Mr. wOw at the Golden Globes

Put your feet up, turn on your TV and tell Mr. wOw what you think

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  1. avatar wlaccma says:

    Mr. Wow, I just came out of my heated pool in Florida and I am ready to watch. I have my pjs on can’t wait to see Ricky let’em have it. Like he says, they are the riches, most spoiled people on earth. Let the games begin.

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:


      Nothing happening yet, of course.  I haven’t shaved in two days, but finally showered.  (My hideous cold returned yesterday, and I wasn’t feeling up to jumping into a shower. We have very little hot water, too.)

      But I put back on my grungy white wife-beater (I know it is  a politically incorrect term. I’m just preparing you all for Mr. Gervais) and my even grungier sweat pants.  Hardly any point in showering, really.

      I’m rooting for “The Ides of March” or “The Descendents”….Meryl (just give her a damn Oscar again and maybe she’ll go away and stop being nominated)…Ryan Gosling (because he’s hot)…   In the Comedy/Musical catagory: “Midnight in Paris”…Charlize Theron (terrible movie, but she was terrif)…Joseph Gordon Levitt (he’s hot too, and quite versatile)…

      Then we get into Best Supporting and my patience wears thin.     My hopes for TV include Maggie Smith (Donwton Abby)  and Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)     Nothing from HBO’s boring “Mildred Pierce,” I pray. (One of Miss Winslet’s rare mistakes)

      The day started well with the news that Jesus finally had enough to Tim Tebow’s  histrionics and busied himself elsewhere.  Perhaps now Tim will read his Bible and learn what JC said about praying in public.

      The other fun item was Mitt Romney handing a jobless woman waiting on line to see him, $50.00.  Whew!  And Obama is supposed to be all royal and elite?  Imagine if Obama handed somebody money?   And wait a minute, Mitt–weren’t you “entitling” this woman?   Shouldn’t you have told her to save her gas money and her time and go find a job without bothering rich people?

      Okay…the red carpet silliness begins soon.   I have only one complaint, stemming from my all-night chore here–why can’t we make the font bigger?!  

  2. avatar Mr. Wow says:


    Ryan Seacrest and Guilian Rancic of E! begin.  Because of her recent health issues I will not dish her tonight.   I’m tempted, however.

    Ricky Gervais being interviewed.   Ugly suit, bad color. 

    George Clooney has arrived.  Has never looked lovelier, as Louella used to say.

    Guiliana has changed her dress.  Please, please, let me be nice!

  3. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Kelly Osborne–why the gray hair?

    I don’t know the name of the queen she’s sitting with.  I should, but he repels me, always, to the point of always forgetting his name.

  4. avatar Reggie says:

    Oh, you don’t like Guiliana?  Maybe cuz I relate to her recent surgery, she looks awesome to me.  The first dress was nice, the second dress horrid — the color, yuck.

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Look, I don’t know Guiliana. Probably a very nice woman.  Never cared much for her capabilities as a host or her fashion choices, but…she has suffered quite an ordeal recently, so…

      I can be good.  I can. 

  5. avatar Reggie says:

    Stacy brought her grandpa with her.

  6. avatar Reggie says:

    Lots of boobage tonight.  Clair Danes.

  7. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    More Clooney…

    doesn’t expect to won, will end the evening “face down drunk.”  Gotta love him.

    Octivia Spencer from “The Help” arrived.  Looks great.  I did love her in that movie, tho I didn’t like the movie, much.

    Guilana is interviewing a child from “Modern Family.”  Sweet thing in Dolce and Gabbanna.  Looks appropriate for her age.

  8. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Adam Levine in Tom Ford.  He looks better without a shirt. 

    Melissa Mcarthy.  Could have done more with her hair.  Gown simple and safe.  Fine

    Wow–Sarah Michele Gellar.  Like that a lot!   The girl should work more.

  9. avatar J G says:

    Ok, I’m here now..we can begin.

  10. avatar J G says:

    Are we all on E channel?

