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Trump for President??

Serious? A joke? What’s your opinion of Donald Trump’s run for the president?

Whoopi Goldberg: It’s a free country and anyone — anyone — can run. If someone is not happy with the way things are going, anyone who has a vote can run and try their hand at doing a better job. That I can respect, even if I don’t agree with the vision of the person in question. I respect it because fundamentally they, like me, love America, and want it to be the best country it can be. But when the conversation is turned into a bullshit-fest filled with a rejection of facts, laced with cheap innuendo and a belief that being the thug/bully of the world is the country we want to be, it doesn’t seem to work. (I mean really, didn’t we already try that in Iraq and watch the world give us the finger?)

I want to see Trump in the grownup debates with the other candidates. Then I’ll have a real feeling about him running. To me, right this minute, he is just another facade: glitter and no substance.

Candice Bergen: Aaaaarrrgh!! It wasn’t humiliating enough when Bush/Cheney were in place? The guy is an unstable bulldozer! Give me a break. Is there no Republican candidate who is not a horror? Just Romney?! Oy.

Joan Ganz Cooney: I have no idea if he’s serious but if he is, then he somewhat demented. Once his business life gets exposed, which it is starting to be, his birther accusations against Obama will seem like a candle on a birthday cake.

Mary Wells Lawrence: Trump has had success selling his name to buildings — and even owns some. Maybe he thinks it would be just as easy to take on a Great Recession as Obama had to, or to manage Congress as productively as Lyndon Johnson did. Or maybe when he goes to bed he just laughs at how easy it is to get attention in America.

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  1. avatar Chris Glass` says:

    The presidency is not a reality show with people groveling to be an apprentice. Mr. Trump will be unable to fire someone at will. Some of his past projects have been in bankruptcy not exactly reassuring if he is expected to help balance a federal budget. I’d rather see someone in charge with foreign policy experience and less public posturing.

  2. avatar KarenR says:

    Local sampling via

    “He’s no threat, and not worth the bother, is what I believe.”

    “Snooki would be a better president.”

    “I want to know where that thing on Trumps head was born…..?”

    “…a mile wide, an inch deep and all about me?”

    “… the epitome of The Ugly American”

    “I dont think Trump has ever been wrong, and he happens to be one stylish dude.”

    “If elected, would he name his plane, “Hair Force One”?????”
    (response) : “I guess but a better question might be Is it real ?”

    and from a related 2012 Republican Presidential candidates thread

    “I’m waiting for the Republicans to run someone even more ignorant than W. When corporations can saturate the media with their propaganda during elections, they could run someone’s dog. Unfortunately, there haven’t been a lot of movies with animal heroes that aren’t animated. Maybe there’s a descendent of Lassie or Rin Tin Tin to run. Rin Tin Tin was nominated for one of the first Oscars but there would have to be a pretty strong campaign to get him name recognition. Still he did better than Reagan who I don’t think ever was nominated.”

  3. avatar Nancy Pea says:

    the man is a known attention/ratings whore would will sell his name or his mother (which ever got the most out of it) to get his name on something or to get more money. i think this is a publicity stunt and he really never intends to actually get any farther than a nomination (if he really plans to even take it that far). right now he is the buzz word on every tea partier and every dem’s list. i’m not taking him seriously because i don’t think he could or would actually want to deal with being the president. it also doesn’t pay the money he is used to getting. he likes his money and his flash. he likes to see his name up in lights. but i doubt he will even get a nomination with his financial status, past bankruptcies and his fooling around behind his ex-wifes back pretty publicly i don’t think he can run. so i will just wait and see.

    dear whoopi, i don’t think he will get far enough to debate with real politicians. that would show that he cannot do it well and he doesn’t like ppl seeing the bad side of him. but it would be interesting to watch them tear him apart, feed and spit him out again.

    i have said it before and i’ll say it again. trump is just “a dog and pony show” and that is all he is worth. bad comedy i guess you could call it!

  4. avatar Bonnie O says:

    Here we go again.  Who can not only write about their dislike of the possibility of a Trump presidency but who can write a comment that contains the most sarcasm?  Oh, lets not forget to add in a dig or two at George W. Bush ….who actually looks better and better the more Obama is in office.

