Anthony Weiner: I Quit

wOw’s women weigh in on the inevitable resignation of the disgraced New York Congressman

Candice Bergen: Unfortunately, I have been wracked with worry about Weiner’s newly pregnant wife and what her options are. Financial support for one thing. The guy seems completely unemployable.

So odd that the wives of these boneheads all seem to be stellar women. Strauss-Kahn’s wife Anne Sinclair and Hillary and Huma. He probably didn’t have to resign. But it would be sext without end. The stupidity just staggers…

Joan Ganz Cooney: I was, like most people, I think, relieved.  The whole scandal has been totally weird and unsettling and I’d be happy never to have to look at Weiner on television (or anywhere else!) again.

Margo Howard: I think Weiner needed to resign, but he took way too long to do it. He dragged it out, supposedly, because 1) his wife was out of the country and 2) some constituents thought his votes were important. (I actually think he at first thought he could tough it out.) By dithering, he permitted all his Twitter and Facebook pals to get lawyers, give interviews, release the pictures, reveal the texts, and generally confirm that he was an immature, troubled, narcissistic sleaze-bucket who had NO understanding of what an elected official ought to be doing – or not doing.

Everyone feels awful for his bride, who is pregnant. My advice to her, were she to ask, would be to call it a day now. I think there are serious things wrong with him that a stint in rehab ain’t gonna fix. She is young, talented, connected … and although she is hormonal, I would make a break for it sooner rather than later. Even with the underlying pathology of what he did, there was no thought, on his part, of his being a married man, or acting like one. I would have a lot of trouble forgiving that. I think Mrs. W’s life would be smoother if she ended the marriage before the baby, and started her life without him. She can do muuuuch better.

Liz Smith: I am glad Mr. Weiner quit. I can’t imagine what kind of public servant has time for such narcissistic silliness.

I agree with Mrs. Cooney. Too many men in public life think their penises are special objects of praise and power. Generally, I don’t think the average wise woman agrees.

But I expect a Congresman to pay attention to business — and that means more than his own “business.” Too bad we lost a great liberal voice. But he must be nuts.

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  1. avatar Bonnie O says:

    I have heard several comments from pundits on TV as to what will Weiner do now;  the consensus thinking is that he is ill qualified for any profession.   How will he earn his living?  My opinion is that he will undoubtedly land on his feet …. somewhere either in broadcasting or perhaps a liberal think tank.   He will be forever a political joke but he is a passionate liberal and is apparently quite smart.  He will do fine.

    I am simply glad that most of us will not need to hear of him again. 

  2. avatar Grace OMalley says:

    I’m glad he resigned.  He’s a low rent, piece of garbage and I agree with Bonnie O – I just don’t want to ever hear of him again.  As for Huma, I’m sorry, but I think she should have an abortion and put this whole matter behind her and move on with her life. 

    There, I said it.  Yeah, I know that even if she did have an abortion, it would be cloaked as a “miscarraige” for the press.  What a bold statement that would be for women though.

    • avatar D C says:

      Ohhhh Grace.  (see me, the one with the sad (not mad) face, shaking my head at your comment)… I am a pro choice person for sure, but what you have said has made me so incredibly sad.  It reminds me of the men who kill their children because their wife had an affair, with the thought in mind, “I’ll show HER!”. 

  3. avatar A R says:

    Well, Huma wouldn’t be the first woman to raise a child without a father, right? After all, she has an education, career, and connections that would put her and the baby in a good place. She doesn’t need his money!

    • avatar crystalclear says:

      I can’t get passed Weiner’s lying with a straight face and then accusing Breitbart of hacking into his computer.   Now, couple that with cheating on his wife (yes, cheating) and you have a collosal deadbeat.   Huma is fortunate that she found out the type of man she is married to in the first year of her marriage.   I, in no way, agree that she should have an abortion.  She needs to do what is right for her and her unborn child.    Anyone notice she wasn’t standing by her man at his press conference to resign?   And, speaking of that, why in the hell would this pervert call a press conference to accomplish this?   This guy must have the biggest ego in New York.

