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If for apocalyptic reasons (that your loved ones understand) you were forced to have an ultra-romantic one-night stand with a famous man  — for example, a movie star, a sports hero, a politician, or a journalist — who would it be??

Candice Bergen: Che Guevara. For all the obvious reasons. And many others I can’t remember.

Sheila Nevins: William Shakespeare, to get the true meaning of Henry the IV.

Joan Ganz Cooney: Ten years ago, I would have said Sam Shepard.  Now I would say no thanks to an ultra romantic one night stand unless it was listening to Frank Sinatra with George Clooney.

Mary Wells: I have to have two romances. For an afternoon cuddle with interesting conversations about Pakistan and Afghanistan between kisses I would like to try Imran Khan. I will buy him the wonderful sandals I saw recently and a bat he has never seen. I will brush up on my cricket for lighter chatty moments and find some sexy Pakistan music if there is any in Pakistan. If you know of any please e mail me.

For an evening cuddle it has to be Tom Brady. I will spice our cocktails with that medical  juice hospitals give you when you are on a ventilator so you will forget it because Tom is married to possibly the most beautiful woman in the world and for this romance to happen he has to forget her.  And so do I. I think Tom Brady has the sexiest grin ever zoomed at a woman and I really want it zoomed at me. I have known a few quarterbacks who were all muscle and lust and could kill you, but Tom Brady is cashmere inside,  all 6 ‘4” of him. And I’ve watched him: off the field, he gentles women. Yah.

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  1. avatar Mee Hu says:

    What a delicious conundrum. So many ___’s, so little time….
    However, I have to rely on my “British Triumvirate:”
    1) Daniel Craig, that smooth-as-silk, tough-as-nails Bond. (See “Layer Cake” for an earlier example of his incredible sex appeal and damn fine acting.)
    2) Jason Statham, as the “Transporter” his strong morality gets pushed to the limits while he expertly slices and dices the bad guys with stunning finesse. The abs ain’t bad, either.
    3) Sting. Lyrical intelligence matched with a streamlined yoga-honed body and reputed tantric expertise as well. Mmm. Count me in.
    My answer? Any of the above.

  2. avatar D C says:

    Hugh Jackman.  With Wolverine hair.  Or not.  I think he is incredibly handsome to look at, a brilliant talent, and from all that I have seen so far, seems to absolutely adore his wife.  Nothing makes a man more attractive than that.  Of course, that probably means he’s turn me down. 

  3. avatar LandofLove says:

    Hugh Laurie. For purely intellectual reasons, of course. If nothing else, I’d ask him to read the dictionary to me.

  4. avatar Maggie W says:

    Nick Sarkozy.  One of the world’s most beautiful and sensual women likes cozying up to Nick although Nick is no looker.  But more than that, when the whiney French were dumping garbage and setting fires and howling at the moon over Nick’s handling of the retirement age, he stood firm and basically said, ” F… You!  It’s going to happen. Deal with it.” 

    President Obama, take note.

  5. avatar Jane H says:

    Oh my…. Sam Waterston

  6. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    James Bond. All of them. It’s a fantasy question. So why not? 

  7. avatar Lila says:

    Meh.  Can I just curl up with a good book?

  8. avatar M. Starr says:

    Hugh Jackman………..charming and absolutely gorgeous!

  9. avatar Briana Baran says:

    What? Darling, who would have eccentric, iconoclastic, cynical, sarcastic, brooding me? O, my, o my…
    But, if I must take one for the team, and the alleged old man in the sky and country, for apocalyptic reasons…(I don’t give a fig if anyone but R. understood, and R. would laugh his adorable backside off if I were to let him in on this particular stab at deeper meanings)…hmmm, let me think.
    Well, just about all of the fellows I find physically attractive have been mentioned…but I don’t know that I’d want to do more than look at any of them. I could add Johnny Depp to that list, and Viggo Mortensen, but, again, these are men who are very, very self-assured, and famous for their sex appeal, and perhaps I am not reacting as viscerally to them as I might believe. Perhaps I have been influenced by the brain emissions of millions of women-in-lust. And I have my suspicions that, in their hearts, and at the base of their existences, these are very domesticated men.
    I prefer eccentricity, and a dark, unconventional, brilliant sense of humor. And the unpredictable, high intelligence, and wicked curiosity. I require patience, but also a certain degree of the demanding. I really have no idea who might even begin to be acceptable…for an, ahem, “one-night-stand”, if you will. I would certainly consider the duration of the night to be from dusk till dawn, and fully expect to sleep not at all.
    I don’t want an ignorant thug, or a buffoon, or an elegant but boring dullard. I am trying desperately to think of a single celebrity male who would fit the bill…but I am drawing a blank. O, dear, will I be the cause of the Apocalypse?
    Perhaps one of you ladies has a suggestion so that I will not bring Armageddon down upon us all. Here I am with an intriguing fantasy to consider…and no one to fill in the male stranger’s role.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      Briana you can have one of the James Bonds. Too many Bonds in one bed and all. So many Bonds, too little room in the bed.  But you can’t have Sean Connery. 

