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  1. avatar Tee Zee says:

    Let the games begin…

  2. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Watching the E! network arrivals show! Love the clothes! I think this will be lots of fun!

  3. avatar Mr. Wow says:


    I’m with Guiliana R. watching the E! red carpet begin. 

    So, here’s what I’m hoping for, this evening.  Viola Davis over Meryl.  This despite my really disliking “The Help.”  A relic of a movie.  But Viola gives a brilliant performance.  Much better than Meryl’s latest adventure in funny accents.

    I’d like to see Janet McTeer take Best Supporting for “Albert Nobbs.”  Oh, and I wouldn’t cry id Glenn Close surprised everybody by finally getting an Oscar.  Her perf is fantastic.

    I’d swoon to seen Gary Oldman take Best Actor.  This is very first nomination after so many great portrayals.

    Under no circumstances MIchelle Williams.  I want to vomit just thinking about “mY Week W Marilyn.”

    OH–here is Kelly Osborne still with that weird grayish hair.  Don’t get it.

    Watchng Rose Burke from “Bridesmailds”   Great dress!

  4. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Already, the typos are beginning.  I’ve had so much trouble staying logged on, I’m rushing. 

  5. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Another girl from “Bridesmaids”  In a rust Armani.  Nice.  Simple.  Love Armani.

    Bernice Bejo (sp?) from “The Artist.”  In light mint.  “Like your eyes,” she just told Ryan Seacrest. Like his eyes?  

  6. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Melissa McCarthy.  I don’t want to be cruel.  Please somebody do it for mr?

  7. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Kelly Osbourne raving over Melissa.  Won’t find any cruelty there.

    Jessica Chastain.  Like the dress.  Hate the hair.   Well, hate is too strong.  But she does need more bling on the ears.

  8. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Michelle Williams just arrived.  In red. This girl should not wear red.  Or play Marilyn Monroe.  Or be nominated for that travesty. 

    Otherwise, I accept her being there.

    • avatar Jon T says:

      Am I alone in liking Kelly Osbourne’s gray/purple hair? It caught me off guard at first, but the more I see it the more it grows on me. It’s different and I kinda think she pulls it off.

  9. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Is Stacey Keibler just a little obvious?? She looks like and “Oscar” in her gold dress!

  10. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    I think Guiliana looks gorgeous! And here is Viola Davis without her wig!! Go Viola! You are wonderful.

  11. avatar Tee Zee says:

    Viola Davis is stunning in green and her natural hair. Not sure about the earrings.

  12. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Viola Davis…Loving the natural do. 

  13. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Virginia Madsen!  Glad she’s still on the Oscar guest list.  That career should have been hotter.

    Sean Combs being brushed down. 

  14. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    P.Diddy, getting fluffed and buffed as he gets out of the car! Why??

  15. avatar Joni Evans says:

    Am I crazy but aren’t all the women sort of…. fat?

  16. avatar wlaccma says:

    Just saw the Artist this afternoon and I do not want it to win best Picture. I liked it but I LOVED Hugo.

  17. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Love Viola from head to knees.  Then the dress goes off the reservation a bit.  But the color is fantastic!

  18. avatar Daniel Sugar says:

    Tony Bennett. Dapper.

  19. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Michelle Williams…she “filled in” the role of Marilyn?!  Has she seen the movie?

    Her dress is  nice for a teen prom.

    Rooney Mara, hideous in white.

  20. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Come on Joni…you think Rooney looks fat? 

  21. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Rooney Mara? I don’t know, at least it’s not black.

  22. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    I think Michelle Williams look is sad.

  23. avatar Tee Zee says:

    Rooney looks washed out…needs a better stylist?

  24. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Octavia Spencer knows how to dress her body type! She looks lovely!

  25. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Considering all that Octavia has already won, I think she has a speech pretty much down.  Sweet lady.

    But I am still rooting for Ms.McTeer.

    Johan Hill is re-gaining.

  26. avatar wlaccma says:

    Why do fat people always wear strapless. Don’t they see how bad they look from the back with fat hanging over the dress? Ugh. Every wedding I attend has a bride stuffed into a strapless gown that looks horrible from the back.

  27. avatar wlaccma says:

    I liked this show better when everyone did not have stylists and some people had on crazy outfits. Always made it interesting.

  28. avatar wlaccma says:

    Yes, Jonah has gained a lot of weight back. I feel sorry for him.

  29. avatar Tee Zee says:

    Jonah was fantastic in Moneyball…

    Octavia is elegant and hitting just the right tone.

  30. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Jean Dujardin…I’ve met him.  Much hotter in person.  And very nice.  I love Frenchmen. 

  31. avatar Tee Zee says:

    Love Maya in purple…hair to one side…lovely

  32. avatar wlaccma says:

    I have relatives who are nuns. NO ONE wears the old nun costume any more. That looks ridiculous. I know she was a former star who lives in a convent but REALLY? Nuns have not dressed like that for years.

    • avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

      She is actually a cloistered nun. Part of their vows is to always wear a habit. They are not “out in the world” very often. I missed her entrance. I do know that her order is trying to save their convent from falling down or being condemned.