Mary Wells Awaits Her Special Visitor

I am in Vancouver where there is no Memorial Day. I did celebrate Queen’s Day without knowing it, but I didn’t meet up with anybody who wanted to talk about this or any other queen. Vancouver is busy, busy, busy getting ready for the Olympics, and if you were here ten years ago you won’t know you are in Vancouver if you come again. It is very glam. And green. And, as in all pre-Olympics towns, wondrous places are being created on all sides.

I bought a small apartment here that has turned out to be bigger than I expected now that the furniture is moving in. A few more weeks and I am going to send you pictures of it and the views. You can ignore me if you choose, but some of you will see why I actually plunked down the cash for a little holiday place here. Last summer I told you about the whales and Bubbles, the seal in Coal Harbor who slept cuddled next to our boat. I can’t find Bubbles but hear she is about and have sent word out that I have goodies waiting for her. News to come.

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