Oprah: Mistress of the Press?


TV’s Queen of Talk, says Margo Howard, has finally managed to terrify her media peers

Alas, NBC seems to be suffering from a congenital defect. No balls. I cannot figure out if celebrity biographer Kitty Kelley is snakebit, or Oprah has somehow managed to terrify her media peers, if not her betters. Apparently, once again, Big O strong-armed … I mean, “requested” that the media bow to her wishes. No one would reveal her “secret” – even when they had it in advance of her show. Interestingly, once the revelation was known, people didn’t seem to give a rat’s ass – making it only a matter of import to Oprah, and perhaps the Nielsen people. There were jokes all over Twitter, and the late night comics went to town. Conan, for one, deadpanned that “Everyone in the audience gets their own half sister … under their seat.”

When last we visited the Oprah & Kitty Show, Kelley’s major biography of the big star was essentially blackballed by most major media because, as they all told Kelley’s publisher: “We don’t want to offend Oprah.” At that time, only NBC, of the majors, had Kelley on the “Today” show to discuss the book. (Kelley’s history with NBC is long and deep. She did three days on “Today” for her Bush, Reagan, and Oprah books, and four on her Sinatra book.) Fast forward to Oprah’s “big surprise,” which had been reefered, as we say in the biz, for days: OPRAH WILL ANNOUNCE A SECRET.

Well, given that Kelley had talked to many people inside the Winfrey family for her book (some later denying, from fear, that they had, in fact, talked to her) one of them told her what the “secret” was. No media outlet was interested in scooping O’s “secret,” so that being the case, I tweeted it, with Kelley’s permission, a day or two before her show. And you know what? No one cared. There was a big ho-hum in Tweetland. Anyway, Kelley’s publisher knew she had advance word, so they contacted the “Today” show to arrange an appearance to announce the secret on Monday morning’s show – broadcast earlier, of course, than Oprah’s afternoon show. NBC accepted. All the arrangements were made. They did a phone pre-interview with her, and arranged for a crew to set up at 3:00 a.m. (!) Monday morning from California, so she could be live on the show. (As someone who has done the morning shows — and who is a late sleeper – I can vouch for the fact that it’s a big pain in the fanny. This Friday, as it happens, I will be on “Good Morning America,” but compared to 3 in the morning, my timetable seems positively luxurious.)

OK, so Kelley agrees to the middle of the night deal, and on Saturday a “Today” show crew comes to her house to pre-tape “an introductory package.” Then they return to set up for the live interview at dawn. Minutes before they’re ready to roll, word comes from New York that it’s no go. (Kelley is so pissed off about being called a liar that she asked that I mention that the cameraman was Tom Tanquary and the sound man was Bill Schenker.)

Nobody’s really talking, but it’s clear Oprah got word of the doings and leaned on someone who caved. Making NBC look even more yellow-bellied, Lawrence O’Donnell also cancelled Kelley after booking her for “the secret,” saying they couldn’t get a crew to her in time … forgetting, I guess, that an NBC crew was already in place. One starts to wish there were a Wikileaks monitoring our networks … or maybe an underground resistance movement to try to fend off Oprah. And now I’m wondering if all this meant so much to Oprah because Kelley’s book about her is coming out in paperback any minute – and it has additions.

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  1. avatar Linda Myers says:

    Yesterday, I thought it was touching. Today after being spread over every kind of media who would air the subject, less touching. After reading this and hearing her words about how everybody sells her out and hurts her because of who she is – which seems to be exactly what she was trying to create in her own regard. Although I am not surprised, I think it is spiraling from touching to disgusting. I heard on ET “Enguire” Tonight, the bid is up to a million for her little sister to give an interview now.

  2. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Having dealt with some of these “media types” through the years I have to wonder if Oprah hasn’t become their “cover” so to speak. It’s hard to call the media racist, after all, given Oprah.  She’s the cover girl for the non-racist America the media likes to project. And I have to wonder if it’s not a “two-way” street. Sort of the media version of quid pro quo.  Users all.

    And Oprah is, well, queen of the users. I am appalled by this latest. She used a half-sister she claims she never knew about to give her faltering network a little “ratings” boost.

    I suspect what she’s done is given Kitty Kelley a little “ratings” boost instead.

    Oprah’s roots are finally showing as they say. She is as much a fraud as the various frauds she’s promoted through the years. Including two of the “New Age” gurus I grew up with. And know better. 

