE,” “Chapter 18 — THE ECONOMIC IRONY OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO ACTUALLY PROP UP OUR ECONOMY BY PROVIDING US WITH AFFORDABLE SERVICES AND FOOD BY PERFORMING JOBS THAT MOST AMERICANS DON’T WANT, BUT WANT TO BITCH ABOUT AS IF THEY DO WANT THEM,” and “Chapter 19 — SUPPRESSING THE MIDDLE CLASS AT ALL COSTS.”

      You may place discarded materials (e.g. racism chapters) in the recycle bins for processing.

      Have a blessed day!

      PS: We have always been at war with Eurasia, not Eastasia.

  5. avatar jamie says:

    Justin Timberlake looks 14 years old. He’s not leading man material. @@ Marginally talented at best on top of it. No interest in seeing him in a rom com…or anything else, really. At least when he is singing, you can’t tell that he looks younger than Justin Beiber.

    Have to disagree with whoever said that the backlash against Obama is racism. Whatever. If racism was an issue, he never would have gotten elected. Nobody cares what color the man is – they care that he’s done a poor job. Granted, it was going to be tough for anyone to deal with this mess, but the way he has handled his term has been mediocre.

    And before you call me a racist, I will share that I would vote for Herman Cain or Alan Keyes in a heart beat. I’m looking for smart. We’re in a mess. We need someone with some serious financial savvy and economic knowledge to get this turned around. The community organizer apparently can’t cut it. Fine, let’s move on and find someone who can. It’s not personal – it’s survival.

    • avatar David Bolton says:

      “Marginally talented at best on top of it.”

      Obviously you’ve never seen him on SNL. Justin Timberlake is actually quite a talented actor—and a natural comedian.

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Dear Jamie…

      To each his own, but Justin Timberlake looks very much like a man in his late twenties to me. 

      Justin Bieber, at 17. looks 12.  But he’s still maturing.

      • avatar Briana Baran says:

        Justin Timberlake looks like a man (an awfully young man…) to me, and he is very funny in a sometimes oddly endearing way.

        Justin Bieber always makes me think of the Roman Catholic Church’s and Italian Opera’s (this was back in the 16th century, if I have my facts correct, or thereabouts) castrati. Ahem…had to get them just at the proper point of development in order to insure that those angelic voices remained perfectly soprano. Now, Young Master Bieber might be considered a failure vocally…but his appearance is telling…

  6. avatar Count Snarkula says:

    The Koch brothers scare the hell out of the Count. Them and their ilk. On a totally unrelated topic, pop over to the New York Social Diary today. DPC has done a wonderful job writing about the late Linda Christian. I knew she was wild, and I had heard most of the rumors, but wow, she was a real hellcat!

  7. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    OOPS . . . hate to change the subject but I have found the greatest article — just out — on Linda Christian’s life and death — she of marriage to Tyrone Power and more and more — and it is so JUICY but fascinating that you must read it!!!  I promise it is good:

    Just below Changing Times lead in, OK . ..
    Click here: 7.26.11: Changing Times | New York Social Diary


    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      I probably should remain silent but I no longer read New York Social Diary after he wrote about Nicky Hilton being the father of Francesca Hilton – to me, there is no difference between his doing so and Arnie Klein claiming to be the father of Michael Jackson’s children. Why cause pain to children who were and are innocent in the matter?

      And I don’t care if it’s been published elsewhere or talked about for years.  Why repeat it other than to just be vicious?

  8. avatar Count Snarkula says:

    Dear Mr. Wow…

    Not to mention CESAR ROMERO ! ! !

  9. avatar Mary says:

    Just for the heck of it………..I had a rather long drive today and pulled out some cd’s to listen to on the way. I played my soundtrack of HAIR.  I still know every single word on that tape and hadn’t heard it in a couple of years.  But seriously, everything on that tape holds true today and that was in 1968.  Quite frightening to think that we actually have not made progress and if we had we went backwards.  What a time warp that was for me though. 

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Dear Mary…

      I still have my vinyl copy of the original stage version.  I, too, can do the entire score from beginning to end.  Only “The Sound of Music” and “Funny Girl” have rated that from Mr. W.

      In fact…now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s going on the turntable right now. 

      “I met a boy called  Frank Mills on September 12th right here in front of the Waverly…”

      I could cry.

  10. avatar David Bolton says:

    “Doomed singer Amy Winehouse?”

    Why do I suddenly have thoughts of Jeane Dixon?

  11. avatar Briana Baran says:

    Now, a moment of non-silence for Amy Winehouse.

    My teeth are aching from all of the comments regarding her as a musical muse who might have altered the course of music had she not tragically died so young. And comparing her to the following: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Billie Holiday. Really? All of these people had significant bodies of work behind them. All of them generally managed to make it onto the stage the majority of the time sober enough to perform. All of them were able to create enough astounding, history-altering music to truly impact music. And several truly did lead horrendously difficult, miserable, confused lives. They didn’t have “enablers”, they had the entirety of society working against them, from their supporters to their enemies. And they loved, and lived for their music.

    Amy Winehouse lived for her next high. She made one album. I have listened to it. I listen to almost every kind of music available…but somehow, her songs had never registered with me, even though a station that played them was on both our home, and my car stereo. It was the impending Grammy scandal (which I read about on WoW) that caught my attention. Her most popular song is a triumphant, sneering paean to getting high. She one five Grammy’s. Really, I can’t argue, because the competition at the Grammy’s is pathetic non-music much of the time.

    And then, Amy Winehouse went about her true vocation in life; getting high. She was not just surrounded by enablers. Far too many people tried to help her (foolish, addicts can only be “saved” by one person…themselves. I am one…clean for 26 years, and I know). Her beloved music? Nothing for years, except hideously botched, drunken, stumbling tours of stages. I don’t blame her fans for their negative reactions at all. She selected a partner who would be agreeable with her chosen lifestyle, and she chose to live as she did. Without music. Unless you count those….concerts…which probably were simply a means to fund her religion. As for being an artist who might have made transcendent, earth-shattering changes in music…she didn’t care enough to develop what talent she had, and her only album isn’t enough to justify such lofty praise (and the Grammy’s are no indicator…moments of enlightenment such as rewarding the Krause/Plant collaboration “Raising Sand” are off-set by the Black-Eyed Peas, and Taylor Swift).

    She didn’t care about her music. She cared about her high. That was her life. She went from a lovely young woman with potential to a travesty. She is not one of those brilliant shooting stars who who rose to glory, then died in a blaze of glory. Go to other websites and notice how many young people (20’s and 30’s) either thought she might already be dead, or have no idea who Amy Winehouse was. Intelligent, eclectic listeners.

    She should be a poster child for what NOT to do with your life. And stop comparing her to Michael Jackson. He was over 50 when he died. He had an enormous, phenomenal body of work…and I think he’d peaked already. His early life was tragic, he was surrounded by enabling leeches (and then there were those who were not family), he was socially retarded, he was a scandal, he was genuinely brilliant, and he had lived a very long life for someone with the physical and mental illnesses he had. There is no comparison between a Michael Jackson (by the way, I was not a fan particularly, but I completely acknowledge his genius) and Amy Winehouse.