      For me, it was his lying looking into the camera with a straight face that makes him a bonafide scumbag.   Good riddance!

  4. avatar Katharine Gray says:

    I agree with Joan 100%.  As for Huma, she does have a job, great health insurance as a federal employee, and while she may not have signed up to be the financial powerhouse in the marriage, I suspect she earns about the same as he does (I have heard 150K per year) which puts her in a much better place than most Americans these days not to mention most women who have troubled marriages.  Don’t know if the marriage will survive this or not…that is up to her.  She has options.  Options won’t heal her broken heart or damaged pride…but its more than most women in her situation find themselves with.

    All of that said, we haven’t seen the last of Weiner.  After a *decent interval* he may be on a cable channel.  And don’t discount a political future for him either.   

  5. avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

    Here’s a new twist (or actually an old one) on this whole business:

    • avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

      While this comment and link is awaiting and awaiting moderation, whatever that means, let me encourage you all to read this; it’s really quite good. This is what it is about:

      Anthony Weiner and the Manly Men of Yore

      In the face of recent revelations about the reckless sexual conduct of elected officials, it’s worth recalling that sexual restraint was once the measure of a man.

      • avatar camb 94 says:

        Good article, thanks for the referral.

      • avatar KarenR says:

        To avoid having posts stalled due to included links, drop the “http://www.” from your link (verify that it will still find the page you want without that part). This renders your link non-clickable but it will be shown and available for copy & pasting:

  6. avatar D C says:

    Candice Bergen: … “So odd that the wives of these boneheads all seem to be stellar women.”

    Sometimes I wonder if that plays a part in why men do catastrophically stupid things.  Like Sandra Bullock’s ex.  Maybe the pressure of living up to the standard of the incredible woman they were lucky enough to convince to marry them, makes them snap. 

    Of course, if that’s the case, then we are ALL incredible women. 

  7. avatar D C says:

    Joan Ganz Cooney: … ” The whole scandal has been totally weird and unsettling and I’d be happy never to have to look at Weiner on television (or anywhere else!) again.”

    There’s a large-screen television in the coffee area of each floor in my building, usually on CNN all day long.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I arrived at work this morning to see that nobody had turned it on.  I’m about to go get another cup of coffee… I hope that is still the case. 

  8. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    I am just amazed by the hypocrisy of the Democrats who called on Anthony Weiner to resign – I don’t recall any of them calling on Bill Clinton to resign.  Just a touch of hypocrisy added to the irony of Huma Weiner working for Hillary Clinton. But then hypocrisy seems to be Hillary Clinton’s forte in life. 

    • avatar D C says:

      I think Bill Clinton’s transgressions are in a different category than Anthony Weiner’s.  Clinton falls under the “bad boy, shame on you” heading, and Weiner falls under the “OMG that guy is a freakin’ PERVERT” category. 

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        Excuse me but Bill Cllinton and his “cigar fetish” is more “OMG that guy is a freakin’ PERVERT” than “bad boy, shame on you.”

        • avatar D C says:

          Cigar fetish?  That’s a stretch.  Do you have evidence that cigars are a habitual sex toy he uses?  Or do you think maybe it was just the closest thing that he could use as a sex toy at the moment?  Because if it’s the first, then maybe somebody should be asking Hillary some uncomfortable questions. 

          • avatar BeanCounter says:

            Clinton actually had sex with another woman.  Weiner just sent txt messages and pictures.   and you think it’s different and that Clinton’s was somehow more foregiveable and less worthy of resignation?   Dude….you’re freaking retarded.

          • avatar crystalclear says:

            BeanCounter, they both lied through their teeth.   Clinton lied under oath.   That’s the issue here.   It’s the character or lack of character of the man.   If both of them could lie like that to the world with straight faces they will lie to anyone at anytime.

            You really should refrain from calling someone ‘freaking retarded.”   If that’s the only way you feel you can make your point you might want to check out a middle school site where you’ll have a few friends who can speak your language.

            What Weiner did was inexcusable especially when he accused Brietbart of hacking his computer.   The only person who was hacking himself was Weiner.

