Mary Wells to Government: It Isn’t Your Money

I think we should fear the recession and learn all we can about it. We either helped it along by taking on more than we could afford or by not focusing on the loose, dangerous offers made to us or by assuming those in charge of banking and government finance planning and controls were right and knew what they were doing and would not get us into trouble. We should learn now, pay attention, see with clear eyes what is going on and who is doing what so we won’t contribute to the next one — there has always been a next one. But when we were in the easy money bubble we were told by our government we would never have another recession. We should have known then we needed to start demanding clear explanations! I am reading everything I can find to understand what has happened and what the new administration plans. It isn’t “their” country, “their” money. It is Americans’ country and money. We should keep in our minds that easy money is often dangerous and makes you do things you regret.

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