Philosophy 101 With Liz Smith: The Octogenarian Looks Back

I WAS THINKING not too long ago about how callow, naïve and silly I was back on June 6, 1944 — D-Day — but at the same time how relieved I was that my own guy, Captain Edward Beeman, was safely back home from flying as a bombardier in the B-17s that assaulted Germany. We felt, with some justification on that particular June 6, that World War II would soon be over.

Although the Captain and I should never have divorced, we foolishly did because he wanted to ranch out in West Texas and New Mexico and I wanted to hit New York and the bright lights and become a famous journalist.

So I looked in my file of personal pictures and discovered this one of Mr. Beeman and Miz Liz having a reunion down in Austin, TX, in the ’80s. I had never really seen this picture of the older Liz and Ed together again, so just thought I’d share it with you to prove that once upon a time I had good taste in men.

Ed Beeman has gone now to his reward and to a world where he doesn’t have to go around saying, as he always did in his lowball, complimentary way, “Why do all the good-looking women I love leave me?” I never had an answer for that because I always had a sneaking suspicion that I should have stayed with him and made our marriage work. But I was too selfish and I didn’t. Now I treasure him more and more and I’m glad that at least he and I always remained close, we corresponded and we cared to the very end. And unlike Tipper and Al Gore we didn’t hang in or we’d probably have grown tired of one another, and be divorcing at this very minute.

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