Liz Smith: Will We Lose the Vote?!

I DO care!” says your writer Liz Smith.

So I won’t be one of those people who says, “I don’t care who wins just so it is fair and equal.” Because life is never “fair” and “equal.” Look closely at how the GOP in state after state is trying to disenfranchise voters who are black, Latino, old or too poor to get a ride to wherever they hand out the hard-to-get I.D. crap that will enable them to actually vote.

(Previously they had voted through the years and were established voters.) Oh well, you take my meaning.

We used to encourage everyone to vote; now some states don’t even bother to hide their bias. They try to make it impossible for large factions to do their duty as citizens. And, at the very least, many people will be standing in long long lines on Nov. 6th

I care also who wins in Missouri’s Senate race and I sent my widow’s mite directly to Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

She should sweep the field because her opponent is the brain dead, so-called “Science” expert, Rep. Todd Akin, who will probably appeal to evangelicals and other anti-abortion deadheads who are waging war on women all over the U.S. It is vitally important for Democrats to keep the Missouri seat!

I KIND of feel sorry for the idiotic Mr. Akin who thought (thinks) most women raped enjoy it and shouldn’t qualify as “legitimate.” And is unmovable as to aspects of the Republican platform (agreed to by Romney and Ryan) to disallow abortion, no matter what. As we went to “press” the GOP hadn’t changed that aspect of their platform one bit.

So I don’t believe any thinking person could vote for them. They banished Rep. Akin but not the top of the ticket.

The way things are going — next thing we know, someone wiser than I am — said recently: “They will try to take back votes for women!”

Even if you dislike President Obama, by any aspect of right and wrong, you should vote Democratic for the sake of women in the U.S.A.

AND, LET me say again to those who don’t seem to want me to have any opinion except about Brangelina or the late lamented Liz’n’Dick — don’t bother to write and tell me you are going to stop reading me. Just stop. It’s your privilege. But stop threatening me that you are going to stop.

THESE ARE supposed to be the dog days of summer with nothing going on in New York except for the 2nd Ave 72nd Street explosion at the site of the ongoing subway construction … Gore Vidal’s memorial at the Schoenfeld Theater … and President Obama coming to town, which always reduces Lexington Avenue to a parking lot.

But a gang of us wended our way to Le Cirque on 58th-59th streets the other night, thinking we’d have the whole place to ourselves. We believed most VIPs were away and that the chef, the waiters, the bus boys would be so glad to see us!

Well, as usual some of the famous sons of Sirio Maccioni and their minions were glad to see us, but they were glad among a sea of seated diners, with not an empty table glimpsed from about 6 p.m. to way past 10 p.m. The world seemed to be dining here where the authentic Dover Sole is listed at only $79, and this is without accoutrements!

Le Cirque's Baked Alaska. Gone in a flash.I had Baked Alaska after the main course, at the urging of the waiter and I don’t know how I missed this delicacy before in a long lifetime. But my seatmate, Mr. Jeff Hirsch (who resembles the actor Christian Bale), got a good picture of it as it was lowered before him, set aflame and eaten by all concerned. (Young Mr. Hirsch does the layouts and presentation on the and makes us look especially good every day. His selections of photos and video, augmenting words, is sensational.)

People are still talking about his recent clip from the old MGM movie “Ziegfeld Follies,” wherein Adrian’s costumes are so glamourous. They’re like dreams Lady Gaga hasn’t had yet! You can see this snippet by looking back at the archives for this column on August 1. Then, rent the entire movie!

It is always a night to remember at Le Cirque. A new book about the eatery is coming soon, titled “A Table At Le Cirque” by Jennifer Crandall. It’s full of photographs of the rich and famous and those who haven’t gone to jail yet. I am looking forward to many more baked Alaskas.

Hmmmm, I wonder if Sarah Palin has ever had Baked Alaska? There’s a joke in here somewhere.

Where it all began for the Maccionis

A FEW weeks back People magazine ran a fairly unimaginative article commemorating the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. It was mostly all the old murder theories dragged up. Two things really bugged me. One was a nasty slap at Pat Newcomb, who was Monroe’s fiercely devoted last press rep in the final, frantic 18 months of MM’s life.

The magazine stated, “Just a few weeks after Marilyn’s death, she was seen smiling on a yacht in Hyannis Port.” Was she supposed to mourn forever? Believe me, nobody knows what Newcomb had to endure as Marilyn slipped further into a barbiturate haze and other unfortunate habits. And Pat knew the Kennedy family long before Monroe did.

