Mary Wells Takes the Focus off Herself

I think every child is different at different times of their youth and no one is in full control of their life especially when they are young. I would want to know all about her feelings about her baby, the young man in the situation and what his dreams of the future are – I am pretty sure I would know her dreams. Although I am pro-abortion, the idea of killing my grandchild makes me sick. But I think I could focus on my daughter, not me, to help her think and feel her way through to her decision. I have adopted children and know how right that can be. But I also know that for young girls to have a child with or without marrying the boy in the story is a decision that can cut a potentially strong and meaningful and useful girl’s life short at the knees.

I have seen young women kid themselves and everyone around them that having the baby is the right thing and they had to have the baby when deep down in some terrified numb place they are screaming they not at all ready for that baby.

I would probably talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk until in desperation to shut me up she would talk more revealingly. If that didn’t work I would keep trying to see a right answer appear and not rush marriage or abortion or anything else. Fortunately we live in a time when it is not such a terrible thing to have a child before marriage. Grown-ups are doing it left and right all over the world. And they are adopting children all over the world. So I would do what I could to be sure that my daughter would not feel alone or that she had no alternatives or that I found her disappointing or that she was in some way hurting the family. I would just try work it out with her slowly and find ways to remind her how much we loved her. And I might go to church.

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