Mary Wells on Forgetting, Not Forgiving

Yes, I have had a great injustice done to me. No, I have not forgiven it. But I have almost forgotten it. Once in a while I stir up all my furies and just swim with them. But it is so tiring to be furious about something that happened a long time ago. And life is short, I don’t have time. Anyway, I feel sappy just thinking about it. It not only didn’t ruin my life, it made it better – or it made me make it better. I do think there are lucky times when good things can come out of bad if you are open to a new view. There are, though, injustices so terrible they ruin lives and can’t be overhauled or forgiven and I feel very deeply for people who have experienced them. I know a few and it seems to me it is like they were buried alive. They will never feel carefree.

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