Also, a 20th century Fox PR man, Michael Selsman was quoted saying “how cruel and mean” Monroe could be. I don’t doubt it. Who can’t be? But Selsman’s ire stems from an incident when he showed up at Marilyn’s L.A. apartment house in 1961, while she was editing provocative semi-nude photos of herself with the photographer, Douglas Kirkland. (Monroe was 35, and Hollywood had already told her she was slipping.) She was anxious, fearful.

Monroe answers her door to find Mr. Selsen accompanied by his then wife — the very beautiful, very young, very pregnant, very blonde starlet Carol Lynley, who also worked at Fox. She represented everything Marilyn was losing and was incapable of attaining. Selsen insisted he “had no place else to bring Carol.”

Marilyn looked at Selsman and looked at Carol. “You come in,” she said to the rep. “You stay in the car,” she said to Lynley. And so Carol spent several hours, sitting in her husband’s chilly auto. I believe this story, and I also believe another fearfully insecure star might actually have fired Selsman on the spot. Not to mention, what kind of a husband leaves his pregnant wife alone in a car — he couldn’t stand up for her?

It’s not a nice story. It shows both Monroe and Selsman as insensitive. But, there are two sides to every story, as Etta James sang.

This column originally appeared on on 8/24/12

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  1. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    Oh Liz, how I do love you.

    Why indeed do people that disagree with you contantly make threats to abandon your column, yet they never leave. They are always saying they will but never do. Like that old country song goes….. “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?”  🙂

    The Election – I could not agree with you more on this one Liz. This is 2012 not 1952. Everyone of legal age is allowed to cast a vote and SHOULD NOT allow anyone to attempt to block that. Not a mayor, governor, senator or congressman. NO ONE should stand in the way of our ability to cast our vote and WE need to remember that and step up and let those that do try to block our votes, know who really holds the power.

    And with that said, we need to also recognize that just because someone is poor, uneducated or elderly, does not mean they -themselves – lack any responsibility to step up and exercise their rights. They aren’t children and we (those of us that do vote and are aggressive about our rights to vote) I have actually read on various blog sites that have predominately Black members say “You know we aren’t going to have a fair chance to vote this time around….that’s how “they” are going to fix it”

    What?   There are people of every ethnicity, religion, race and creed that gave their lives during the civil rights movement for people of color to vote. In my opinion it is like spitting on all their graves and efforts to sit back with an “Oh well….we can’t do nothing ’cause the fix is in….” mentality.

    Ugh! If a White person were to tell any of these people on the blog sites I am referring to that anything they want in life they can only have if a White person gives it to them…..Oh my Lord the fury that would cause!  “Slavery is over! We have equal rights! Who the Hell do they think they are to say that to us!”   Yet when it comes to blocking votes they are perfectly fine with it. They are willing to adopt the “There’s nothing we can do….they hold all the power….”   It annoys me and frustrates me to no end!            

  2. avatar Briana Baran says:

    The vote blocking is outrageous. I live in Texas, and despite voting a full Democratic ticket at every election, we are at the mercy of Rick Perry and the die-hard Fundamentalist Christian and Tea Party Republicans who dominate the elections every single time in all of the positions that truly impact lives here.

    Here is the frightening part: Texas was once a Blue state. A lot of these Red voters moved here because of the Bush administrations, and overwhelmed the vote, from other states, seeking a Conservative haven. The other dirty little secret? A lot of our minority people who are being shut out of voting are being hurt by their same ethnic and racial groups already established as voters who vote soley on the Conservative ticket for religious reasons. That’s right…they’re Pro-Life, anti-birth control, against Planned Parenthood (a network of clinics whose business consists of less than 4% abortions, and includes such life-saving services as mammograms, pelvic exams, pre-natal counseling and care, birth control and female health services), opposed to gay marriage…all the dogmatic issues that their white uber-conservative brethren are. The same goes for the poor (it’s disgusting how many poverty stricken people on various forms of government aid vote GOP) and the elderly (Tea Party rallies are packed with seniors killing programs for themselves).

    And women. Millions of women across this country, professional women, CEO’s, professors, doctors, nurses, SAHM, teachers…they all knowingly vote Republican. Because, hey, they’re perfectly willing to dictate how other women should run their lives, deal with reproduction, walk, speak, what rights we should have, what religion we should follow, who and when we should marry, what our doctors and pharmacists should be able to refuse us based on their religious dogma, what we feel when we’re raped, how our bodies deal with rape, and even that we non-believers probably asked for it.