    • avatar Rosemary Celeste says:

      Just curious who the two New Age gurus are/were? Would love to see the list of frauds that come to mind for you , Baby Snooks, as it would be interesting and revealing.

      As for this Oprah-gravity field that seems to wield disturbing power, it is getting more weird to discover how things “are”  re” how she runs things. At this point in time, I appreciate you trying to bust through (Tweet through?) the cloak of silence, Margo. Seems the National Enquirer also exposed Oprah further this summer as well with interviews from relatives.

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        I grew up in Houston. I will say nothing more. The list of frauds. Endless. The pop psychologists were bad enough. Then she moved on to the pop physicians.  For those who don’t believe in reincarnation I can only say they need to look at Oprah.  She used to be PT Barnum.
        The only nice thing I can say about her is she surrounded herself with the right people. People who know what will sell and what won’t.  But she of course is the magic of the selling.

    • avatar Lourdes Villarreal says:

      She used a half-sister she claims she never knew about to give her faltering network a little “ratings” boost.
      Exactly my thoughts, Baby!

  3. avatar Jennifer juniper says:

    I read the Kelly book.  And I recently saw the Piers Morgan interview with O on CNN.  And what strikes me through much of the last decade of ‘O’ is that I continue to be surprised that others are surprised of what goes on behind closed doors with Winfrey.  The woman IS a media mogul worth billions.  Did anyone imagine that she got there through Ekhart Tolle or Zukav principles of living?   The grip that she has over media and publishers is a worthy topic, I do agree with that.  But I do at times get the sense that some people are looking at her (because she’s black?  because she’s a woman?) with a ‘who exactly do you think you are?’ attitude that I don’t think is aimed at white men that are in similar positions.  And especially after that Morgan interview, I can see exactly who she is – a very powerful business woman that will use that power to her advantage in a heartbeat.  She seems to have fully embraced that aspect of her at this point in her life which is why the show has suffered in this last decade.  You can’t exactly be the supermogul on one hand and the voice of the people on the other.
    It’ll be interesting to see how ‘OWN’ plays out.  Namely, it’ll be interesting to see how much she sells out her brand (love.. guffaw) in the name of ratings.  Because there is no doubt she’ll have to, if she hasn’t already.

  4. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    But I do at times get the sense that some people are looking at her (because she’s black?  because she’s a woman?) with a ‘who exactly do you think you are?’ attitude that I don’t think is aimed at white men that are in similar positions

    The attitude, if there is one, is because of her attitude.  Rich white men don’t have the power she does. Not even Donald Trump although he likes to think he does. So, again, I think there is this “quid pro quo” at work that benefits all.  But doesn’t say much for everyone’s integrity. 

    The only other woman who I can recall having this much power with the media was Nancy Reagan although she didn’t have anywhere near the power that Oprah Winfrey does. 

  5. avatar elaine s says:

    Regarding the coming out of her half-sister this week on Oprah’s show, I was struck by how the emphasis was on how this impacted Oprah personally, as well as her mother.  i dont recall anyone asking the half-sister about how she felt everything she has been through. She was given up at birth and then entered the foster care system.  She has a right to be very angry.   Instead, she appears to want to make sure she isn’t bothering Oprah too much.  Great…so Oprah doesn’t miss a beat and all that matters is how this impacts her personally.   This seemed very self-centered, and I think that sums up Oprah completely.  All in all, a most dysfunctional family and Oprah should just know she was lucky, not necessarily more deserving.  Of the 4 children her mother had, one died of a drug overdose, one died of AIDS, one was given up and birth, and then, there is Oprah. 

    Regarding her new network, there is nothing on worth watching.  She may need to get her old pals shows, i.e., Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus moved to her network.  It is so empty it shows old movies.  Not my idea of a big success.

    I think America is tired of her.  It’s all about her, and eventually, who gives a damn? She has been overexposed.  She started to believe in her own greatness, which is BS.  There are some great people on earth, but a TV mogel isn’t one of them. 

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Dear Elaine:  “She is starting to believe her own greatness?”  Honey, that began 20 years ago.

      She is tiresome and her “new” network is a cornucopia of charlatans.  That said, for as long as I live, I won’t be able to, or care to (for whatever reason) do the good deeds O has done.  Her sincerity can be questioned.  The results (I think) cannot.

      And that said–several Oprah-free years would be just great.  For us and even for her.