      • avatar Briana Baran says:

        I think it would have to be Daniel Craig then. His Bond is the most uncivilized under the veneer of sophistication. A bit like, “Well, I did get the bomber, you know”.
        “Yes, but James, you took out a nunnery to do it!”
        “Well, what about it?”
        He has a way of looking utterly bemused when he creates total mayhem, plus, there was that scene in Casino Royale when he requested that his torturer alter the direction of his swings to the right to better scratch his, mmm, itch. Now, that’s a sense of humor.
        Yes, Mr. Craig’s Bond will do nicely…
        Thank you for your generosity, Baby.

        • avatar Baby Snooks says:

          Oh I forgot about the original Casino Royale and the Bond everyone forgets. Or tries to I suppose.  David Niven. 

    • avatar D C says:

      I think you should look at Hugh Jackman, except that he’ll be with me that night. 

  10. avatar Donna H says:

    Sean Connery….oooooooooh, that Scottish accent!!! But he has to wear his kilt.

    • avatar Briana Baran says:

      Donna, my R. is actually descended from the Scott’s Wallaces, and has the same dark eyes as Mr. Connery, and perfect legs for a kilt.
      Not that I’ve ever been able to get him into one…

  11. avatar Count Snarkula says:

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

  12. avatar NeeleyM says:

    Gerard Butler or country singer Gary Allan.  Funny though, they both look very much like Mr. M – to me anyway 🙂

  13. avatar KatrinaS says:

    Troy Aikman

  14. avatar Babette dYveine says:

    George Clooney.  And he wouldn’t have to say a word.

  15. avatar Deeliteful says:

    George Strait and he can leave his cowboy hat on.

  16. avatar Mary E. Sayler says:

    Thomas Jefferson (a distant cousin) so I could find out the real take on the Constitution and the intent they had when writing it. 

  17. avatar Linda Myers says:

    Apocalyptic reason, I would go share a tree with Buddah and ask what the hell we going to do now!

  18. avatar Nongator says:

    Ooh… Matthew Goode (British guy from the movie Chasing Liberty). He is hot!

  19. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    Wow, what a thought.
    Mine would be a tie between actor Sam Elliott & Lt. General Russell Honore’. I am attracted to what is commonly known as “alpha males” I prefer strong, masculine, confident, take control guys. And I also go weak in the knees for a deep, sexy voice. So these guys would……oh my!

    • avatar Deeliteful says:

      How could I forget Sam Elliott?  Dated a man who looked very much like him and was definitely an alpha male in all departments – great memories!

  20. avatar Cindy Marek says:

    Hayden Christensen.

    And I don’t care if he is 15-1/2 years younger than me. 😉

  21. avatar R Rose says:

    Harrison Ford, from the first Indiana Jones movie.  In the suit and hat.  Mmmmm.  Be still, my beating heart!

  22. avatar TheRudeDog says:

    Well, this was an interesting exercise: My husband & I have our “Free F*** List”…and I couldn’t find mine!  And at one time it was a Big Deal!  I finally found it (from, easily, 15 years ago) and my choices haven’t really changed, although I think my reasons have: The late Gregory Hines, Greg Kinnear and/or Prince.  But, even given that this is pure fantasy, I doubt the Prince thing would work out.  Poor guy would take one look at the whole set-up and walk out.  (Even in my dreams, I can’t talk him into it!)  🙂

  23. avatar katywon LA.. says:

    Charles Dickens, because in just one tale he gave us so many good opening lines to borrow for our own writings. Not that I am a good writer or even a writer but I did use his words for many a college paper with acknowlegement to the original Dickens.

  24. avatar V B says:

    Russell Crowe

    do I need to explain?

  25. avatar Yvonne Faye says:

    Bill Clinton.  Very intelligent.  Very nice.