Liz Smith: Wendi Murdoch — She is Woman, Watch Her Roar!

Wendi Murdoch: watch her roar!

And more from our Gossip Girl: Daniel Craig, manly and secure — he’ll kiss a guy!

“THERE’S NOTHING in the world like the devotion of a married woman. It’s a thing no married man knows anything about,” wrote Oscar Wilde in “Lady Windermere’s Fan.”

Oscar had a few other oldies but goodies. How about these: “The real drawback to marriage is that it makes one unselfish. And unselfish people are colorless.”…”It is a curious thing about the game of marriage – the wives hold all the honors, and invariably lose the odd trick!” … “If we men married the women we deserve, we should have a very bad time of it.” … “It is the growth of the moral sense in women that makes marriage such a hopeless one-sided institution.”…”I delight in men over seventy, they always offer one the devotion of a lifetime.”

* * *

AND THEY put Oscar Wilde in jail for absolutely nothing when he was the philosopher par excellence of marriage and women acting within marriage.

I am now voting for Wendi Murdoch for one of Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year.” Wendi is the only one – given the News Corporation, given Scotland Yard, given the Prime Minister of Great Britain — who comes out of all this sordid to-and-fro as a winner.

* * *

I’D SAY Wendi is beyond reproach right now. Nobody with any sense would bet against her. She alone, in her pink jacket, sprang up and saved her famous husband from a shaving cream pie in the face. How could/would Parliament have gone on examining Rupert if he had been covered with shaving cream?

The people repping the Parliament of the United Kingdom will seldom see, these days, an honorable woman acting on her strength and courage to keep her husband from being further humiliated.

How dare Parliament be so incredibly lax as to allow a comic in their midst with a “comic” weapon?  Security matched ignorance at this outing. The Murdochs were all just a bit entitled after that to keep saying, “We’re sorry but we are not to blame. … And we didn’t know what we were paying out millions of pounds for and we didn’t ask!”

* * *

BUT Wendi didn’t take that tack. She acted. We have so little to admire these days and we must admire something pertaining to physical action and courage. Anybody can say, “I’m sorry. I’m humiliated.” Few can act!

Maybe Wendi should be running things? Maybe she could save the News Corporation and the rest of the gang?

One thing I do know. Whatever Wendi Murdoch wants to do in the future about business, politics, or charity in New York City (and she has already made her mark at the latter) she will be able to accomplish it.

I will be quite surprised if any foam-like fragments of bad behavior stick to Wendi Murdoch. She is the champion of the year in a quite sordid contest.

* * *

IN “Enduring Love,” a movie you most likely missed, the new 007, Daniel Craig was kissed by actor Rhys Ifans. The latter was playing a stalker and the kiss was passionate.

Now director Sam Mendes (once wed to Kate Winslet and a very serious guy) has cast Rhys in the new James Bond movie to be made in South Africa.

Ifans will not only act again with Craig, but with Javier Bardem, who will play one of the bad guys tormenting James Bond.

They say the Welshman, Mr. Ifans, had a ball  teasing hero Craig. “Only four days to go now, Dan, darling. Before our snoggling scene.”

Daniel Craig — soon to be seen in “Cowboys and Aliens”– doesn’t worry. He is manly and secure enough not to fret about kissing a guy on screen!

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  1. avatar Sandy B says:

    I’ll grant Wendi had a good moment- but from what I understand she runs quite a lot of the Empire already and she’s in the thick of all kinds of sordid- so woman of the year….we’d really be scrapping.

  2. avatar wlaccma says:

    Women of the Year? She has two kids by that old goat. That means she actually let me touch her. What some people won’t do for money is amazing. She is a smart women who could have made it on her own without marrying him. Ugh.

  3. avatar wlaccma says:

    Sorry, I meant let HIM touch her not me. Bad proofreading.

  4. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Liz, no one is beyond reproach. Certainly not Caesar’s wife aka “Mini-Me”‘s stepmother. Who’s old enough to be his, well, his stepsister. 

    As for News Corps, well, good riddance to bad rubbish. Some of our are old enough to remember when reporters, and columnists, were proud to be called journalists and knew the Seven Canons by heart. Most today don’t even know what the Seven Canons are. And with all due respect to you and several others who remained, the few journalists working for his various publications should have taken Ann Landers’ lead and exited when Rupert Murdoch entered. Including, again with all due respect to you and several others, you and several others.  

  5. avatar Deborah Key says:

    Wendi already runs the Asian division.   Woman of the Year?  Ask Joyce Cherry what she thinks about that!  I admire her chutzpah (and I don’t pronounce that  “chootzpah, but that is all. 

  6. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    Liz, please tell me this article was written with your tongue firmly implanted in cheek….Wendi Murdoch is a gold digging, opportunist ______ that used her youth and exotic looks to seduce a much older, wealthier and not at all attractive man. She was smart by quickly allowing herself to get pregnant which she knew would ensure if they broke up or he died (which ever comes first) she would receive a hefty piece of his wealth.

    Commend her for saving Rupert from getting hit with a shaving cream pie? I think not. If she were Johnny on the spot and involved in his business as so many believe she is, maybe she could have saved him from himself in all this drama. THAT I would commend her for. A shaving cream pie in the kisser is nothing!


    • avatar Anais P says:

      Agreed. (And FYI to Liz: the British slang is “snogging,” not “snoggling,” as any American who’s read the Harry Potter books knows. Even when you Google “snoggling,” “snogging” comes up …)

  7. avatar Bonnie O says:

    Liz –  I agree with you.  Hear Wendi roar;  she is woman!

    I have not read too much about the Murdochs so I am somewhat at a lost to understand why she is so disliked….or even why the Murdoch men are so disliked.  If this story continues I will perhaps do some google searching and find out what all the fuss is abount.  All I know is that Rupert is a sucessful businessman, divorced his long-time wife to marry a woman half his age (not at all admirable), became an American citizen and owns a lot of media outlets … so he is powerful.  Powerful men/woman always have enemies.

    The hacking scandal is disturbing.  We shall have to wait and see where it leads.

    With regard to Wendi, there were five male journalists on The Charlie Rose Show the other evening and each of them, when talking about the shaving cream pie thrower versus Wendi, made amusing comments as to Wendi’s throwing arm, her right hook, her defense of her husband ….. not one snide remark was made.  Maybe that is because they were all males ???

    • avatar Sandy B says:

      If you don’t know anything about her- why agree with the positive portrayal? Why not stay neutral?

      • avatar Bonnie O says:

        I am positive about Wendi’s actions at the hearings with regard to the pie incident.   She was quick, alert and effective.  What is not to like about her defense?  I remain unaware why there are more negative comments than positive about her as a person, wife or businesswoman.

  8. avatar Count Snarkula says:

    A good right hook does not a Woman of the Year make.

  9. avatar Laura Ward says:

    I like the positive spin. Wendy proved she’s not the typical gold digger. The typical one would have been getting her nails done and not sitting there ready to protect her husband.