wOw’s Question of the Week

Tell us: What is the one question would you ask a psychic about the future?

Joan Juliet Buck: I’d ask: Is civilization going to get through the next ten years with laws and liberty intact?

Liz Smith: I would ask the psychic if he or she really wanted to go on living, given what they were seeing happening in the future – the end of the world, wars and rumors of wars, the Apocalypse.

I do believe some rare people have special powers but generally, I do not believe in the  psychic experience or of people foretelling the future.

You may as well know, I don’t believe the world is ending in 2012. Human beings have no obligation except to keep on evolving and moving upward till the end of time.

Joan Ganz Cooney: I wouldn’t go to a psychic because I don’t think anyone can foretell the future and because I’m afraid if I didn’t like the answer to my question it might gnaw at me –despite my belief that it’s all nonsense– and ruin the days following.  So no thanks.

Joni Evans: I DO ask questions of psychics, and have for 20 years, ever since I met an extremely gifted psychic medium who recited — to the smallest and most private detail — everything about my life, predicted my future (for at least 5 more years — and everything came true), contacted my deceased loved ones who seemed to follow my every move (“Your mother is saying how much she likes the new apartment, doesn’t want you to worry about the noisy upstairs neighbor because he is going to move –he did, and thinks the new glass dining room table is too big for its location — it was.”)

So, at least twice a year, I call my favorite psychic (who is our most gifted intuitive on the wOw site, Peggy Rometo), and ask who she sees around me and what messages they want me to know. It is the ultimate comfort.

Judith Martin: The unanswerable question, according to the Fortune Teller in Thornton Wilder’s “The Skin of Our Teeth” who says: “I tell the future, Keck. Nothing easier. Everybody’s future is in their face. Nothing easier. But who can tell your past — eh? Nobody!

“Your youth — where did it go? It slipped away while you weren’t looking. While you were asleep. While you were drunk? Puh! You’re like our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Antrobus; you lie awake nights trying to know your past. What did it mean? What was it trying to say to you? Think! Think! Split your heads. I can’t tell the past and neither can you. If anybody tries to tell you the past, take my word for it, they’re charlatans! Charlatans! But I can tell the future.”

Candice Bergen: Someone recommended a book, “Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind” by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, an extremely well-educated, scientific (i.e. skeptical) psychiatrist who started collecting anomalous experiences of psychic knowledge. It’s very level-headed but leaves a door open. It’s intriguing.

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  1. avatar Grace OMalley says:

    I would like to know if I will ever be truly happy again.  Does life hold any future joy for me or am I doomed to this continual downward spiral?

    • avatar Babe12 says:

      Yes you can be happy again. Happiness and joy are and can be found if one seeks it out for themselves.

  2. avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

    Re: Joni’s comments. Well, that explains why Ms Romero is featured week after week, but nobody, or very rarely does anyone comment. She’s there because of Joni, not obviously for us. The fact that Joni is a believer, as she says, brings her comfort, but for many of us it’s bolder-dash wrapped in fancy paper. Re: Judith’s comment: Good ole Thorton Wilder exposed a lot of charlatans, but kept his homosexuality a secret as long as he could.

    • avatar D C says:

      I have commented once or twice.  I enjoy reading Peggy Rometo just like the other horoscopes I see in newspapers around.  It’s entertainment for me.  And if something hits dead on one day, I think, “how cool!”.  That’s about it.  My mother was Nancy Reagan-ish about horoscopes.  Didn’t do her a bit of good.  But hey, if it made her feel better to do it, what’s the harm?

    • avatar Joni Evans says:

      Phyllis, to each his/her own. One woman’s bolder-dash is another’s comfort!
      But, Peggy Rometo’s credentials—from the endorsements from Deepak Chopra, Donna Karan, Demi Moore to the glowing reviews of her book—are many. While it is true I first invited her to write for wOw (not a thankful task as she receives no renumeration), she is extremely popular amongst our readers (the number of comments beneath her–or anyone’s— columns has no bearing on their popularity in readership).

      • avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

        Joni: Thank you for the clarification. As you can see I have let my own prejudice against this kind of thing take hold. It wouldn’t matter how many glowing reviews or from whom, nor would it matter that Ms. Rometo receive nary a farthing in my assessment. But I do apologize for my mistake in thinking the readers here are not interested; obviously I was wrong.

        • avatar Joni Evans says:

          Phyllis, thank you for this response. Of course, there was no need to apologize, but it is so gracious of you to do so.

          xx, JONI

          • avatar marta pont says:

            Re Peggy Rometo I agree with Joni she is one of a kind. Three years ago I made a consultation with her by phone. It was my first time, no previous experience with seers. She was eerily accurate and having her message recorded in my computer I can go back to her anytime & find solace because many of the things she saw then are still evolving. On the plus side, she is warm & funny & makes you feel comfortable in conversation.Thank you again Peggy!!!XXXXX

  3. avatar Grace OMalley says:

    Ms. Rometo is the first thing I read every Monday morning.  I too thought it was a lot of balderdash, but she has been right more times than I can count.  Not sure that I’m 100% a believer, but it does give me a nice little edge to start my week with.  I wish the Wowowower’s would do another giveaway of a phone reading with Peggy.  Sign me up!

  4. avatar Chris Glass` says:

    There are people who can and do see around the bend because I have precognitive dreams and occasionally pick up on stuff. I also believe that free will can change an outcome. What happens in our life and the path we take depends on what we do or do not do. People even when forewarned about circumstances often choose not to moderate their behavior or listen.

    We could have an ideal world in a hundred years if people wanted to go green and develop nonpolluting energy. We could end hunger and make peace. That won’t happen as long as corporations are in charge to gouge us for what they can get. I also believe that coming generations can and do have the ability to change this outcome.

  5. avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:


    Person 1# Remember what you whispered to me at John and Mary’s wedding?

    Person2# Yes, I said that they wouldn’t last more than five years, that their marriage would shatter just like their fancy Chinese vase.

    #1 Well, you must be psychic because after five years Mary and John divorced and rumor has it that, indeed, that vase was broken.

    #2 I am not psychic. All I do is pay attention, observe, and be mindful of the small things as well as the big. I knew John was wrong for Mary from the get go. He is controlling and she hates being controlled. Lust, unfortunately, puts blinders on those who are in the thick of it. As far as the vase, they had placed it on a table too close to the couch. Someone, at some time, would surely knock it down.

    #1 So you are not a psychic, just someone with good eyes and ears?

    #2 You could say that.

    # I just did.

    • avatar Lila says:

      #2 was Sherlock Holmes, no doubt! Another master of observation who would blurt out his eerily accurate conclusions.

  6. avatar ssfamily says:

    I personally have flashes. The most verifiable one was the day I met a girl my son liked. They were in Basic Training together and we had driven down for graduation. My Soldier came over with a young lady to introduce us. As we turned to walk to the car, I looked at my husband and said “We just met our future daughter-in-law”.

    The wedding was about a year later. They’ve been married 7 years and have 2 adorable children.

    • avatar D C says:

      My daughter once told me that she had a couple of dreams that included the young man she was attracted to, as if she were looking at a photograph of him, and he had a green circle around him.  She took it that to mean that “Jee-zus” (that’s how she says it) was giving her the go-ahead to focus on this young man.  Turned out her dreams weren’t really telling her that.  She figured that out when the young man started avoiding her.  Made me sad.  He was really cute.  They would have had adorable red-headed children.  I told it it was probably the bell peppers she was cooking with so much that gave her the green “aura” around the guy. 

  7. avatar firefly says:

    From personal experience, I know actual psychic experiences can and do occur but I would never go to a psychic medium for a reading or advice because I have to rely on my own experiences, knowledge, and self-confidence to survive. I qualify this by saying that this is my opinion regarding turning to a psychic in particular. That having been said, I tried to set my own feelings aside and imagine what I might ask one if I were of a mind to … and I thought some more … and a bit more. In the end, I realized I wouldn’t want to know specifics. If it is bad news, then I would no longer have the pleasure of blissful ignorance and it could really destroy my drive and inspiration. If it is really good news, it might likewise lessen the intensity of my drive and purpose. Although, I might like to know what I am getting for my birthday this year — no, sorry. That probably wouldn’t be a good idea either.


