Mary Wells Talks About Why Earth’s Resources Are Scarce

The media suggests that people are in pain from what the shortages of resources do to them personally. But different countries have different awarenesses and attitudes and there are enlightened people in all countries. But we are running out of everything partly because we heedlessly build more golf courses and swimming pools than necessary, dirty our waters with just about everything, cut down productive trees without anything but selfish or commercial thought, ignore the environment of most animals and care little about their lives. The polar bear and the Orca whale are top of the line in the animal food chain and they are seriously endangered – we tend to think those animals are cute and want them to survive but seldom really think about what they do to balance world resources. We don’t care enough. We aren’t taught to care enough and we don’t teach our children to care enough. So the growth of the number of humans on earth is much greater than most of us focus on and the impact on resources has become misunderstood and a bore to people.

I have a friend who will tell us what she and the groups she works with are doing about the essential and practical goal of moving to live on the moon in 20 to 40 years or less. And then on to other planets. They believe earth is “over.” They think it cannot handle the vast number of people like us projected to populate earth in ten years let alone 20 because of growing families. They have been working on a planet world for us to live on for a long time and it will require much more focus from us, much less self-interest, but will be a much healthier place to live.

So as much as I sympathize with people wanting children, I think – for children’s sake – the time has come to put the limitations of our earth ahead of anything else and to wake up and join in the movements that are growing to learn how to live a new wide-awake way in a new environment aware that a lot of the disappearing earth wealth is disappearing because of each one of us. We could start with smaller families needing less of the earth’s resources. There are so many references to God’s displeasure with selfishness in the Bible – whatever God turns out to be — we should all be able to show a list of our unselfish choices that saved humans, animals and life of all kinds — and in this world at this time large families are selfish choices that are everybody’s business and everybody’s problem.

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