Mary Wells: No Time for Bullying When Hot on a Challenge

Have I ever been bullied? I was an only child in a relatively poor family and time. I was too focused on finding my way to notice if anyone was bullying. I don’t think anyone cared enough to bully me except for my parents, and they were busy finding their way, too, so it was dreamlike, no fists and baseball bats anywhere. I guess Sandy Meisner who ran the Neighborhood Playhouse bullied me, but he bullied everyone sooner or later and I was too young, a sort of experiment there – maybe they needed more students, more money – maybe he saw me as a kid who could be bullied for fun. I didn’t care then and haven’t thought about it since. I believe that intelligence is loving and caring and bullying just doesn’t occur when I am hot on a challenge. Some friends have had clinical tempers but they can’t be blamed for that any more than you can blame someone for having the measles. It has never been an issue for me.

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