Press Highlights


Wall Street Journal, 6.24.11
“wowOwow, Graydon Carter ‘Hates’ the Vanity Fair Oscar Party”
By Katherine Rosman
A peak at wowOwow’s first show on Sirius XM’s wowOwow Radio, 10.26.10
“A Book Club for Readers Who Will Pay to be First”
By Jeff Bercovici
A look into’s newest endeavor, ‘Book Look’.
, 06.28.10
“Top 100 Websites for Women” picks its top 100 websites for women, and makes the list.

Page Six, 06.15.10
“Father of MTV launching new property
Bob Pittman is slated to launch his new venture,, at the end of Summer 2010.


The View, 09.25.09

USA Weekend, 05.03.09
“Who’s News”
USA Weekend profiles Lesley Stahl and her contribution to the founding of the women’s website


FOX Strategy Room, 04.23.09
“Ask Rometo”’s Peggy Rometo is a special guest on Fox’s Strategy Room, where she answers viewers’ questions.


TV Guide Magazine, 03.29.09
“Bookmark This!”
TV Guide magazine quotes why Whoopi Goldberg loves


NY1, 03.23.09
“’On The Job’ Training Takes on New Meaning”
By Asa Aarons’s Think Up initiative, Executive Interns, is redefining what it means to be an intern in the technology-driven workforce.

Newsweek, 03.21.09
“The Gossip Queen, Still on the Scene”
By Ramin Setoodeh
Liz Smith speaks to Newsweek about life before and after print and her gossip column’s new home at

NBC – Today Show
, 03.20.09
“ Executive Interns” and its Think Up initiative, Executive Interns, are featured on the “Today” show on NBC.

NPR – The Brian Lehrer Show, 03.18.09
“Interns with Experience”
Joni Evans and Lesley Stahl discuss the Think Up initiative, Executive Interns, with Brian Lehrer.

Personal Money Store, 03.18.09
Women on Web a Great Source of Financial Advice, News
The Personal Money Store praises for offering free in-depth financial advice for women.

Syndicated – The Rachael Ray Show, 03.16.09
“Mystery Taster: Candice Bergen, Liz Smith and Joni Evans”
Candice Bergen, Liz Smith and Joni Evans discuss the “kick-ass women’s website” with Rachael Ray as her Mystery Taster guests.


New York magazine, 03.16.09
“Wired: She’s Got Mail”
At 86, Liz Smith is ready to leave dinosaur media behind her, for the website she co-founded –

The Journal News, 03.15.09
“Publishing legend Joni Evans celebrates 1-year anniversary of”
By Heather Salerno
The Journal News interviews CEO Joni Evans about the one-year anniversary of the website.

The Los Angeles Times (FRONT PAGE), 03.06.09
“At 55, she’s no ordinary intern”
By Geraldine Baum
The Los Angeles Times details’s innovative Think Up initiative, Executive Interns. The Think Up Executive Interns initiative mentors laid-off executives in old media as they transition into new media.

MSNBC – Morning Joe, 03.04.09
“Lesley Stahl with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski”

ABC 7 – New York City News, 02.26.09
“Post, Liz Smith part ways”
Liz Smith discusses her transition from old media to new media as she departs the New York Post and begins writing her daily gossip column on

The New York Times, 02.24.09
“Liz Smith Bids City’s Tabloids Goodbye”
By James Barron
The New York Times details Liz Smith’s transition of her daily gossip column from the New York Post to her new online home at

FOX – Good Day New York, 02.23.09
“Women on the Web”
Rosanna Scotto interviews Joni Evans, Liz Smith, Lesley Stahl and Mary Wells about the all-star website of female movers and shakers.

NPR – The Tavis Smiley Show, 02.03.09
“, Women on the Web”
Liz Smith and Lesley Stahl discuss the website with Tavis Smiley.

MSNBC – Morning Joe, 01.29.09
Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski discuss the broad appeal and success of the website with Lesley Stahl.

Media Bistro, 12.17.08
“So What Do You Do, Joni Evans, CEO,”
Joni Evans explains her transition from the book world to the Internet world with the founding of the website to

The New York Post, 12.08.08
WOW! $1.5M Web Deal
Robert Pittman’s Pilot Group and The Rhime Group have teamed up to make a $1.5 million investment in, the website aimed at women in the over-40 crowd, On the Money has learned.