    You cannot blame middle aged white males for the morass the Republican Party has become. A whole spectrum of people voted them into power, and kept them there.

    Vote Barack Obama in 2012? Hell Yes. It’s the only thing that makes any sense.

    Please don’t write about Nauseous Brad & Angie. They’re boring and irrelevant. I read the awful People article about MM. Nice way to take quotes out of context…which I already knew from reading both your column and Mr. Wow. Just leave the woman alone, already. Her late life was one, it seems, of not knowing how to evolve and be anything but what she was in films. Poignant, and a testimony to how things were in the not-so-good-Old-Days, how much we women have gained….and how terribly far we could fall.

  3. avatar Aline says:

    Everyone needs to see the new movie “2016: Obama’s America” based on Dinesh D’Souza’s book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”. 
    Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s crew travels the world to trace President Obama’s journey through youth. D’Souza, a Dartmouth-educated public intellectual with family roots in India, twines his own life path around Obama’s. The film draws with great skill on Obama’s autobiography “Dreams From My Father”, and it should be considered a vital supplement to that book, enriching Obama’s childhood observations of Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s Indonesian stepfather) and Frank Marshall Davis (a Hawaii-based pro-Soviet journalist friend of Obama’s maternal grandfather). Dreams From My Father treats Obama’s college-age fascination with Frantz Fanon and his friendships with campus Marxists. Obama’s extensive relationships with serial terror bomber Bill Ayers and America-damning holy man Jeremiah Wright are well known (though the film persuasively argues that the media managed to turn these into issues of style rather than content). Once you see the movie the dots connect themselves. We cannot let Obama have four more years. The movie asks what you want in the future, Obama’s dream or America’s dream. They are opposed positions.

    • avatar Briana Baran says:

      What do you consider “America’s Dream”?

      If it is the same thing as that fully approved by the Tea Party, by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, by Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, by Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, by the Catholic Church and the Governors of Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia, and the preachers and ministers who hold sway in far too many places, as a citizen of the United States, the government of which decrees Freedom of Religion (which also means Freedom from Religion, as stated by George Washington in the Treaty of Tripoli: “…As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…”), and human and civil rights to all, with no mention of race, ethnicity, color, religion, sexual orientation or gender, as a woman, and as a human being who recognizes the rights of others and the facts of our nation’s history, not the revisionist posturing…then I’ll take Barack Obama, any day, any time, over anyone in the Republican party and the steaming morass of anachronism, dogmatic filth, oppression, chattel law seeking fanatics, and money-grubbing Tea Partying morons it has become.

      I see no signs of terrorism, no signs of anarchy (except the barrage of death threats against the President and his wife and young children) or communism. Mitt Romney instituted a more comprehensive and sweeping Health Care Plan in Massachusetts than the Obama Administrations plans (he did not author the plan, so it is remarkably specious and ignorant to keep referring to it as Obamacare) for the whole country. The middle class, the backbone of America, is being destroyed by the GOP. There is nothing socialistic or communistic about the middle class…there is everything fascist about the workings of the Republican party. You should really spend some time with the history of fascism, it was always the extremely wealthy and conservative who supported it in the Western world, even here. For them, there is NO middle class.

      So, tell me, do want womens’ rights wholly revoked, human and civil rights to revert to 150 years ago, a theocracy, the rich to have it all, and the rest to descend into poverty? That way certainly does lead to disaster. Ask France. Ask China.

    • avatar Lila says:

      Aline… I’m not going to bother addressing the specifics above. I’m not one to forward hysterical, paranoid emails.

      Just know this: “connecting dots” by cherry-picking a few things out of people’s lives is an even more insidious form of information-manipulation than slicing, dicing, and cooking statistics to yield the desired result. I can take ANYONE’S life and using nothing but true facts, draw them as the greatest thing ever or worthless scum. I could make Romney look great or horrible. I could do the same with Obama. This is known in writing as a “slant” or “bias.” Or… “public relations.” Telling the public what to think, of course.

      I’m a little more interested in the BIG picture. Which party is better for ME, and why? Which party is better for the ECONOMY, and why? Which party is better for SECURITY, and why? … and so on. There are actual, useful facts out there if you choose to go find them, rather than letting some filmmaker manipulate your opinion.