    As for Trump, I have my doubts as to his seriousness.  Doubtful if he could win the GOP nomination.  I would not support him in the primaries;  and I hate the tought that I might have to vote for him if the race is Trump vs. Obama.  Might not vote except, in my opinion, the country cannot afford Obama … and I mean that literally.  The man spends and spends and when he says he wants deficit reduction, he puts forth a budget that increases spending for 2012.  He is the joke …. unfortunately.  Perhaps a nice guy but the Presidency is and has been beyond his ability to manage. 

    • avatar Lila says:

      Bonnie, I agree that our government must rein in its spending, but Obama inherited a mud pit which is not easily shoveled out. I said it before he was even elected and I will repeat here: Whoever steps into the Oval Office will have a thankless task, and it WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE to fix all of the then-current mess in one term in office, even if they perform perfectly – which of course, no one does.

      War is the single most expensive endeavor a nation can undertake, and it was Bush who signed us up for two of them, at a cost SO FAR of over $1.1 trillion.

      The Iraq war, which was completely unnecessary, has cost some $787 billion to date.

      The Afghanistan war, which was necessary and should have been the focus, has cost nearly $400 billion to date.

      This does not include any estimates of the medical and social costs to care for wounded veterans, especially for tens of thousands of severe brain injuries and hundreds of thousands of less-severe brain injuries. All of these patients will have trouble living on their own or holding a job. Makes PTSD look like a bargain.

      Such budget-sucking monsters as DHS were also created on Bush’s watch, and intelligence agencies have bloated to the point of uselessness. Since 2001, 33 brand-new building complexes have been established for intel activities; the equivalent of 3 more Pentagons. And this has made things worse, rather than fixing our problems… which were related to lack of focus and lack of sharing. We already had plenty of resources.

      As for Wall Street, it was Bush who instituted TARP, not Obama. The housing bubble burst on Bush’s watch, not Obama’s. Etc.

      Let’s flash ahead to the present. The Republican plan to respond to this horrific deficit includes such money-saving (???) features as cutting Medicaid to the poor, and future Medicare for anyone who is currently under 55. Easy for them, and for the rich, since the Fed health plans are among the best and the rich can just buy what they need. Oh, and the rich also get a tax break as the top rate is proposed to be cut down to 25%. Not to mention that the true giants like Warren Buffet make most of their money through capital gains, at a rate of 15%. The effect is to use benefits to the poor to fund more perks for the rich. That’s just poor leadership, greed, and poor social responsibility.

      I consider myself more conservative than liberal, but I just can’t support the Republicans any more. They have gone too far astray.

      • avatar D C says:

        Lila, next time you’re in my neighborhood, may I buy you a cup of Coffee?

      • avatar Bonnie O says:

        Lila –  I appreciate your reponse.  However, with most of what you claim, I disagree except for the fact that President Bush led America into two wars.  Was the war in Iraq necessary, inevidtable or a poor decision.  History will be the judge.  However, I believe it was necessary and the world and most certainly the Middle East is better off without a Saddam Hussein.

        Afghanistan is a boondoggle which Obama has only made worse.  Can we get out?  Of course, but not without harm to the Afghani people who supported NATO involvement.  Remember Obama changed the stragedy of the war in March of 2008 …. it is now his war.  And the fighting in Libya and Pakinstan were his decisions.  America is now fighting in four countries, not only two.

        The electiion of 2012 will be a refrendum on the policies and actions taken President Obama during the time of 2008-2012.  Polls now show that for an incumbent President, he is considered very weak.   The President’s decision to increased spending … remember he quadruled the debt left by President Bush …. and the trillion dollar annual deficit faced by the nation is directly related to his policies.  His Administration and advisors agreed on the path of spending …. yet they did not spend wisely.  The Bush Administration left an annual deficit of approximately $450Billion dollars ….. which was the result of a poor decision by President Bush to not ask the American people to pay for the increased costs in military spending following 9/11.  The deficit is now running at $1 Trillion dollars plus.   And Obama’s budget proposal for 2012 would increased it even more.  Obama’s spending is not sustainable by the nation.

