Mary Wells on Fat Duck, Red Dog Saloon and Strangelove

I have traveled to many places for many years and I am always falling in love with new restaurants wherever I go.

Fat Duck in England is supposed to be the best restaurant in the world today (according to chefs) so when I go to England this fall I will check it out and tell you about it. Right now I am in Alaska on Strangelove and my chef is clearly the best chef I have experienced so far in Alaska. There is a place popular with locals called the Red Dog Saloon that I will check out as I have heard edgy, colorful stories I will share — if they are true. Yesterday we caught one of the largest halibuts the fishermen who took us fishing had seen. It took almost two hours to bring him in. 

I am not big on killing anything but I eat fish and am steeling myself to see so many of them flapping in our galley.

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