      I don’t ask who’s “better for America” because what the hell does that mean, exactly? There are many paths to a STRONGER America, but folks might argue that not all of those paths lead to a BETTER America. And I might agree.

  4. avatar Aline says:

    America’s or any sane American’s dream is for smaller government.  

    I do not understand all of this wealth envy.  Liberals are always screaming about “those evil rich people”.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard and achieving wealth. 

    It’s not the middle class that is socialist and marxist.  It is the current White House administration.  FYI the people in the White House are not middle class!! 


    • avatar Lila says:

      What wealth envy?? What the middle class is screaming about is not that somebody is richer than they are; it’s that SOME execs – who happen to be rich – have destroyed the life savings and retirement nest eggs of many, many individual, real, middle-class people by grossly mismanaging the financial system, and far from being chastised or punished for that, they walked away from their plush jobs with multimillion dollar “bonuses.” FOR WHAT? For running banks into the ground?

      No one is screaming and crying (much) about Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett. Those are examples of self-made men who earned their fortunes. They’re screaming about the Jeff Skillings and Andrew Fastows, the Ken Lewises and many others. They are not household words, but they have destroyed the savings of many a household. That’s not “wealth envy,” that’s “theft anger.”

  5. avatar Aline says:

    I was responding to Briana Baran’s nonsense. Read her comments.

    Are you seriously trying to explain what “biased” means? LOL. Just watch and/or listen to lamestream television news networks with people like George Stupidnolpoulos or Brian Williams or Diane Sawyer.

  6. avatar Aline says:

    Try reading articles by MARK STEYN and quit listening to brain-dead people like Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Shultz spew their lies.  Try to enlighten yourselves and get educated.

  7. avatar Aline says:

    Why is it NOT news that our current President’s parents were communists? Why is it not news that our current President’s mentor (Frank Davis Marshall) was a card-carrying communist? Why is it not news that our current President’s grandparents were communists? Why is it not news that our current President admits to seeking out Marxist professors in college? Does one sense a pattern here? His policies suggest socialism… his background suggests communism. Lamestream media does not want to and will not expose the truth. Obama was not even vetted while he was running for President.  He offered Jermiah Wright $150,000 to shut up about his affiliation and background with Obama because Obama is scared of people knowing about his past and his true intentions.

    • avatar Lila says:

      In studying political science, my Dad read everything Lenin had ever written, the few things Stalin had written, and most definitely Marx and Engels. And you know what that got him? Offers from the CIA and FBI. But hey, good thing he never ran for President.

      Where do you get this stuff about Communist parents – Fox? Please. Anyway, Obama’s father carries zero weight with me. He wasn’t around for Obama’s childhood. And for that matter, are we holding parents against people now? Reagan’s father was a poor alcoholic. Ford’s bio dad was a wife-beater and threatened to kill his wife with a knife. Nixon’s was a failed farmer and sometime grocer who also abused his family.

      Yeah, I’m not real worried. Obama has a resume anyone can look at: his first 4 years in the White House. THAT’S the record that concerns me.

      And… do we “vet” our Presidents now? I thought we “elected” them. So long as they meet Constitutional requirements, ANYONE can run.

      As far as Wright goes, can we at least agree that this is evidence that Obama is NOT a Muslim? Or is he a Muslim when that’s handy, and a Jeremiah Wright follower when that suits better? Just sayin’.

    • avatar Briana Baran says:

      All of this was actually a Hot Topic on this site during the 2008 election. Sorry, Aline, but it was specious and irrelevant then, and it remains so now, and worse, it isn’t “news”, because the Right has been spewing the same dribble for the last four years, along with the following:

      Obama was not born in the US (despite the repeated appearance of his Hawaiian birth certificate)

      Obama is a Muslim (irrelevant, any person of any, or NO religion can be President, that’s what Freedom of Religion means)

      Obama “hid” his college records (he didn’t, Cornell won’t release ANY of the Records for students involved in the program he was in)

      Obama is a terrorist (o, please, I see acts of terror at his hands just everywhere, that’s why most of them have been committed by card carrying Neo-Con White Supremacist Male Crazies who only vote Republican).

      As for the business about Jeremiah Wright, this is from a book by Edward Klein. Mr. Kelin also wrote a book about Hillary Clinton. The latter received serious negative criticism not only from Liberals, but also from Conservatives for it’s lack of factual information, blatant lies, twisting of facts, and sensationalism. The claims made by Klein regarding the bribe by one of Obama’s “friends”…not a staff member, and not sanctioned by Barack Obama…have never been substantiated, not even the alleged tape, and Wright has never spoken to anyone else about the claim, and also insisted the Obama himself never offered him money in his book interview. The only sites that credit the story are Right Wing. No neutral sites will even give credence to it.