        By the way, the TARP monies were made by both Bush and Obama.  However, most of those monies have been repaid to the government, with interest.  The monies that were misspent include both Stimulus bills, some bail-out funds to corporations and all the increases in domestic spending while the country was facing the looming recession.

        There were pages of comments about the causes of the recession last year at wowowow.  Some folks prefer to believe the recession was politically caused while others blame Wall Street and then others believe the recession is directly related to the bloated real estate market and then the nefarious ways (but legal) in which banks were able to bundle the sub-prime mortgages and market them as investments.  The sub-prime mortages were allowed (and approved) by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  Loans were being made without proper vetting of buyers as to whether they could afford the monthly mortgage amounts.  The real estatedmarket was operating under a “bubble” and when it collapsed, the mortgages turned into “bad-paper”, the bundled investments became worthless almost overnight and major firms such as Lehman Brothers went out of business almost without a whimper. Then the stock market collapsed under the weight of the falling real estate market.   NY Times columist Sorkin has a well written book about the recession … causes and effects.

        • avatar Lila says:

          We have been in Pakistan in one form or another since 2001.

          I very much disagree with our action in Libya but was trying to make a point about expenditures. Libya is pocket change compared to Iraq. Still, pocket change unnecessarily spent so I agree with you there.

          What is your definition of “boondoggle” here?

          • avatar Bonnie O says:

            Lila –  A “boondoggle” is a no-win situation.  We cannot win in Afghanistan in the traditional sense.   After winning all battles against the Taliban and destroying Al Qaeda training campls, President Bush removed the majority of American forces in Afghanistan, leaving NATO forces to maintain the nation’s security.  American forces were deployed to Iraq and NATO forces were given rules-of-engagement that did not allow the military to fight offensively, only defensively.  Soon the Taliban returned to fight offensively and they brought the fight to their own people in their own villages while NATO forces remained near Kabal.  The situation deteriorated to such a degree that most of the successes won earlier were now lost.  And American forces had to return to Afghanistan.  Obama has tripled the number of GIs there.

            When American forces leave Afghanistan, what do you imagine will happen there?  Do you think the Afghan people will resist the Taliban?    Will they be able to?  Will a security force composed of Afghan troops resist the Taliban and Al Qaeda?  Not likely.  As a candidate, Obama said when asked this very question, that if Al Qaeda returns to Afghanistan, then “American forces will have to return, also”.

            Well, we left once.  NATO was useless without American forces.  We are there again and after we leave this time, will we return for a third time?   It is a no-win situation….. a boondoggle.

          • avatar Lila says:

            Well – I recall things a bit differently, and I was in a position to get the daily briefing for close to 6 years. The devil is in the details. But anyway, yes, we won in both countries in the traditional sense of defeating the opposing government forces and removing the ruling government. But also yes, we are not doing so well with the follow-on insurgencies, which have been persistent and destructive.

            So – the budget: what gets me about Iraq in particular is that it absolutely was not necessary (and neither is Libya). Wars should ONLY be fought for immediate national security reasons, including treaty obligations. Saddam was contained, and containing him for the rest of his natural life would have been far cheaper than what we have now. Balance of power? Iran is the big winner with Saddam gone. Middle East better off without him? Uh… other than making Iran happy, how so? Things are not better in Iraq. The infrastructure is worse, women’s rights are worse, security is worse. There are plenty of other bad guys in the world but even if we had the money and power to go around removing all of them, it’s just not in our interests.

            As for Obama raising troop levels in Afghanistan: we are long paying a price for trying to run two wars on the cheap. Both wars were seen within the military as under-manned at the outset; Bush held back forces from Afghanistan because he was already planning to invade Iraq.

            How to extricate ourselves from either country? Well, we have made a goat-rope of it, to be sure. If it were up to me – this is unpopular, but – I would NEVER have tried to establish democracy. In my opinion, the culture does not support it (I always get shouted down when I express this to my peers). One can set up the trappings and hold elections, but it’s externally-imposed window dressing and therefore ineffective and inherently unstable. Real democracy has to come from the people themselves, and even then, it comes by fits and starts. These misguided attempts to export democracy are a tremendous waste of resources, and yeah – I can picture what will happen when we leave. We should have kicked butt, taken names, and then installed a government (dictator, if you like) with just two qualifications: 1) friendly to the US, and 2) able to hold the country together. THEN we could leave. But… again, this is a very unpopular view. Too cynical, too counter to “what the US stands for.” Well, if we keep it up, we will stand for a bunch of unpaid IOUs.