  11. avatar J G says:

    Greasy, Josh..Not a good look

  12. avatar J G says:

    Who is the white? She’s so pretty, and familiar…

  13. avatar Tee Zee says:

    I’ve already started drinking in anticipation…

  14. avatar J G says:

    Help? Yes, she was the tacky girl in the help..

  15. avatar J G says:

    Why are we watching Nicole Richie? Oh, she’s promoting her show….she’s a mentor??

  16. avatar J G says:

    Wait, what?
    Who is in the grey hair? NO..What’s her name with the Ozzie Ozbourne father. (SP)

  17. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Jessica Chastain loves Guiliana.  Jessica as Princess Diana, really?

    Paula Patton?  Don’t know her.  Gown was great tho.

    Nicole Richie…smiling for a change.  Has had some excellent work!  

  18. avatar Reggie says:

    Ross the intern is kinda annoying.

  19. avatar J G says:

    Oh, I loved The Descendents. (sp)

    I love that girl, she was awesomeness in that movie.

  20. avatar J G says:

    Ross is VERY annoying. So is Ryan

    Oh, I love that guy from modern family. He’s so funny.

  21. avatar J G says:

    Mr. Wow, I can’t do this by myself, sweetie. Please come back…..

  22. avatar J G says:

    Pills? Where are the pills they are discussing?

  23. avatar J G says:

    Rooney Mara…My first glance of Rooney Mara..

  24. avatar Reggie says:

    I like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s tie-dyed dress.  It’s so different and she rocks it.

  25. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Sarah Michelle…love the dress.  Needs more ear bling.  More sparkle.

  26. avatar Reggie says:

    Josh Brolin looks like Rick Perry!

  27. avatar J G says:

    Diane Lane looks beautiful.

  28. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Josh and Diane…

    Not a good night for either!    Her hair. 

  29. avatar J G says:

    I didn’t like Sarah Michelle’s dress, but I love her..

  30. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Sofia Vegara from “Modern Family”–looks great but thinner than usual. 

  31. avatar J G says:

    I liked her hair, Josh’s not so much..

  32. avatar J G says:

    twice a day at the gym. She is Gorgeous.

  33. avatar J G says:

    I’m going to channel my inner Mr. Wow and let it rip..

  34. avatar J G says:

    Octavia Spencer…beautiful face..cut to sofia, not fair

  35. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Octavia Spencer…charming.

  36. avatar J G says:

    Jessica Chastain looks great. What’s wrong with Octavia’s tooth. Someone needs to tell her something is on her tooth.

  37. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Octavia’s shoes!!!!!  

    Love her more now.

  38. avatar J G says:

    Freida PInto, I don’t know…she’s so beautiful, not sure if I love her dress.

  39. avatar Reggie says:

    Jessica Chastain — what an ill-fitting dress.  Maybe it’s just my tv .

    Frida Pinto — love the gold necklace and the color of the dress, but don’t really like the bouffant-ness of it.

  40. avatar J G says:

    I know. I loved her shoes too.
    Rooney mara..I’m intrigued by Rooney…

  41. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Rooney Mara…scary.

    Sofia…she is much thinner.  I advise cutting down the gym visits.

  42. avatar J G says:

    I loved Jessica’s dress. I wish miss gorgeous mermaid Sophia would go away. I’m spiteful and I know it.

  43. avatar Reggie says:

    Sofia Vergara — awesome dress, awersome hair, awesome personality

  44. avatar J G says:

    Julie Bowen is my kind of girl. She’s hysterical. “where’s your team of men to carry you” to Sophia. Too funny.

  45. avatar J G says:

    Awesomeness needs to stop hogging the camera and making every other female insecure.

  46. avatar J G says:

    Just kidding. sort of. Julie’s dress is too Disney.

  47. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Julie Bowen… drab.  Odd little shoulder things.  Nice hair. 

  48. avatar J G says:

    Yay..Rooney. She speaks…

  49. avatar J G says:

    uh oh..her smile gives her away. There is a sweet girl hiding under all that eyeliner

  50. avatar Reggie