Bust Magazine, December 2009
“MAD Women”
Advertising legend Mary Wells talks about her legendary career as an advertising executive and her latest venture, the women’s website


British Vogue
, November 2008
“The WOW Factor”
The website delivers wit and wisdom to women for whom gossip sites are merely irritating and misspelling.


The Boston Globe, 10.17.08
“Ernestine, Edith Ann, are alive and well”
Lily Tomlin thinks of the characters she has portrayed, such as Ernestine and young Edith Ann, and how her characters now appear regularly on her website

The Chicago Sun Times, 09.24.08
“Brangelina kid around”
Smith was in town for a Tiffany luncheon joined by “Miss Manners” columnist Judith Martin and writer Julia Reed, two of her fellow contributors on


The San Francisco Chronicle, 08.17.08
“It’s a Woman’s World Wide Web”
A crop of new women’s websites have been launched in recent months, purporting to give women what they want and need to navigate their lives.

The New York Times – Deal Book, 08.14.08
“Sites for Women Draw Traffic and Investors”
These days, media firms and venture capitalists just can’t seem to get enough of the ladies.

The International Herald Tribune, 08.13.08
“Marketers and Websites Home in on Women”
As advertisers begin to realize the potential of marketing woman to woman, The New York Times investigates several strategies for women’s sites including’s intimacy.

Variety, 07.30.08
“Women Increase Influence Online”
Variety’s 2008 impact report cites as a digital mover and shaker who is upping the ante by creating new ways for women to become part of the growing sisterhood online.

CBS News, 06.19.08
“Ladies Who Do Lunch Do It Over the Internet”
Joni Evans, Joan Juliet Buck and Lesley Stahl sit down with CBS news to talk about their new all-female-oriented Web venture

The New York Times, 06.02.08
“Slumber Parties Go Digital”
In this digital age, women are taking over the Web. Female-friendly websites like are leading the way.

Media Life Magazine, 05.28.08
“For These Women, Second Acts, to Chat” is one of few websites that successfully delivers content to an audience outside the 18-34 “web demographic.”

New York Social Diary
, 04.23.08
“Women on the Web”
New York Social Diary introduces the new sophisticated women’s website by naming it a trailblazer among new websites.

PBS – Charlie Rose
, 4.8.08:
“A Discussion With the Co-founders of”
Liz Smith, Lesley Stahl, Joni Evans and Mary Lawrence. For the first time in tech history, women outnumber men using the Internet.

London Sunday Times, 4.6.08:
“ gives a voice to mature women”
A new website is giving the over-40s something to shout about. Style meets the wonder women behind the revolution.

Women’s Wear Daily
, 4.4.08:
“Inside Out: Blond Band’s New Web Gig”
With the five founders having invested $200,000 each in a month-old site that is both aimed at a big audience and anchored by their first-person narratives, these women are convinced they can tap into a more universal female experience.

FOX Business News – Money for Breakfast, 3.26.08:
“Women of WOW”
For Money for Breakfast’s edition of Media Land, Peter Barnes interviews some of the women of wOw, discussing their new venture and what they plan to accomplish together.

The Guardian, 3.21.08:
“The Wow Factor”
Women’s websites offering intelligent content are booming, thanks to their appeal to those who feel patronized by glossy magazines.

Los Angeles Times, 3.15.08:
“ seeks to give women what they want”
The start-up website is aimed at affluent women over 40, much like its celebrity founders. Contributors include Marlo Thomas, Lesley Stahl, Candice Bergen, Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg.

ABC – Good Morning America, 3.12.08:
“Wow O Wow: More Than Coffee Talk”
Smart, accomplished women invite you to join the conversation online.

The New York Times, 3.6.08:
“Boldface in Cyberspace: It’s a Woman’s Domain”
wowOwow also has political commentary, but what’s particularly distinctive are the conversations, like the Halston dialogue, which read like deeper and more intimate versions of the “hot topics” segment of the television gabfest “The View.”