          • avatar Bonnie O says:

            Your assessment of building a democracy in Afghanistan is absolutely correct.  It would not be possible unless America, IMO,  annexed the entire country.  However, your assertion that America could have “installed a government and/or dictator that could hold the country together”  is also an impossibility.  Whom could America have installed who 1) could not be bought by the drug traders 2) would not be outright murdered by the Taliban or 3) could not be bought by the Taliban?  And these same questions are valid today.

            Karsai is rarely seen outside of the capitol.  Members of his administration and probably he, too, are corrupt.

            When American forces leave Afghanistan, the country will probably fall quickly to the Taliban.  Even the fact that some Taliban are being brought into the government will probably not save the country.

            Finally Lila, your assertions as to the conditions in Iraq are off-the-mark.  It is a violent place and will be for many years to come.  But Saddam’s star chambers have been destroyed;  women are no longer being dragged into the rape-rooms.  Iraqi men are no longer being forced to jump to their deaths from buildings while their wives and children stand helplessly nearby.  To not be a Suni Muslem is no longer a life lived in fear and discrimination.  There are no more mass graves being dug which contain hundreds and hundreds of the murdered bodies of Iraqi citizens.   No, your assertions are incorrect.   Conditions are better in Iraq and for those changes Americans and the Brits have paid a huge price.

            Saddam was a threat to Israel.  Perhaps by removing him from power has saved more lives than we will ever know.

  5. avatar Karen Ferguson says:

    Romney will not get my vote, ever. I know that there have been plenty of Presidential siblings and family whose actions have nothing to do with the Presidency. But if Romney keeps indicating that he stands a head taller than other candidates because of the values his family follows, he’d better start counting on the idea that a tabloid is going to print something.

  6. avatar Lila says:

    I’m with Candice on this one. The entire Republican Party can’t find ANY serious, competent candidates for President? Really?

    Trump may think he’s a contender, but he’s not. He is a sign of just how extreme – and truly frightening – the Republican party has become in recent years. You KNOW there are competent, reasonable, electable, moderate Republicans out there, but somehow they can’t or won’t find their way into the field of candidates.

  7. avatar says:

    I can’t take Donald Trump seriously about running for president. He’s a bully and he likes to voice his opinions by criticizing others with personal attacks. If the Republican party cannot find anyone more qualified than Trump then Obama has very little to worry about.
    The disrespect in politics is beginning to wear thin. Maybe if all the powers to be would spend more time working on the problems of this country instead of another campaign, we could have something to pound our chest about. Just sayin…

  8. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    The Republican Party, particularly at the point it took the Tea Party under its wings, has become Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus.  And Trump knows well the wisdom of PT Barnum. Question is are there enough suckers in the country to get him past the caucuses? 

    Obama seems to be fitting in well at Kennebunkport. So I suspect the Bushes may endorse Trump.   

  9. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    My question of the week:  Do you all really believe there are two parties in Washington?  Just the adoptions at Kennebunkport should give you a hint tha both parties are just part of a dog and pony show.

    • avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

      Walter Lipmann always contended that we didn’t have a real two-party system. He declared that the system worked so well in the US because the differences between Democrats and Republicans were bridgeable. “Although it is the custom of partisans to speak as if there were radical differences between the Ins and the Outs…in stable and mature societies the differences are necessarily not profound,” he wrote in 1925. “If they were profound, the defeated minority would be constantly on the verge of rebellion. An election would be catastrophic, whereas the assumption in every election is that the victors will do nothing to make life intolerable to the vanquished and that the vanquished will endure with good humor polices which they do not approve.”

      Today we can say with assurance that the divisions between the two parties are wide and deep. How this constitutes a blending of the two party system escapes me. But since Obama is a center leaning kind of guy, I can understand why some may think the left has married the right and vise versa.

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        The only division is the division among the people. Divide and conquer as they say.  Certainly divide in order to divert attention. The only Democrats and Republicans in this country are the folls, or suckers,  who believe there are Democrats and Republicans on the ballot.  

