wOw's Question of the Week: What kind of long-lasting effect do you think the extraordinary rescue of the Chilean miners might have on us?

Last year, in a time of news misery, the Miracle on the Hudson raised the spirits of people everywhere and ultimately raised our opinions of commercial airline pilots. Will the story of the Chilean miners change us as well? Join the wOw Women in the Conversation.


Joan Ganz Cooney: As moving and heroic as the Chilean mine rescue was, I do not for a minute think it will have any lasting effect on our spirits. The Miracle on the Hudson was an American success story that made some difference in its effect on the American people. However, it had no long-lasting effect. We went right back to our depression, anger, arguing and worry over the direction of the country very quickly. If the momentary delight in Captain Sullenberger’s skill and cool made a difference in our national mood, it wasn’t evident a week later.


Judith Martin: None. Remember how everyone said that 9/11 would bring us all together, ending all the contentiousness forever?

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