    • avatar Karen Ferguson says:

      I too winced at the way Oprah’s spotlight was on Oprah.  Her voice choked when she complained about how her other sister had “sold her out” by revealing that she’d had a child at 14.  Yet she didn’t hesitate to hawk this story, complete with promo’s featuring the shadowy mystery figure in the wings, despite the fact that her mother had kept this secret for 47 years and continues to feel obvious and deep shame, which Oprah didn’t hesitate to broadcast worldwide.  It was hard to hear, on a network news show the next day, the friend Gail babbling about how Oprah’s “revelation” that her mother should can the shame on this globally bally-hoo’d news was somehow a mother’s day “gift.”

  6. avatar D C says:

    Where shall we go?  What shall we DO without OPRAH????  I think we’ll survive.  I actually feel kind of sorry for her.  The insulation that all that money provides is going to make for a very lonely future.  And as she ages, and it shows, or she starts to look like old what’s her name… sad… very very sad. 

  7. avatar Maizie James says:

    After reading Margo’s column I could not help but recalling the article written  last Friday in the Washington Post by Dana Milbank titled, I’m declaring February a Palin-free month.  Join me!
    My idea is to make this entire year Oprah-free.  I continue to be amazed that this vain manipulative woman draws such a large following.  For those who are sick of Oprah, why not join me by ‘shutting up’ about her!

  8. avatar Jean B says:


    I’m with you on this one. I am so sick and tired of her and her drama filled life. All her do-gooder stuff is just so she doesn’t feel so guilty about the life she leads. So she had a rough childhood, so what? Lots of people did! NBC is big enough that they don’t need to worry about the likes of her. What can she do, shut them down? Please, people don’t listen to her THAT much. At least not enough people to shut down an entire network.

    I wish she would get over herself. She is human just like the rest of us and NO BETTER than any of the rest of us, contrary to what she thinks of herself.

    • avatar Margy says:

      Actually, she is better than the rest of us! I mean, I think about helping others less fortunate than me but I don’t really. I say I would give lots of money to my favorite causes but really, would I? I haven’t hit it big at the slots or the lottery or in my “career” (I’m barely working. I am not going to look for or go for my dream job.) Oprah is a human being just like the rest of us but actually better than us and has to let us all know!

  9. avatar elaine s says:

    I am in no position to talk, because I need to lose weight, but I am amazed Oprah continues to put her head on a much more slender body for her monthly magazine cover.  Who else would be in the cover of their own magazine every single month?  And, who else would photoshop so she doesn’t look as heavy by far as she does on her daily TV show?  This, from the woman who preaches self-love and being honest with yourself.  Hypocritical, to say the least.  I need to lose weight, and I believe I would be honest enough to put my real body in a picture of me and let the chips fall where they may, especially when everybody could see me as I really am 5 days a week on TV.  Stupid, vain and hypocritical. 

  10. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Ok ladies (?) are you finished??  Have you all taken enough shots at Oprah?  She is who she is.  I am going back to my old stand by that I have used on this site perhaps too many times before and will probably used again.  If you don’t like her don’t watch her, don’t read her show or network. Don’t read the magazine, or books or articles about her. Seems simple to me.  If her presence irritates you so much ignore her.  I think she has done some good and it is probably time to go away but it is her decision.  Since I am not too interested in her I don’t follow her life.  Again, for me simple.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      How can you ignore her? She is everywhere. That face. Everywhere. On television, on the internet, at the checkout at the grocery store. If not on a tabloid cover, the cover of her own magazine.

      And how can you not comment about her? The proclamations. Now the edicts. And the 11th Commandment. Thou Shalt Not Offend the Oprah. 
      Oh to be at a table next to hers and act as if I don’t know who she is. And proceed to offend her.  “Well, I heard…”

    • avatar Briana Baran says:

