wOw's Question of the Week: Do You Plan to Be Working Full-Time When You Are 70?


Candice Bergen
Well, if goddamned Betty White can do it … Of course, I’m getting no offers of any kind except a few that don’t interest me or sound like too much work. But I don’t think full time is what I’d be looking for. But a full-time/part-time job … that would pique my interest. And look at our Ms. Mary – she has energy to burn and ideas bubbling in her little well-coiffed head. And the Lizard! My God, she is an inspiration to us all. Oh hell, I just say work at SOMEthing to keep engaged, to retain a last wisp of memory, to give back and to just have fun.

Joan Juliet Buck
I will be working until I drop. That’s not the worry. The worry is whether they will still be paying anyone for words when I am near dropping. Or even next week.

Joan Ganz Cooney
I wouldn’t know – even at my advanced age – what to do without work.  However, I was very lucky.  I no longer wanted to be CEO of my company when I was 60 but I was asked to stay on to become Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board, which is functionally inside chairman of the board.  I go to my office part of four days a week and meet with various people, attend some meetings and generally keep up with and offer opinions on a lot of different things.  I would never want to fully retire but I had a good way of getting the workload right for me.

Whoopi Goldberg
Yes, I’ll be working past my 70s. That is what happens when you marry often but not well.

Judith Martin
It would be great to retire so I could really speak my mind and boss everyone around. Oh, wait! That’s my job.

Cynthia McFadden
Today I would like to retire tomorrow … But when I’m 70 I’m sure I’ll be remembering lovingly my “great old job.” Sure I’ll work.  At something. I’m thinking of going all Jane Goodall at 70 …

Sheila Nevins
Overtime for all time until time runs out.

Liz Smith
Except for vacations I have worked every day of my life since age 16.  I hope to go on that way till the grim reaper calls.

Mary Wells
I want to go on to my last breath but not at the same place, same thing, same goals. I want to keep learning everything that I don’t know (except for whitewater rafting, snowboarding, unicycling, circus acts and swimming with whales). I want to see what I haven’t seen, love who I should have loved, write what I’ve never written – you know what I mean! Then I want to go on to the next universe and start there. Why not? But I don’t want to go on and on at the same game.

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