  8. avatar Jane Becker says:

    At what point will I decide to stop coloring my hair? Then I can stockpile enough Clairol to get me through!

  9. avatar D C says:

    I have never contacted a psychic for the same reason I have never gambled in Vegas — I don’t like throwing money away.  However… if I got a freebie, I’d ask if they saw my youngest child ever living a happily independent life.  That’s the only thing I really, truly worry about. 

  10. avatar Kathy says:

    “I’m glad I didn’t know, the way it all would end, the way it all would go.”  Wise words from that renowned philosopher Garth Brooks.  As long as we don’t know what the future holds, we can believe it holds only wonderful things. 

  11. avatar Linda Myers says:

    As with anything else, all beliefs are based on that internal spark which either takes you further, or keeps you where you are. Which is exactly as it should be. Everyone can relate to a point in life to substantiate belief.

    Answer to the question: My interest lies more in answers to the now in creating how I choose the future.

    • avatar Star Signs says:

      I’ve really enjoyed reading the different points of view about this question. Obviously, I’m a firm believer and focus most of my personal questions on problems I’m dealing with in the moment. However, I am one of those psychics that can receive information for myself about the future. They can come in as unsolicited flashes or I can ask a specific question about a subject. Many times I’ll even wake up in the middle of the night and get a down-load of personal or family related information. We all receive these intuitive hits, but not everyone recognizes them as such. You may just want to begin to notice if you are one of those people that sometimes “just know” without any logical explanation and start to pay a little more attention to those moments.

      Thank you to those readers that read my Star Signs column and to Joni for all the great things she does for Wow and myself! My column is meant to simply give a glimpse of what your week might look like and to uplift you. It’s not really my work (I’m not an astrologer) but I enjoy doing it. Given that I’m interpreting the information for a group of people, such as anyone who is an Aries, there are bound to be things that won’t fit for you, just as there will be times when it sounds as if it’s all about you.

      As far as asking a psychic a question about the future – you want to make sure you have a good psychic. A good psychic can always give you valuable insight and make it worth your while. Like any other profession asking for a referral or going with someone that is in the public eye is always your best bet. For those of you that wanted to ask a free question – feel free to call into my radio show on Thursdays from 5:00 pm -6:00 pm eastern on . I’d love to hear from you!

      • avatar Linda Myers says:


        When I am by myself, I connect continually with my guidance – not so much in questions as just interacting back and forth as the student. Many times hearing the NO, for what might be the wrong way to proceed and even at times being left to hit some of those big bumps which jolt you to the core. For the most part, just talking, learning and understanding. When I am with others, the mind just fills automatically and the mouth or pen just goes into motion. With little to no memory afterwards even though I felt completely present.

        I have what I call my spiritual toolbox and use the tools in various combinations to fulfill a request. When working with healing I do the traveling of the consciousness and often times I am shown an exit or trauma in this life or another life, which manifest itself in disease in this lifetime and become the intermediary for the healing between point A and now.

        Absolutely everything is energy and everything is now, only carrying a perception of past or future in mortality. The affect of now, does affect all other, what was and what will be only help in understanding the linear thought processes which create outcome. 🙂

        I do appreciate your presence on WOW and Joni’s further efforts in opening that spark of even curiosity in others. Absolutely, everyone has a toolbox available to work from, it is just a matter of introducing them to the availability. My mission is more to help another develop their own awareness rather than give the answers as a basis. A messenger can provide a needed and desired short term fulfillment, where as an experience can grow through a lifetime. I do read your horoscopes, though the signs for my children seem to bring the closer match for them than my own. It does take a village called planet earth – we just all have our own job in the village.