      Presidents aren’t “vetted”. If they were, more than one Republican president might have had some explaining to do.

      Gosh, Aline, you can’t even get your propagandizing right.

  8. avatar Lila says:

    PS. Go ahead and vote for Romney. I’m voting Obama. Have a nice day and try not to burst a blood vessel.

  9. avatar Aline says:

    Lila, it looks like you’re the one who should be worrying about bursting a blood vessel.  Yes anyone can run for President, but if lamestream media had vetted Obama and not covered up his background and people he associated with, he never would have been elected.  Get it now?

    Anyway I hope Rep Allen West runs for President someday and wins.  You do know who he is, right?

    BTW, I stood in line to meet and shake hands with Herman Cain when he was running to be the GOP Presidential candidate, but lamestream media made up too many sickening lies about him so that he had to stop campaigning; he loves his wife and family too much to put them through anymore hurtful and vicious slander.    

    • avatar Briana Baran says:

      What lies about Herman Caine? A number of women came forward voluntarily and said that he’d sexually harassed them. No one invented those stories, or the woman with whom he’d had a long term affair. He didn’t stop campaigning because he loved his wife and children so much…as well as respected them…that he wouldn’t put hem through shame and degradation, he’d already done that all on his own. He stopped campaigning because he couldn’t win, he’d lost the Republican vote, and he knew it. He made an ass of himself.

      I think you should be aware that the original meaning of Freedom of Religion was that a man of ANY religion could run for president. Currently, that would include Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, Jews and those of no religious affiliation…o, and women. I am not certain why you are blathering on about Obama’s parents…especially since his father had nothing to do with his upbringing at all.

      I will say that the most specious and uninformed, and hysterical posts are coming from you. They are unsupportable, meaningless, filled with propaganda, far Right Rhetoric, and jingoism…but no substantive content or verifiable and relevant fact.

      So begins the 2012 election madness.

  10. avatar JCF4612 says:

    Dunderhead congressman Todd Akin is the current poster boy for ignorance, biological and otherwise, but the truly scary part is that there are so many others lurking in Washington, D.C. Take, for example, Akin’s pal Paul Ryan.  

  11. avatar Briana Baran says:

    I don’t have “wealth envy”. My parents were extremely well-off, and they worked hard to get where they were. My grandfather emigrated from Italy, was completely illiterate, and learned to read and write English, and worked hard to not only become a very well-off man, but to insure that ALL of his children, male and FEMALE, were college educated. My grandfather began life as a shepherd and goat herd in a tiny mountain in village in Italy, where I doubt that they were very enlightened as to women’s rights (Italy is still in the 19th century) in 2012 on that, but he was not racist, not a misogynist, encouraged his daughters to be educated, free and their own people. have known many wealthy people who were both self-made and from inherited wealth who were nothing like the neo-cons, fundamentalists, and Tea Partiers of the GOP. These are the people funding President Obama.

    My comments was hardly nonsense. It has a wide evidentiary, both statistical and based in historical fact and writing, and in the words and actions of those belonging to the current GOP, as recorded in public speaking and by their government and campaigning actions. Your comment is based in a single propagandizing film which has selected only the events and relationships (some not even involving Barack Obama himself, others specious interpretations, still others ridiculous in view of the facts…especially his father’s influence on his life when the man simply was NOT present. And yes, I’ve read the book, and obviously YOU haven’t) can cause the most “communist/socialist” hysteria.

    My mention of “the rich” was in the context of history. Really, you should look up the Boxer Revolution and the French Revolution to get the gist of my reference. The thrust of my comment had to do with human and civil rights, and the insistence on revisionist history (including the Christian foundation of the United States government), the increasing demand to replace the secular government with a theocracy based in extremist Fundamentalist Christianity, the revoking of women’s rights to reproductive control of any kind, pay and job equality, and even the right to a fair trial in cases of rape, and the annihilation of the middle class ( you really need a reality check…this is where the jobs have disappeared, the houses have been lost, the families are suffering, and the tax rates, insurance and medical costs are the highest).