          • avatar D C says:

            I’m not a dude, and “retard” is a politicially incorrect and hateful word.  Beancounter, go to you room.  You are dismissed. 

          • avatar crystalclear says:

            I had your back D C.   I sent him to a middle school site where he/she will feel more comfortable.  LOL!

          • avatar Ghostwheel says:

            Retarded means : slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development or academic progress. It is not a noun, as in “retard”, nor is it or should it be a “bad word”. It is an appropriate descriptive word, and hating it just gives it power.

            Maybe it could be rephrased as “differently intellectually abled” and it would become politically correct.

          • avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

            To the Counter of Beans: If by retarded you mean someone less advanced in mental, physical or social development than is usual for one’s age, then I’m afraid you kind of fit the bill here, doncha think? Dude?

          • avatar Katharine Gray says:

            Anthony Weiner was not the president of the United States.  He is expendable.  Bill was not. As I recall the Repubicans held the House and perhaps the Senate at the time an there was no way the Dems were going to lose the presidency even if Bill had frightened the horses.    Also, Monica thought Bill *loved her* and didn’t blow the whistle on him as did the recipients of the wiener photos (some of which it appears were not solicited).  Maybe if Monica had come forth the day after Bill told the press and America *he did not have sexual relations with that woman* (meaning pole in the south hole as opposed to the north hole) the story may have been different…but probably not.

            That said, there is nothing hypocritical about the Democrats response here.  I don’t know any Democrat  who publicly said he should resign during that time until Hillary and Huma came home and Hillary told Obama to get this sex scandal off the front page because all anyone can think about is the other ones involving her husband and about 4 other women. 

            Lesson for Weiners of the world…you are completely expendable so don’t flash your peckers in the street and frighten the horses. 

  9. avatar Barbara says:

    Baby Snooks, How about the hypocrisy of all the Republicans who called for Anthony Weiner to resign but not for the string of Republicans who have done similar foolish things?

    As for the question of what his wife should do…the one thing I have learned in life is that it is very easy to be the arm chair quarterback and call for a particular action. It is quite another thing to be living a life and have to make a decision that is right for you and your own individual circumstance. The right answer here is that Huma needs to take time and make her own decision. We will never know what goes on in her own heart and mind.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      Sorry but Baby Snooks does not play the “Well, they are sleazeballs so why can’t we be sleazeballs?” game like so many do which is always the worst hypocrisy of all and another reason why this country is in the mess tha it’s in.  Take that elsewehere. Baby Snooks will have none of it. Baby Snooks calls out the Republicans as well as the Democrats.

      • avatar D C says:

        AND likes to speak in third person. 

        • avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

          Ha! DC, reminds me of my son who as a second grader complained about his teacher who didn’t know who she was. When asked to explain, he said because she always calls herself by her name––Mrs. Keller needs you to be quiet––Mrs. Keller wants you all to line up in a nice straight row…etc. Well, I’ll be, I said, she’s speaking in the third person! Wow, he replied, and I thought she was only one person.

    • avatar Katharine Gray says:

      Oh you must mean Vitter who went to a prostitute..and gave a huge mea culpa seven years after the fact when the DC madame revealed his name (but no Democrats).   I will concede Vitter and raise you Clinton.  And Rangel.  You have to give me Foley and Lee, however. 

      There is that Repubican who shook his leg in a bathroom stall who didn’t resign. I don’t know whether he was soliciting or not but I’m of the opinion that as long as they don’t frighten the horses it is none of our business.  Posting you erect penis on line is frightening the horses as far as I am concerned.  I really don’t understand why Weiner even lied about it.  After all…its no big deal.  He coul have easily said..this is my private (well sort of since the whole word will see it on the net) sex life and none of your busines

      Of course, I agree with Baby Snooks that *just because your friend is jumping off a cliff should you?*  I do think that the Dems waited and hoped the scandal would blow over but it just got worse.    Don’t worry..he got a deal for his resignation and you will see him *rehabilitate*  soon. 