      Good grief, Deirdre, I don’t even venture near any websites that ought to mention celebutards except WoW…yet I can’t avoid Oprah because she appears as Real News on every network, invades the few satellite shows I watch with commercials for the OWN Network appearing in the bottom border (and obliterating half the screen), and even worse, with announcements of her ghastly personal revelations on various radio stations. I don’t want to know anything else about her life, public or private, but it being thrust in my face like a particularly bad religion at every turn.
      Take this article, by Ms. Howard. The only reason I turned to it was because I thought it would refer to a recent Oprah revelation that made me wonder just why the woman still has fans, much less worshipers. The radio was playing in a place in which I was required to wait, and the announcement was made that Oprah had been pregnant at fourteen. I thought this must be more sympathy hype. But no, it appears that she was pregnant, and that her mother, from whom she had concealed this fact, sent her to her father to live away from bad influences. In her very strict father’s house, the benighted young Oprah tried to kill herself by drinking laundry detergent (or alternatively, terminate the pregnancy, since her father would not approve of her state, or allow an abortion…not surprising for the era at all) and hide her condition. Her father found out. Oprah had the baby in the hospital…and the baby died.
      A sad story, but even today, forty years later, not that unusual. What was unusual was Oprah’s statement regarding the whole affair, which I will paraphrase as follows: I was glad the baby died, its death showed me that I could have a second chance, and allowed me that second chance. I didn’t have any attachment to it at all.
      This, I must say, made my skin just a tad crawly. Not even a hint of accountability, or I did make a serious mistake. No, just poor me, but lucky me, it died so I could become, well, all of this. All of her sycophantic cultists will come out in her support, this I know is true…but before you go on the attack, consider the following:
      Not too many years ago, a 14 year old girl gave birth to her baby boy in a middle school restroom close to where I live. She had successfully hidden her pregnancy from everyone, including her parents. While another girl listened in fear and horror, the girl went through a brief labor and delivery, the baby cried out once…then the mother stuffed toilet paper down his throat, and shoved his head down the toilet, flushing repeatedly. She murdered him. She is considered a monster. Maybe she thought that she would get a second chance once the baby was dead. Maybe she felt no connection, and feels no remorse. I suspect that, had she been pregnant 40 years ago, her condition would not have gone unnoticed…so many parents are out of touch with their children in current society, and afraid to be parents, and school nurses cannot place hands on a student in fear of violating their privacy.
      But the point is…many who will justify Oprah’s cold calculations and egocentrism will always refer to this other nameless, faceless (and certainly not of celebrity billionaire status) girl as a sociopathic killer. Grim, isn’t it? I didn’t go looking for more Oprah rot…but it found me…and it didn’t help my opinion of her or her disciples one bit.

      • avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

        Yes that is a very grim story, but why would you assume I would go on the attack?  I stated that I don’t listen or watch Oprah.  I had heard somewhere that she had a baby at 14 but did not know of the statement you quote. They are chilling.  I don’t condemn either 14 year old child. It is not my place or yours.  My point was then and is now that although we are bombarded by tv, radio, magazine etc. there are ways most of the time to minimize our exposure to those so called icons we prefer not to have in our lives.

  11. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Sorry meant “use again, not used again wish I proofed better.  Good night, sleep tight!

  12. avatar flyonthewall says:

    I wish the media would stop milking the Oprah money train.  As far as I am concerned, this business about the long lost half sister was just a ploy for higher ratings.  It is not 1950.  Many of us, perhaps most of the population, have a “secret relative” somewhere in our lives.  Big Whoop!  You said it, Brianna and ever so eloquently I might add.  I feel the same way.  The woman is just a mess and in no way qualifies as a model of higher living or spiritual guru.  She is just a shrewd business woman out to make tons of money.  Maizie, for the most part I have been boycotting all things Oprah (with the exception of this site) for many years.  It is because I’m a Margo fan that I’ve read what Margo has to say about her.

    • avatar Briana Baran says:

      I too delight in Margo’s column, which is what drew me to WoW. Whether or not Margo agreed or disagreed with Oprah’s public life, and her business machinations, and her use of her personal “tragedies” to gain attention and a wider fan base (and therefore, more popularity, money and power), I would still read her articles regarding Oprah, because she does have an insider’s track on the media, and a superior knowledge and understanding of the human animal. She always has something worthwhile to say…whether we are in agreement or not, and she is kind enough, and generous enough, to give credit and even positive responses when none are required. To me, that says so much about Ms. Howard as an individual.

  13. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    As a close friend told me awhile ago when you (Margo) were using your public platform to bash Palin and I joined in with delight “remember this Bee the next time she does a snuff job on Oprah…”  Stephanie you were correct.
    You don’t respect nor care much for Ms. Winfry and I don’t respect nor care much for Kitty Kelly.  Personally, as someone from Milwaukee, I can attest to the fact that it is very difficult for any gossip to be contained to a small group. Especially any hint of a half sister of Oprah living amongst us. This breaking news is huge because it speaks to the character of Patricia and her children that chose to keep this secret for 3 years. I HIGHLY DOUBT that they or the less than handful of family members that knew of her existence divulged it to Kitty Kelly. Of all people, Kitty Kelly? I think not.
    What you and others that are dismissing this story fail to understand is, Patricia’s objective then as it is today, was to 1. find her birth mother and 2. connect with her. Oprah only factors into the equation because she now knows she has a big sister. A prominent and wealthy big sister, but a big sister first.
    If this were a year ago I would be up in arms by the opinions expressed by you and the various of bloggers on this thread, but I have to admit…..when you step away from this site and come back to visit from time to time, you really do see how nasty and mean spirited some people can be. And it reminds me sadly of how I was one of you.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      Some like to provide the baseball bat to those who then bash them with it. And Oprah is becoming quite good at providing the bat.