  10. avatar Mary says:

    True he has the right to try to be President as would anyone however would he be a good President , hmmmmmmm for me the answer is a clear NO.  Trump loves attention and it realy isn’t going to matter whether the attention is good or bad. His history is not so good as a landlord nor is it as good as most of Americans are led to believe by his gloss financially.  I think his strength for the Republican party is his diversions from reality.

  11. avatar Amaterasu says:

    Mike Huckabee is going to run and win, so I’m not worried!!!!

  12. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Obama released a certified copy of  his original birth certificate this morning. The long-form as it’s called in Hawaii. No doubt the Tea Party will call it a fake since it wasn’t relaesed to begin with. Or some other such nonsense. No doubt Trump will run with that. But for the moment, well, he’s claiming he’s a hero to the American people for forcing Obama to release it.  Here’s to someone forcing an “outside audit” of “Trump, Inc.” .  And forcing Trump to release it.

    • avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

      When someone as full of himself as The Donald who fancies himself the Great One who can take the country and transform it, sooner or later these kinds of people implode. The blather that has come from him in the last months is fodder for late night jokes. Such attention he has been getting! He won’t be running for president, but he will continue to pretend that he is. Wouldn’t it be a circus to watch him have to debate Obama–-a sitting duck for sure.

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        I was told once that Donald Trump is notoriously cheap. And yet he has hired Roger Stone to “help” with his campaing. Roger Stone does not come cheap. So obviously Trump is serious about running. And will run a divisive and racist/xenophobic campaign and toss the “it trickles down” crumb to all the “moderate” Republicans who for the most part live on Main Street rather than Wall Street and now more  than ever want to believe does.

        I’ll stick with my thought about it all.  The Bushes are happy with Obama. He with them. So far so good. But, well, you know he has to learn how to ride the magic cash camel so the dynasty stays intact once he leaves office. Both Clintons have mastered the camel.  If he does, well, again, the Bushes will probably endorse Trump. If not, well, look for Jeb to suddenly appear. Baby Snooks has been around. People think George HW Bush was crushed when lost in 1992. Not at all.  He had sent his good friend Bob Strauss along with Ann Richards off to tea  with Pamela Harriman to “sell” her on Bill Clnton.

      • avatar D C says:

        What will be the kicker is when he asks Charlie Sheen to be his running mate

  13. avatar Linda Myers says:

    The presidency doesn’t require a job description, only voters. I do believe we need some reality in Washington, but not Trump! In my lifetime, we have had a General, peanut farmer, actor, lawyers – though it seems at times the only benefit to this is the way he can use the law to his benefit, and the Bushes. We could use a president with business sense with the people’s best interest rather than their own. Not sure the time will ever come when all are happy with choices given, so just maybe Americans should actively be on the lookout for candidates, rather than being told who they will be. Could be a diamond in the rough out there somewhere. 🙂

  14. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    I think he is serious about running, I don’t think this is a publicity gag or anything of that sort. He has the ego the size of the Grand Canyon and won’t be happy until his name is plastered all over every piece of real estate in America….including the White House.

    I just find it interesting that he thinks he will win the elections by siding with those that don’t believe President Obama is an American because Hawaii had (at the time) Certificate of Live Births instead of Birth Certificates as of states do. Funny, I feel bad for anyone from Hawaii that was contemplating ever running for president. To hear Trump and those that think as he does, they are NOT true Americans so therefore can not be the President.

    • avatar Lila says:

      Belinda, as fate would have it, Obama has authorized the release of a photo of the actual “long form” birth certificate which is (like all others in Hawaii) bound in a book. What a shock, it looks exactly as described by all the people who have personally taken the trouble to go see it and report on it.

      And what a shock, the birthers immediately started expressing their doubts that this is real. Honestly, if you brought in teams of forensic specialists and archaeologists to run tests and vouch for its authenticity, as well as the authenticity of the two original newspaper birth announcements, they STILL would not buy it. People who are willfully blind will go through the most ridiculous contortions to ensure that their little illusions are not shattered: “A black man CAN’T be a legitimate president! CAN’T be! He can’t be legitimate… he can’t be legitimate… [insert the sound of ruby slippers clicking together, hoping to wake up in the 19th century].

