Mary Wells: Help a Woman in Need This Christmas

The best do-it-yourself gifts I have given have been certificates to learn something that my friends longed to know or to do. Sometimes they just don’t get up and go do it themselves, but with the certificate they feel beholden to me and do and then they are on their way into a new adventure they have really wanted to have.

I have a small group of women who take care of other people’s children, children with AIDS and a wide variety of terrible problems. These women must be angels on earth to help us all. My gifts to these groups are the most satisfying all around. That is not exactly a do-it-yourself gift because other women do it. But I help.

I dream of going to troubled countries where women are not valued and are brutally mistreated and where I could join a group offering financial and emotional help to women – there are groups like that sprouting up and so many women around the world are helping. I think sooner or later I will do that, health and age permitting.

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