      I think it’s touching that her sister wanted to find her mother. Not knowing about her sister. But there is something offensive about turning it into a “media moment” designed to promote Oprah. And most at this point are seeing it in that light. 

      Kitty Kelley gets dates and some facts wrong. But the base of the dates and facts are still there. She hasn’t written one word about anything that hasn’t been whispered about at dinner tables.  But there were many things, in all the books, that were whispered about at dinner tables that she decided not to write.  People want to know the real story behind the rich and famous. And not the pablum offered by their publicists.  And all have provided the baseball bats for Kitty Kelley. 

      People who like us to put them on pedestals should realize that we will knock them off the pedestals if they turn out not to be the god or goddess they wanted us to believe they were. It’s called schadenfreude.


    • avatar SMALL TOWN GIRL says:

      I’ll say mean spirited. She’s only human, and  how she felt when she was 14 and the baby died is exactly how a 14 year old should have felt.


    • avatar Dora M says:

      Belinda, my sentiments exactly about the discourse on this site, I remember when it first started it was great to get all sorts of comments and points of view on a variety of subjects, I really enjoyed it and in fact, I met some amazing people thanks to wow, but when it started to get nastier and mean spirited a while back it ceased to be of any interest to me, and whenever I periodically check back in I sadly realize that, by and large, I’m not missing much…

  14. avatar af-tx says:

    Margo and Kelley could start their OWN network like Oprah – problem solved.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      Oprah would start a boycott of advertisers and cause the economy to finally collapse if they did that. 

  15. avatar Diane Shaw says:

    I don’t pay much attention to Oprah but I will say, just by being subjected to her commercial blurbs on a daily basis, that it seems her last year of shows are more tabloid’esque – or am I just now noticing?  But yeah, I agree, what a snooze-fest on the “big reveal”.

  16. avatar sonicdog says:

    Oprah seems like a smart, savy business woman..But the whole “it’s a miracle!  I have a half-sister” is a little far-fetched.  I also had a mother who did not raise me, she had poor impulse control and a sketchy past…I have two half-sisters that have turned up in the past eight years with rumors of a third.  That’s not a miracle, that’s just life!  I would hope she would spend more time getting to know her sister and less time trying to benefit from it.  My two sisters have been a wonderful journey getting to know.

  17. avatar Deni says:

    I’ve a brother I’ve never met, he’s 48, my stepfather SOLD him and told my mother he was stillborn, a couple of months before my mother passed she told us about Jon.  I am the only hold out.  If he hasn’t come looking for us, then he doesn’t know about us and i say let sleeping dogs sleep.  i wouldn’t want to inflict anyone to my siblings or let them know what a pig of a father (my step father) he/she had.  i say leave it alone.  He may not even know he’s adopted.  But if it happens and he wants to meet i will meet him, and do my best to be up beat but i will not lie to him, i won’t paint a picture of roses and apple pie. I will be honest and tell him exactly what kind of man his father was and what kind of woman our mother was, and he can make his own opinion on the siblings, i only speak to 3 out of 6, I don’t deal well with drunks and druggies and refuse to be around them, and i wouldn’t allow my children around them either, there the main reason i joined the Navy and got the hell out of there.

    I’m happy for Pat that she got to meet Oprah, and by keeping her story to herself, she will be much better off in the long run because Oprah takes care of her own.

  18. avatar O E says:

    Oprah worries about being “sold out” by relatives.  I wonder if Oprah’s mother ever worried  about being SOLD OUT by Oprah.  I bet she never saw it coming.  She should have and should have told Oprah where to put it when she was asked to come and submit to humiliation by her own daughter for all the Oprah loving dimwits to see.

    • avatar Karen Ferguson says:

      Yes, yes, OE.  And Oprah’s little shrug of a toss-off comment was the literally “icy” frosting on the cake –“oh, by the way, my mother can’t speak very well (as I’m forcing this public humiliation) because she just had a stroke.”