  10. avatar Kathy says:

    Margo is right on about this.  These guys are so arrogant, so narcissistic, that they can’t allow themselves to just fade away for the good of their family.  Instead they become defiant and increasingly deceitful, prompting the media to dig further, and allowing their female “friends” to see what they can get out of it.  Oh well, it keeps Gloria Allred in business.

  11. avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

    Yesterday when Nancy Pelosi’s regular Thursday presser was about to begin, all the networks were breathless and all cut away to it as soon as she stepped up to the podium.But the minute she said she wouldn’t comment on the Weiner business and would instead talk about jobs, medicare, and the middle class the networks cut away.In case you thought you were watching news of importance to the nation when you tuned into your favorite news channel, this should disabuse you of that idea.
    The fact that this scandal has aroused so many that in matters of other concerns remain silent is telling, though certainly not surprising. How I wish the populace, the networks, and the Congress could put this much energy into addressing the real problems we face in this country. And yes, Snooks, the hypocrisy here is blatantly obvious.

    • avatar camb 94 says:

      I agree Phyllis. The thing that has disturbed me most about this is that it has become such a media circus and yet there are real issues that as a country we seem to want to pretend don’t require difficult choices. He is a creep. Fine. How many creeps are in Congress? I think a better question might be how many Congressmen aren’t creeps? Should he resign? Whatever. I think that the message that the media has learned from scandals (especially from the Iran-Contra scandal) is that the public doesn’t really care about issues or serious crimes. They want salacious details. So, this is what we are given — 24 hours a day on a scandal, that while inappropriate, and relatively disgusting, is mostly also irrelevant except to the people directly involved. However, now Congress has had three weeks of being able to do whatever they wanted (or nothing at all) in complete obscurity because the country was so focused on this.

      • avatar KarenR says:

        What concerns me most is that the media has the ability to cross the line between covering events/scandals and driving them.

        Weiner apparently didn’t break any laws but he was effectively hounded out of office. I hope he at least polled his constituency before he resigned. If they still wanted him he should have stayed put.

    • avatar crystalclear says:

       It is no secret that the media goes after a “story.”   When Pelosi didn’t have one it made sense to move to a story they could report.   Pelosi isn’t an interesting person to listen to IMO even on a good day.  

      Anthony Weiner lied through his teeth with a straight face and then blamed Breitbart of hacking into his computer when all along he was guilty.   A good person doesn’t do that.   Weiner should’ve fessed up immediately but his ego got in the way. 

      • avatar crystalclear says:

        Please, folks, it’s the media.   Their job is to go after stories.   If not, what else should they be doing?

        • avatar KarenR says:

          Their job is to report what’s going on, boring or otherwise, in an objective manner. Undue focus (more or less commentary) on one story or another begins to drive events instead of being reporting.

  12. avatar Chris Glass` says:

    Wilbur Mills was reelected to Congress after his Tidal Basin dip but stepped down after a second incident. It is possible for Mr. Weiner to clean up his act and reinvent himself is he is so inclined. Yes his actions were extreme poor taste but I am of the opinion that what happens between this man and his wife is for them to hash out, not be reported bit by bit in the media. I think this scandal arouses so much interest because it happened to someone in the political arena. Had it happened in some corporations he would have been given a slap on the wrist and maybe demoted. Certainly the public wouldn’t have weighed in on it.

    It is interesting that so many of the people calling for his head have areas of their own lives they wouldn’t want examined closely. Mr. Weiner is not the first to have issues and he will not be the last.

    • avatar Margo Howard says:

      Chris – Wilbur Mills and the Tidal basin! That may have been the only sex scandal that had real humor to it. Glad someone else remembers it, too.

  13. avatar Maggie W says:

    I agree. The hypocrisy is over the top.  There are those who have done much worse.  Those with a fondness for young boys come to mind.   He needed to resign.  Anthony has been a career politician which means he could slide into being a lobbyist quite easily and make far more money.  As for his marriage, I don’t know the strength or depth of that love.  There are only two people who can decide what is best for that marriage.