  15. avatar isa says:

    This is this guy’s response to the President’s recent release of his long form birth certificate, “”He should have done it a long time ago. I am really honored to play such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue,” (4/27/11, AP Press).  I will leave the reader the choice of analyzing/deciding what IQ level such comment indicates, a part of course from the apparent extreme narcissism.

  16. avatar elaine s says:

    Trump is a disgrace.  His attacks on our President are nothing but thinly disguised racism.  The media needs to recognize how disgusted the public is with Trump and stop covering him.  He lives for coverage and the best way to silence him is to stop giving him a platform.  Let him crawl back under whatever rock his hair came from.

    • avatar Anais P says:

      When CNN’s Carol Costello called Trump’s birtherism “a joke,” she was absolutely correct, but that didn’t stop other mainstream media types from adding fuel to Trump’s absurd birtherism fire. Their coverage of birtherism has been absolutely disgraceful. Trump is a buffoon seeking ratings for his ridiculous “reality” show, which I refuse to watch. Indeed I am boycotting all NBC shows (goodbye and sorry, “Community,” I did love you!) until NBC cancels “The Apprentice.” I also plan to look into which advertisers advertise on the show and boycott them, too. Emboldened by his success at getting Obama to show the long-form birth certificate, Trump is now calling on Obama to reveal his college grades, implying a black man did not deserve a place at Harvard (where Obama’s own FATHER studied!). Is there no racism that is beneath Trump? Apparently NOT. By the way, Trump said he would reveal his OWN financial statements if Obama showed his birth certificate. OK, Donald, the American public is now waiting for your financial statements! I once thought America was the greatest nation on earth, but that was the naive hope of a young person who did not clearly see the racist underbelly of this deeply flawed country.

  17. avatar Bella Mia says:

    Trump has
    Business experience,
    Foreign trade experience,
    CEO experience,
    Economic experience,

    When Obama was elected he had
    No governing experience,
    No business experience,
    No foreign trade experience,
    No foreign policy experience,
    No military experience,
    No healthcare experience, and
    No energy experience.

    Trump has given the most money over the years to Democrats so he’s obviously not conservative, but he’s a man who would think of America First, just like any representative of any company or organization would put the priorities of the company first – but not Obama.

  18. avatar D C says:

    Trump is enjoying his joke on Teapulicans.  He’s playing the role of spoiler, enjoying making birthers look even more pathetic if that’s possible.  It’s a joke, and anyone who is getting high blood pressure over it needs to take a chill pill.

  19. avatar Rho says:

    I am also with Candice on this.

  20. avatar Barbara says:

    For those who say we cannot afford Obama, have you looked at the fact that if we just rolled back the George W Bush tax cuts (for the wealthiest), we would take away a HUGE portion of the deficit? Taxing the super rich was even Donald Trump’s position — formerly. He seems to have amnesia about that.

    Trump is a buffoon and a bully. He has no understanding of international relations. It is scary that anyone would consider him for a moment as a serious contender for the leadership of our country. Maybe you can get away with illogical bullying within your own company (between bankruptcies), but that doesn’t work so well with foreign policy or working with congress.

  21. avatar O E says:

    It is impossible to take Donald Trump seriously as a presidential candidate.  He lacks the intelligence, elegance, tolerance, humility, and conciliatory attitude required of a true leader.  On top of that, he is an arrogant  bully, braggart, self-promoting flimflammer who, when push comes to shove, takes the easy way out: bankruptcy. He’s not a self-made man. He started out with his daddy’s money, which paved the way for him to become the opportunist he is today. He’s a spoiled man who abuses verbally, in writing, and publicly, anyone who dares disagree with him.  Unfortunately, the GOP doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to presidential candidates with substance.  If Trump is the best the GOP and the Tea Baggers would offer, a second term for the Obama administration is more than welcome.

  22. avatar Sabrina Kensinger says:

    Donald Trump ” You’re fired!!”

  23. avatar Linda Myers says:

    Before he get’s serious about running for president, he really needs to lose that look of sucking lemons. Even on his show, it is his preferred facial expression.

  24. avatar Deborah Key says:

    Trump/Palin ticket:  You’re Fired ~ I quit!