  19. avatar D. Rivera says:

    Wow, this thread amazes me–so many haters!  (I hate that expression but it really fits here!)  I only became an Oprah fan in the last few years.  Yes, she can be annoying, yes she is full of herself (what real star is not full of themselves?).  Overall though, she has done a tremendous amount of good in the world (For those of you who are so critical–what real good have you done for the world?  In the last year?  Ever?).  People respond to Oprah because behind the media mogul, she is just human being like the rest of us, a human being who tries to be a better human being.  If you don’t like her, don’t watch.  Period.  The world has bigger problems.  Stop hating.

    • avatar O E says:

      A lot of us who leave comments here do much good for others; we just don’t flaunt it.  We follow the Good Word and don’t let the left hand know what the right hand does.  Oprah brings upon herself the negativity of people who give out of what little they have, and don’t advertise it in order to inspire worship from others; people who learned early in life the meaning of discretion, decorum, and humility; people who don’t use others as steping stones to enhance low self esteem.

  20. avatar Chip Griswold says:

    Sheesh except for a passing glance, I never watched the Oprah Winfrey show.  After reading all these comments, I feel like I missed something, but not much. 

  21. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Here’s some more on Oprah versus Kitty.  From Kitty.


    She occasionally gets a date or fact wrong but to date no one has successfully sued her. Because she can back everything up. She documents everything.  Instead of suing most dispatch their little character assassins to do to her what they want people to believe she had done to them.  Some of them merely claiming they never talked to her. When in fact they did. Truth in the end always prevails. As does the truth Kitty Kelley laid bare. 

  22. avatar Rhea58 says:

    This is a tad off-topic but something has been bothering me. 

    What is to happen to all those employees in Chicago in Sept. when
    the show goes off the air?   She has about 400 on staff…they cannot
    all be incorporated in OWN so what is to happen?  Anyone know?

  23. avatar Pdr de says:

    I’m stunned at how many of you who have written seem to “hate” Oprah. I have barely watched her program for the last couple of years but I used to watch on a daily basis and found her funny, intelligent, serious and inspiring. I wonder how many girls, particularly African American girls have dared to dream and have achieved their dreams because Oprah set an example for them to follow.
    Like her or not, jealous of her success or not as many of you seem to be, this woman has done so much good over the years – has brought so many forbidden subjects to light – sexual abuse of male and female children by men and women, drug addiction, alcoholism and secret drinking, hoarding, health issues, AIDS and many other subjects many people didn’t know enough about.  She’s provided homes, vehicles and college tuition for people who needed it.  She’s given millions and millions of dollars away for good causes – many, many lives have been positively impacted by her generosity.  Whatever her reasons for doing all this for decades, the fact remains, the lives of countless people have been changed for the better because of her.
    My father sexually abused me for many years when I was growing up and my mother turned a blind eye.  Watching Oprah’s show on the subject gave me the courage to get help. I found a great counselor and today I’m a very different woman because of her – she opened the door and helped me to stop feeling responsible for my abuse; today I feel more confident and more content – I feel whole.
    For Pete’s sake, give the woman a break! Quit painting her with a black brush!  She’s like the rest of us in that there are admirable things about her and not so wonderful things.  Yes, her fame seems to have changed her in recent years, but it would be hard to fight that.  When you’ve been put on a pedestal for years, it’s hard to see yourself as a human being with human frailties.  She can be very formidable but she can also be very compassionate.
    She’s human – she dragged herself up out of a painful childhood where she was passed from one person to another; where her mother didn’t want the responsibility of raising her.  Yet she dared to dream and achieved more of those dreams than the vast majority of us could ever have done.  She’s a highly intelligent, driven, determined woman and she does have a heart. Yes, her ego has gotten bigger over time but that’s practically a given when you look at all she has achieved and she’s not done yet.  She uses much of her money for good.
    I’d like her next huge achievement to be helping homeless and hungry children in this country – our government and many charitable organizations seem to have forgotten all about them.
    Like her or not, Oprah has made a positive difference in this world for decades because she could and because she wanted to.  Has she changed over the years?  Of course, who hasn’t?  Like her or not, it doesn’t erase the good she’s done!
    As for the secret regarding her half-sister – I’m happy for them both, no matter how things came about.  Pat is a genuinely warm, loving woman and her children seem to be fine young people.  I’m happy they have found an aunt in Oprah and that their mother has a sister.