  14. avatar Lisa Bonnice says:

    What I find most interesting about this story is that it demonstrates a peak in the gradual change of how this type of thing is perceived. What Weiner did isn’t any worse than JFK or Clinton, or (insert name of powerful man who acted like an ass here). He just happened to be the one in the cross hairs at the time that a lot of people finally realized that this kind of behavior just isn’t cool. So I feel a little bit of compassion for his being the sacrificial lamb, but not much. If he hadn’t done what he did, he wouldn’t have been where he is.

    • avatar D C says:

      I disagree — I think what Weiner did a lot different.  I think there are men who flirt and hit on women and cheat, and then there are men like Weiner, who take pictures of their genitalia and send it out with no thought of who might be receiving it.  Before technology made it possible, these men would flash people.  They got a sexual thrill from it.  And like drugs, when that level didn’t give them the rush they needed, they moved onto more risky behavior, and sometimes that risky behavior would become criminal, predatory behavior.  A certain former French presidential hopeful comes to mind. 

      • avatar Lisa Bonnice says:

        I don’t mean that they did the exact same thing, I mean that they did something that is morally questionable in the sexual arena. I think what Eliot Spitzer did with the hookers is a lot worse than what Weiner did, and JFK apparently screwed Marilyn Monroe in Jackie’s bed! In our individual lives, we all have our own ideas of what is creepier. So it’s not the details of the deed I’m talking about. I’m talking about the zeitgeist of the times and women saying “That’s enough of that.”

        • avatar D C says:

          I’ll agree with you on that, then.  I have talked with my kids as they’ve come to adulthood about understanding the gravity of their choices in the internet age.  Their high school teacher dad (same school) could not even “friend” them on facebook while they were in high school because of the avenues it opened up for others (not that there’s anything worth hiding in his account, but you get my meaning).  Weiner is young enough to have been able to understand the gravity of what he was doing, even if the demons he wrestles were too strong to allow him to do anything about it. 

      • avatar crystalclear says:

        Leaders in Europe are known to have paramours.   The media leaves them alone and life goes on.   Here in our country it is sensational news!  Bill Clinton stayed in the news for months and months especially when he lied under oath.   Whew!   How soon we forget.   John Edwards has taken up several years of media attention.    JFK decades of media coverage.   The republicans are just as bad.   

        Weiner is a pervert and now the world knows it.  

  15. avatar Jody says:

    I’m no psychic but I predict:
    There will be other women, believing this is their chance for 15 minutes of fame, coming forward. Women Mr. Weiner never heard of, never spoke to, never sext messaged, etc.
    Gloria Allred will continue her pursuit of Mr. Weiner’s head on a platter until he settles.
    The media will move on to someone else’s scandal in the next week.
    Mr. Weiner will be forgotten, eventually.
    In a few years, we will see Mr. Weiner again, looking for a comeback. You know why? Because America LOVES a good comeback story. We eat that stuff up. He will hire a good publicist who will find the right place and time. Mr. Weiner will come out “a new man… who learned his lesson… and has grown from the experience.” People will vote for him, or whatever it is.
    And, who knows? Maybe he’ll be all the better for it.

    In the meantime…. I hope his marriage can make it through this. It’s not like they’ve been married for 18 years, so I believe the shorter the marriage, the more difficulty they will have surviving as a couple. She may never trust him again. And, it could literally take her years to forgive him. But, it’s my experience there are really only two things a marriage cannot withstand: Resentment and Humiliation. People bounce back from infidelity all of the time.

  16. avatar SMALL TOWN GIRL says:

    Well he would’nt quit ……………and thats why he had to quit………… num-skull

  17. avatar Rho says:

    I only have one thing to say, since I know him.  I am very disappointed in him.  I just hope he is able to turn his life around.  I wish him well.

  18. avatar Miss Lee says:

    I feel sorry for the child to be.  Huma has a choice and it is hers to make.  The poor child will be taunted with the pictures of his/her father as soon as his/her’s peers learn to Google.  Talk about sins of the father.  His great grandchildren will probably able to see their ancestor’s naked oiled chest. 

  19. avatar JCF4612 says:

    Ah, yes, the Tidal Basin. The Powerful House Ways and Means Chair and his Argentine firecracker. 
    Weiner was never in his league, and is a sicko to boot.