    Every single thing I said can be well documented, and I would happily provide links but for the fact that this site does NOT allow it. The same holds true for the rise of fascism in the late 1800’s, through WWI, and during the 1930’s, especially prior to WWII. Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne of England, and his wife, Wallis Simpson, were supportive of Hitler, as were many of their peers in Europe. It was the rich who gave full support to fascism, and there were many sympathizers with Hitler amongst the privileged and wealthy here in America too. It was only the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the mutual sympathy of Japan and Nazi Germany that put the US into the European theater.

    Romney’s health plan for Massachusetts is a reality. He has certainly done a reverse. Obama has done nothing that remotely ties him to terrorism, or communism as you probably conceive of it. Why don’t you have a look at Stalin, Mao and the other actual leaders of the revolutions in China and Russia, and the devastating results of what happened in the aftermath? Those men were dictators and despots, and brought ruin to their countries for the sake of a ruling elite living in wealth and privilege. Now actually read Karl Marx. Communism as he conceived it does not work, but it pays to have the knowledge of what he actually said, rather than how it has been twisted.

    The only acts of terror have been by men bent on an agenda, and ALL have been denounced by Barack Obama. Most have been by white males, at least two by those motivated by hate and right wing rhetoric.

    My information and words are relevant, supported by fact and actuality, and can be validated by current events, many unbiased source, the words and actions of the members of the Republican party, and the platform it is holding fast to, despite the insanity it brings. They not “nonsense”. Your post is based on a single propaganda film based on long past associations, specious interpretations, and outright lies and imaginings.

  12. avatar Aline says:

    There is no war on women. You may have to drive 5 more miles down the road for your free stuff you want so badly, but it’s not going to disappear.

    You need to stop watching and believing MSNBC and all lamestream TV news networks. They are instilling all of your ridiculous hysteria.

    Start reading articles by MARK STEYN.

    • avatar Briana Baran says:

      Um, Aline, I don’t listen to, or watch mainstream media. I listen to the words, and follow the actions of the Republican party members who, as politicians, want to stop all access to abortion in any case, and have largely succeeded in Mississippi, Georgia and are on the verge in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama and the Carolinas, with others following close behind. I see them stopping all government funding on all levels to Planned Parenthood, saying that a raped woman’s vagina can prevent pregnancy…but only if it really was rape, because women are generally lying or unaware that it was just consensual sex when they are attacked and brutalized…and voting for measures that will allow physicians and pharmacists to deny their patients the following: birth control (both advice and prescriptions), pre-natal testing, morning after pills, tube tying and hysterectomies, and medically necessary abortions, or those involving fetuses that are either dead, or absolutely not viable…that means that they can NOT live…outside the uterus. Laws and legislation are already in affect on all of this, and the GOP’s platform has made unequivocal statements in supporting all of these issues and lies.

      I am not hysterical. I have watched the candidates and politicians speak. You can find the same information on Right Wing websites, the same videos, the same words, the same ideology. Mark Steyn is a Right Wing propagandist. He is of the same bent as Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck…tell me, why are you paying attention to these mainstream media demagogues? Best watch out when giving advice, Aline, or are you one of those do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do types? I don’t need talking heads to tell me what to think…very unlike you. I form my own opinions by listening to the words of the politicians and preachers, not their sycophants.

      By the way, since you’re obviously literacy challenged and can’t read for comprehension, my husband is well-employed, I am employed part-time, we live comfortably, but modestly, well within our means…and we get no “free stuff”, nor do we need it, nor have I, or him, ever taken advantage of government aid. Not foodstamps, WIC, welfare…the only aid we ever got was a $1500 check from FEMA when our home was very unexpectedly destroyed by a river hadn’t flooded in over 100 years…and we even had insurance. Our total loss was about $50,000…we sucked it up and moved on.

      Unlike so many ***Republicans*** who didn’t have insurance, and expected the “BIG Government that they hate so much to bail them out completely after Hurricane Ike. Right. Who got more than we did for less loss, and it was never enough. Give me a break. The same persons who use all sorts of government aid, both state and federal, to support their children and themselves here in Texas (their many children, because birth control is against god, or they’re just too lazy, or the Planned Parenthood clinic has been shut down). Yes, indeed: foodstamps, WIC, AFDC, Medicare, Medicaid, low cost housing and medical clinics…they ALL vote Republican. A lot of them own vehicles that cost more than my own middle-class, working family’s two cars together cost brand new, have $600 cell phones (no, not fakes, the real deal), and the most expensive cable and/or satellite service available. All Republican.

      Get your facts straight, Aline, and stop listening to Fox News and mainstream media.