The Gypsy Dispatches: First Person Accounts From Mumbai and Mexico

From Mumbai:  I just had a call from my Swiss friend who just arrived in Geneva from Mumbai and when he was leaving his hotel in Mumbai to go to the airport and his elevator arrived in the lobby there was no one alive there, just a horrific group of dead people and blood everywhere and he saw a man with a gun but was hustled out onto the street by someone and into the restaurant next door where he and others hid in the dark all night in the confusion.  He said the terrorists were shooting anybody and anywhere,  it was total chaos.

From Mexico: Yesterday I just had another call from a friend in Baja who has a home near the lovely and luxurious resorts there who packed up and left and doubts she will return as the two drug factions are having a war there and up and down the south coast of Mexico and in Mexico City and they are cutting off heads and rolling them down the beaches and it is total Hell.

It is a good time to stay home and bless America for being as safe as it is. 


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